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Onslaught on Demand 5: F@ck the Matt Denton! LIVE From Bogota Colombia!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

The camera cuts to Murdoch with the face painted hillbilly in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. Murdoch still has the white vest from Midsummer Night’s destruction with Tankards blood stained on it. He smacks the hillbilly for being slow as he stares at the camcorder while holding it at the same time.


Murdoch spits at the ground.


The hillbilly gives Murdoch Jack Daniels to drink.

“You are denying the people their opportunity to see their blessed saviour. The mere mortal that will obliterate greed, capitalism and corporate dominance from TWOStars!”

Without hesitation he opens the bottle and downs the whiskey in mere seconds.

“Paul you are dealing with a mad man. A mad hillbilly high on coke, high on whiskey and craving for blood….You really don’t want to mess with me. But instead of paying my bail you let me rot in the deserts of this stupid continent!”


“I will use your bones as a puppet to mark my empire under fear. I will be in you-are-gay to confront you Paul. I will see you and Denton very very soon.”

H-“Eh bawwss?”

“What is it you little bitch?”

H-“How do we get to you-are-gay?”

Murdoch slaps him in the face hard to the point he crashes to the ground.


The hillbilly recluses and carries on walking.

“So let me be clear and let me be straight because I am really pissed off right now. It ****ing stings with the sun burn! It is annoying lacking crack! It is annoying lacking the cracking of skulls! So let me confirm that I am going to sink my teeth in the person nearest to me whether it is the little bitch behind me, Matt Denton or Paul Gray, you will be all doing one thing….OBEY!”

“See you in you-are-gay bitches.”





Matt Denton vs LH Harrison

Denton pushes himself up off the canvas to the sound of the bell tolling his victory. He had just beaten newcomer LH Harrison handily in his first of five matches. The reigning World Champion hasn’t even broken a sweat yet, sauntering over to the ropes closest to the announcers desk.

Evil Gringo: Senor Denton made quick work of the newcomer!

Famous remains silent in his seat as special guest commentator for this evenings show, aptly titled “F*ck Matt Denton”. An all too familiar smirk crosses the lips of Denton before dragging his thumb across his throat and pointing towards the newcomer who is just about to roll out of the ring.

Jaxson Blakeslee: Wait a second, it looks like our champion isn’t done! Come on, ref! Do something!

The lead announcer’s pleas fall upon deaf ears. Matt steps on the back Harrison’s neck stopping him from escaping. Harrison looks like just another meaningless bug as he squirms on the mat, going nowhere fast. Dragging Harrison back to a vertical base, Denton glares to the crowd with that smirk still on his face. Famous rises out of his seat to a cheer from the crowd, but alas it’s too late. Denton pulls Harrison in by the arm, cradling his neck before snapping back and drilling him face first into the canvas. Harrison’s feet didn’t even touch the floor.

Brice Perrino: GROUND ZERO!

The move has a name. It is indeed Ground Zero. The short arm pendulum reverse STO looks just devastating as we see replay after replay. It’s only the opening match, but still the highlight reel moment shocks the crowd. The final image we see from the replay is Famous jumping up onto the apron as the impact is made.

Denton gets on one knee facing Famous and wags his finger with that f*cking smirk on his face. At this point Famous can’t help but drop back down and slink back to his seat. His attempt at saving the Hopeful Rookie was entirely in vain.

Jaxson Blakeslee: Our World Champion just sent an emphatic statement to his first of what could be many opponents!

We fade to a commercial.
Matt Denton vs Jack Brooks

The crowd are almost in frenzy; Jack Brooks has the champion up against the corner. Charging at him at full speed, Jack leaps and nails the corner shining wizard, however he got nothing but turnbuckle as the champion wisely moved out of the way.

Brice Perrino: Excellent escape!

Jaxson Blakeslee: Jack Brooks looked to be booking himself into the championship match at End of Days!

Jack staggers back a little bit, taking a kick to the abdomen from the reviled World Champion. Another. Another. Denton continues rapidly firing middle kicks to the abs until Jack is backed up against the ropes with nowhere to go.

Evil Gringo: Is Denton going to tire out with these kicks?!

The answer is no. The only person ending these machine like kicks is the referee and his five count. Denton only relents on the very edge of being disqualified. Denton shoots Jack off the ropes, but Jack holds on and twists underneath pulling Denton into a fireman’s carry. The crowd leap up, knowing exactly what to expect.

Jaxson Blakeslee: DO IT! STRAIGHTOH-

Jaxson’s call is entirely too early. One sharp elbow to the ear is all it takes for Jack Brooks to fall flat on his face. Denton then applies the finishing touches to the Vault Massacre crossface and all hope is lost.

