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Amanda V

New Member
First of all I am not happy with myself and find that I was in the wrong. For those of you that do not know I sent an email out to people talking about some things that were going on in the chat room, things that I felt were not right. Obviously I was wrong in doing that.

I was expressing my concern and opinions and obviously I did that the wrong way. I am truly sorry to Jess and Mwnn for any actions targeted towards them lately. some of the things I did or said were not appropriate and I am truly sorry and do hope that they can allow us to start over. No I am not asking to be best buds or good friends but at least start over and work at some type of friendship again.

I never meant to and still dont mean to cause any trouble and according to one person on TWO that I have known since I arrived there and I admire greatly I have disappointed and for that I am sorry and never meant to do anything to disappoint them in their eyes. I am not trying to suck up for them only apologizing and asking for their forgiveness as well. This is the one true friend I have found and kept at TWO and I dont want to lose that person. He has become more like family.

To everyone else, What I did was wrong and I never ever meant to cause trouble for anyone in this room. I am truly sorry and don't expect any of you to forgive me or even like me after everything that I have done. If I could take it all back i would,but I cant.

All I am asking is for a clean slate. I have had a lot go in in the last few weeks to month that has caused me to act the way I do and that is no excuse for my actions but it is an insight.

I told by someone that they want the old AV back well to that person, help me find the old AV and get her back. She will be back just give me time. The AV everyone loved and got along with is what I want to get back to. So I am asking everyone to please give me another chance.

Thank you and good night
Not open for further replies.