Jaxson Blakeslee: God dammit! Is this going to be three in a row?!

Brice Perrino: Damn right it is!

Jack starts attempting to drag himself to the ropes. Denton wrenches back with a look of sadistic glee on his face, looking Famous dead in the eyes as he does so. Denton has already punked out Famous once tonight with the demolition of LH Harrison, now it’s time for-

Jaxson Blakeslee: Dammit!

Jack Brooks taps out. He has no choice. The referee calls for the bell, but Denton keeps the hold locked in.

Salvatore Hier: The winner of this match…

Moss Huxley taps Denton on the shoulder telling him that the match is over, but the reigning World Champion is having absolutely none of it. Three matches in and no defeats.

Salvatore Hier: Via submission…


Salvatore Hier: Matthew!


Salvatore Hier: Kennedy!


Salvatore Hier: DENTON!


Break! Denton finally breaks the death grip he had on Jack Brooks whose face hits the canvas with a thump. You can vaguely hear Denton utter the words ‘I have until five.’ very calmly to the referee who has almost had enough of Denton’s shit tonight.

Evil Gringo: As it stands now, it looks like you’re going to be getting that one on one rematch Famous.

Famous: Good.

Brice Perrino: Careful what you wish for. You already got enough of a beating at Midsumm-

Famous: Shut up, Brice.

Brice promptly shuts his overactive mouth. Famous may be in a serious mood watching Denton to find any chinks in his armour, but as of now with three consecutive wins under his belt it doesn’t look promising. Speaking of Denton, he now has the microphone and his fifteen pounds of gold.

Matt Denton: What you see right here is a dominant champion! Ari Shappiro couldn’t beat me! LH Harrison couldn’t beat me! And this sorry waste Jack Brooks couldn’t beat me!

The crowd starts a “FAMOUS BEAT YOU!” chant. Denton smirks slightly but it’s more out of frustration than anything else.

Matt Denton: Maybe Famous did beat me… But I wasn’t here, it wasn’t in a ring, it wasn’t in an arena! That man sitting right there is a criminal! He broke into my house for some sort of cheap tactic to get a World Heavyweight Championship match he doesn’t deserve!

Denton marches over to the ropes dangling the belt over them, staring Famous in the eyes.

Matt Denton: You want this so f*cking badly, don’t you? You’ll do anything to get it? Like… blowing Paul Gray in the parking lot? Apt because you tend to suck. Tell me, Famous. Did you swallow? Was it worth it to get another match against me? It seems Paul Gray likes to hand you things you don’t deserve. It’s almost like he’s your big ol’ bear and you’re his precious little f*cking TWINK!

Famous rises out of his chair one more time with a look most foul.

Matt Denton: Sit your f*cking two dollar ass down before I come down there and make you sit the f*ck down!

Famous is reminded that he is only allowed out there if he doesn’t put his hands on Matt Denton or risk losing his championship match at End of Days. Actually that may not be accurate, but it goes a long way to explain why Famous has restrained himself. He doesn’t sit down though.

Matt Denton: Did I make you angry? Are you frustrated because you know that you can’t beat me? Don’t look angry at me, you should be putting your blame on your sugar daddy who cares so much about you that he keeps on throwing you at me. He can’t stand the fact that I’m the World Heavyweight Champion! He can’t stand the fact that I make this championship mean something! He can’t stand the fact that YOU’RE A MASSIVE FAILURE!

You almost blinded me—

Denton points at the scar running over his left eye.

Matt Denton: —and you still couldn’t get the job done! But you know what Famous… You can try again as many times as you want. Keep on taking all those shots in the mouth, because I don’t think I’m through with humiliating you. All that false bravado… Deconstructing you is going to be my pleasure…

Denton turns towards the stage slinging the World Championship over his shoulder.

Matt Denton: Bring out my next victim!

Denton throws the microphone over his shoulder. Salvatore catches it with ease.
Matt Denton vs Ari Shapiro

Denton won by hypnosis
The camera cuts from the commercial to the commentary team, with guest commentator Famous going over the show in Bogota. All four men are drinking water and wiping the sweat away as they speak to each other.

JB-“Well we are half way through the show and Matt Denton is going well at the moment with winning his first two matches.”

F-“That won’t last much longer with the humidity of this place!”

BP-“That we will have to wait and see Famous, Denton is more determined than ever to limit the people he has to face!”

Evil-“Regardless he still has a tough match with Famous Essie.”

F-“Thanks Gringo!”

Brice looks disgusted at what Gringo appears to be sucking up to the current number one contender.

BP-“Oh get a room you two!”

JB-“So let’s take a break from the potential main event towards another match at End of Days. Despite being in the company for nearly three years, for the first ever time these two will meet when we visit Buenos Aires.”

Evil-“So excited for this you cannot imagine.”

BP-“And it is for the belt!”

JB-“That’s right, Chaos Dragon will defend the TWOStars Jr Heavyweight title against Dan Fox. The title holder goes against the man with the submission streak. What reign will end?”

F-“It’s going to be really close. Both guys are hungry, determined and dedicated to win!”

BP-“Fox has beaten them all but can he deal with a taste of Chaos?”

Evil-“I really think this will be a lot closer than people anticipated. So many think Fox will do this, but Dragon has learned and trained a lot more and has earned his way to being champion. I reckon Dragon has all the chaotic tools need I say to take the streak and keep the belt!”

JB-“So let’s all see this hype video with both men in it saying what they need to say come End of Days in Buenos Aires!”


The segment begins to play with Dan Fox beating the living hell out of the punch bag. The kicks dent the heavy bag along with some elbow strikes. Fox has sweat pouring down onto him as he grits his teeth to continue the training despite the intensive pain.

DF-“In life you don’t get things for free, you have to earn what you want. No matter how bad the pain and how bad the injuries get. Never back down, never give up.”

The camera then turns to Chaos Dragon, the title holder, training in the gym running on the treadmill as he too gets ready for the match for the pay per view.

CD-“Being champion means the world to me. It’s up to me to be stronger more so than I have ever been. It if is to be it is up to me.”


Dan Fox is seen training in his mixed martial arts class hitting various punches, kicks and elbow strikes to his training partner. He carries this on by smashing various takedowns to his partner and carrying this on with massive suplexes.

DF-“I train 6 days a week, doing fitness, cardio, wrestling, BJJ and striking. This has become my life. Eat sleep train repeat. Victory is the fine taste I get at the end of this all. Losing isn’t an option. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Fox is carrying this on with more takedowns and head kicks.

Chaos Dragons training carries on with a visit to the gym, he lifts up heavy weights as he tries to get his strength. The next cut sees him in a wrestling ring hitting massive high flying moves, while the camera slows down when he is delivering a hurricanrana.

CD-“In the past I neglected this side of me, but ever since my return I told myself maybe it’s time to hit a gym and get a bit better. I still want to have fun with the fans and my fellow locker room colleagues. But I have to take responsibility as a champion to remain the best in my division and to show the world that I am the real deal this time.”


DF-“Dragon was a nobody when he first came on the scene. Didn’t care about getting better but fair play to him since he returned he came back and showed the world and myself that he is back better than ever. Maybe I was too hard on him in the past, but back then I knew I could take him out in seconds. It will be much longer than that, but I still intend to get the job done.

CD-“Dan was a gigantic douchebag. Cocky for his own boots, didn’t care about his colleagues and then he lost twice and got butthurt about it. He went away saw the light, met a shrink, who knows, and he seems to be a changed man. Fox vowed to makes us all tap out, and fair play he’s unbeaten this year but he’s only beaten boys, he’s yet to enter the big leagues. Do I like him? Meh not in the past, but he’s alright now.”

DF-“Do I like Dragon? I hated his lack of respect for the job in the past, but he’s earned my respect by stepping his game up.


DF-“It’s easily the biggest match I’ve had this year. It’s my first title shot in over a year and it is against an opponent I’ve yet to face so I am really excited for this wrestling match.”

CD-“It’s the match of my career. The match where I prove to the world I am ready for the next level. It is the match where I end the submission streak and again put my name down in history.

DF-“End of Days will be remembered for one of the most, ironically, chaotic matches you will ever see. The match between the Fox and the Dragon….And I intend to slay the Dragon.”

CD-“I will give Fox a taste of Chaos, and retain my title and start my own streak. Dan has never faced a man like me before. I’m not a style, not a specific type, I am purely chaos. You can’t deal with Chaos.”

DF-“At Buenos Aires you will see my arm raised in victory and add another name to my submission list.”

CD-“The reign of fire will reign supreme over the Fox.”

The package ends with both men staring at the camera as the commentating team return to the feed


JB-“So excited for this match. The theme of End of Days plays as we count down the days to the Jr Heavyweight title match between Fox and Dragon.”

EVIL-“A potential match of the year candidate.”

JB-“And I have just been informed this, at our next show over in Uruguay, opponents will team up. Next Onslaught on Demand it will be Dan Fox teaming with Chaos Dragon, against Simon Davidson and Christopher Ryan Eagles.”

BP-“That will be fun.”

F-“Should be good, but I think everyone should watch out what I do too!”

Evil-“And what’s that?”

F-“Oh you’ll see!”

JB-“Anyways let’s move on to the next match of the Matt Denton special!”

F-“Maybe he will finally tire out!”

Matt Denton vs Simon Davidson

Denton won when Eagles interfered.
Main Event
Matt Denton vs Dammage vs Dan Fox

Dammage won by DQ when Denton kicked him in the balls
Denton rolls out of the ring, incredulous. He staggers slightly, grabbing the Championship belt and a microphone and begins the walk back up the stage. He’s very vocal.

Matt Denton: The fix is in! The fix is f*cking in!

Denton maniacally laughs, not even into the microphone. He quickly makes his way back up the ramp, turning his back to the stage and getting real close to the mini-tron sections almost like he’s using the inanimate object as protection. He catches his breath with a wild eyed smile on his face. He can’t quite believe what just happened.

Matt Denton: You…

Matt points towards the ring.

Matt Denton: You!!

Licking his lips, he smiles.

Matt Denton: You’re so… pathetically predictable!

Denton wipes his face, sliding down the mini-tron until he’s sitting on the stage.

Matt Denton: I knew…

He frantically makes all sorts of hand gestures, all of them clean, he is somehow elated that any of this happened at all.

Matt Denton: Paul Gray, master manipulator? I think not! He orchestrated this entire thing just to stick it to me, great! Fantastic! But obviously, he didn’t expect me to go four and 0 against his roster! Not in one night, surely? There…

He twists his head, and licks his incisor.

Matt Denton: There had to be a plan B… It wasn’t Famous at ringside… Too obvious. He had to have a plan… B. Plan B, was to throw another guy at me. Screw me over and get another person in my title match because he knows that Famous can’t beat me!

Another devious giggle from Denton.

Matt Denton: After last week and Famous… BREAKING AND ENTERING… I knew… Nothing sat right with any of this…

Denton points upwards to the main screen.

Matt Denton: So I went… and got myself a little insurance policy… Just watch… You especially, Paul… Take a seat, this is gonna take a while.

Starting with some shaky camera footage, Denton appears with a big grin on his face. He waves with glee.

Matt Denton: Hi, Paul! How ya doing?

Denton stifles a small laugh and smirks.

Matt Denton: If you’re watching this, then you’ve probably done something quite stupid. Astronomically stupid. It’s the kind of stupid that I’d expect from Christopher Eagles and not someone who is supposed to be writing our cheques. Today is…

He checks his iPhone.

Matt Denton: Friday the 26th of September. The time is currently 4:32pm. Just so you know I’m not bullshitting you—

Denton motions to a person off screen who hands him a newspaper. Denton shows the front page of it on screen. It’s the Daily Mirror. The front page headline is about a Cannibal, and at the top is a man in a balaclava brandishing a knife. The date reads ‘September 26, 2014’. It’s legit.

Matt Denton: —as you’ve no doubt noticed. I’m in jolly ol’ England! Why would I be in England? A few weeks ago I was in Dubai resting up… Oh yes, I remember now! You authorized a wrestling contest on the grounds of my home, and actively encouraged one of the men under your employ to break into my house and assault me. Wasn’t that funny?

Denton looks at certain people off camera and they all come to a conclusion that it was indeed funny.

Matt Denton: This evening, I’m here at the—

Denton points to a wall, leading the cameraman to show exactly what is on that wall. It’s a familiar logo indeed, embossed on the wall.

Matt Denton: —headquarters of TWOStars! I know you’re currently away making big deals or having a nice romantic dinner with your twink Famous or whatever you guys get up to when cameras aren’t rolling- by the way, it’s okay, it’s 2014, anything goes these days.

In this room behind me, there’s a board meeting going on. You know it’s all those stocks, financial figures and all of that boring stuff you can’t wrap your tiny little mind around. Oh, and they also have a vested interest in the safety of their performers. I think we should go in and have a little chat, don’t you?

Denton turns on his heel, takes a few steps and then turns back. He appears to have forgotten something.

Matt Denton: Ah, that’s right. Quite silly of me to forget, really. Due to the home invasion stunt you’ve pulled I had to hire a little bit of help. Can’t have you going out and potentially hiring a hitman, or a trying to get Tonya Harding to whack me in the knee. So, today I am surrounded by my personal team. Say hello to the Phoenix Initiative.

The cameraman turns around slowly to reveal six men in riot gear, their faces obscured by blacked out visors. The cameraman makes a full 360 and returns to Denton’s beaming face.

Matt Denton: Okay, here we go.

Denton again spins on his heel and walks confidently into the conference room. He doesn’t bother to knock. Inside the room are a group of smartly dressed businessmen, but none of them hold a candle to the class and sophistication of the World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Denton: Good evening gentlemen!

Denton’s voice sounds warm and comforting, he wants the men to feel safe despite four members of the Phoenix Initiative entering the room with him. Oh and the cameraman.

Matt Denton: I’m quite sorry to have barged in on your meeting here, but what I have to bring to your attention today is quite disturbing and of great importance.

The board of directors look at each other with some concern. Alec Granville who holds the position of Senior Vice President of Talent Relations is the first to speak up.

Alec Granville: Mr. Denton, this is highly unorthodox. Couldn’t you just wait to talk to either myself or Paul Gray at an event? Quite frankly this board meeting is of no concern to you.

Matt Denton: By that point, it would be far too late. You see, I have reason to believe that Paul Gray is conspiring against me. I’m sure you saw what happened on the last Onslaught.

The men all nod.

Matt Denton: Good! Then you saw the blatant incitement of vigilantism when Gray encouraged Famous to break into my home and assault me to get a championship match at End of Days?

All nods again.

Matt Denton: I’m here to request that Paul Gray be removed from power.

???: I’m afraid we cannot do that.

Denton turns his head towards the speaker. This man is in his mid-50s, has a really bad comb-over haircut and speaks with a New Jersey accent. His name is Joseph Copperfield, and he holds the most stock in the room and thus has the most power.

Joseph Copperfield: When I say that, I am afraid that due to your actions against him on July 28th when you put your hands on him. You damn near ripped his arm out of its socket! We have belief that his actions against you were fully justified and we will not remove him from power!

Denton smiles reassuringly, which is a complete opposite of what he has running through his head.

Matt Denton: I was afraid you were going to say that. You see, it is my belief that since taking office, Paul Gray has held nothing but blind bias against me. I am your World Champion, I deserve much more respect that he has shown me. I demand much more respect than he has shown me!

Have each of you forgotten who you’re dealing with? I am Matthew… Kennedy… Denton. I am the man who brought this company down to its knees on more than one occasion! When I ask for something, I usually get it or else there tend to be bad results… Ask Paul Gray, he knows better than most! Ask Darkstar if you can find him, he knows better… than… most!

Denton’s reassuring tone transitions into pure threatening malice.

Matt Denton: It’s fine. I retract my request of Paul Gray being removed from power. I have a new proposal. If Paul Gray, or anyone on the TWOStars roster interferes in any of my matches during the next episode of Onslaught, I get Paul Gray inside the ring for a match at End of Days, pending on whether or not I successfully defend my World Championship. I will beat some respect into him. When I beat him, I take over. Paul goes bye bye and I reign as the figurehead of the company.

The board all look at each other with a sense of ‘is this man serious?’, but the look on Denton’s face responds with a resounding yes.

Joseph Copperfield: No!

Joseph’s no is accompanied by a small laugh. He can’t believe that Denton is being serious at this point.

Matt Denton: Excuse me?

Joseph Copperfield: No!

This time the no is firm.

Joseph Copperfield: We will not be threatened by a member of the roster! World Champion or not, you’re not getting that match! There is no chance in hell!

Denton glares at Joseph.

Matt Denton: Joseph… That wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I guess I have no choice.

Denton points to the camera man and the footage abruptly cuts. Well, it cuts to the aftermath. Joseph’s face is covered with blood. So is Alec’s. Matt Denton stands up straight and fixes his tie, and brushes the now dry blood off his knuckles.

Matt Denton: Do we have a deal, Mr. Copperfield?

Joseph Copperfield: Yeth…

Copperfield looks like he’s about to succumb to unconsciousness.

Matt Denton: What was that? I didn’t quite catch that!

Joseph Copperfield: Yeth, yew thon of a bidtch!

Matt smiles and pats Joseph condescendingly on the head. Denton turns towards the camera and beams.

Matt Denton: Ohh, that’s gotta hurt.

The footage cuts off, this time for good. We find Matt still laughing in his own little world. Paul Gray looks terrified in the ring, while Famous, Dammage, Fox and the crowd look on stunned.

Evil Gringo & Jaxson Blakeslee: That son of a bitch!

Brice Perrino: Holy…

We end the show on Gray begging Matt’s opponents at End of Days to beat him and Denton in the background laughing his ass off.