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Onslaught on Demand 4 LIVE from Movistar Arena Santiago Chile!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland


The Chilean crowd are on their feet as the technical mauler emerges onto the stage. Visibly bruised from the victory against Dammage, he walks down to the ring with a slight limp before entering the ring. He acknowledges the crowd before going up to the turnbuckle and lifting his arms in the air.

JB-“The submission machine is in the house!”

BP-“And proud he should be after his win!”

EVIL-“A really good match that was homes!”

Fox’s music cuts as he smirks. He looks around the arena as he takes a moment to breath in the atmosphere of the South American crowd who cheer his name on.

BP-“Bet he is still not use to this.”

EVIL-“And my never will be.”

JB-“Wonder what he has to say to us and the audience.”

Fox licks his lips before nodding that he wants to speak.

DF-“Well I’m a bit banged up and bruised but muchos gracias Chile for the cheering.”


DF-“I’m still not use to having the fans on my side. So if im looking like im saying to myself what the hell, then don’t take it personally that’s just me trying to get use to it.”

The Chilean crowd applaud his explanations while some are hesitant.

DF-“I told everyone I will make them tap out, and so far I am doing that. Sadly with some members no longer with us like Woods and Bison, means the list to do is narrowing down. I told Dammage that I would make move his arm three times to hit the mat,and I did that. I don’t like to toot my own but I’ve made them all tap out since starting this goal of mines, and I intend to see it into the next pay per view….End of Days.”


DF-“I’ve never been to South America, and tonight is my first time in Chile and I must admit, I am enjoying Santiago.”


DF-“And at End of Days, this will be the first time I’ve ever competed in Argentina. So I am really looking forward to this run.”


Fox smirks at this.

DF-“I’ve challenged many people, good people, to try and prove me wrong. I’ve told people if you think you can break this submission run I have going then try to take me out, and all men have failed.

So with that I’ve decided that I am going to call out anyone in the back who thinks they can end my submission run going and beat me in Buenos Aires! I am calling out anyone who thinks they are ready to tangle with the best wrestler in this company!!!!”


DF-“And mark my words when you step out of the shadows and down the stage to gace me right now you will be staring down at the eyes of the best submission specialist and the soon to be TWOStars world heavyweight champion of the world!”


DF-“So come down here and make your presence known, and I will shake your hand in appreciation!”

JB-“Who’s it going to be?”

BP-“Could be anyone?!”

Fox looks down the stage to see who is next to fight him.



The TWOStars Junior Heavyweight champion emerges onto the stage much to the surprise of the crowd and with Fox. He headbangs around while throwing around the brand new TWOStars Junior Heavyweight title. He runs down to the stage before walking into the ring. He goes to the turnbuckle and lifts his newly won title up above his head with pride. He then asks for a microphone as his theme music cuts off. The former allies look at each other as the crowd get hyped for a potential showdown between these two.



CD-“Before we get to matters lets just say that it is an honour to be here as the NEW AND FIRST EVER TWOSTARS JR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!”


CD-And you don’t know how awesome that feels! To be a part of an inaugural list of those to become the first in winning a title! You don’t know how much that means to me!”


CD-“So let’s get down to business shall we. The champion is here and he’s here to answer your challenge. Who would have thought that after what we’ve been through with me being a weed smoking awesome being to you being a bitch saying you will rule the world.”


Fox smirks.

CD-“And yet the roles have reversed, while do your little record with jobbers, I’ve been the one winning titles. Maybe Gray should have focused on me after wall eh Foxy.”

Dan smirks once again.


CD-“I’m here because you have made bitches tap out, and scream at times. But they’re just jobbers…nobodies. You may have this record but you have yet to meet people at our level…”

DF-“Our level?”

CD-“Yes,champions level. You ain’t beaten a title holder since your return and while I may have a relaxed approach at times, and party a hell of a lot….I am here to accept your challenge at End of Days!!”



Dan smirks again before nodding confidently.

CD-“So let’s confirm some things here Foxy….1-It’s Dragon vs Fox for the first ever time in Buenos Aires for End of Days!”

“2-It will be for my TWOStars Jr Heavyweight title!”


“And 3-Your little submission streak goes bye bye bitch!”


DF-“Well you talk a good feud Dragon, and I have always been curious to see how it is to tangle with the chaotic one. But chaos comes and chaos goes so all I’ll say you crazy son of a bitch is bring it on at End of Days!”


DF-“Because you will TAP OUT!”

Dragon laughs as he proudly holds his title.

CD-“The only thing you’ll see me tap out to is your bad promos. So come End of Days I will make the immortal Dan Fox a mere mortal and show the world that the submission machine is just mere sub level! Foxy the only thing you will say after Argentina is what the **** after you deal with fire reigning over your Scottish Ass!”


CD-“So let’s sweeten the deal and shake hands to seal this epic match once and for all!”

Dragon drops the mic and offers his hand. Fox drops his mic and nods before shaking hands with Dragon, confirming their match at End of Days.

BP-“Big big match!”

Getty Square Avengers vs Chris Blackwood and David Fernandez

Winners: Getty Square Avengers
Simon Davidson vs LH Harrison

Winner by Cheating: Simon Davidson
The camera cuts to the commentating team once again

JB-“Well ladies and gentlemen, let’s take you back to Midsummer Night’s Destruction where had the Copacabana rules street fight between Murdoch and Tankard. It would be a brutal match with a brutal ending.”

BP-“More so the ending, Murdoch would collide with a scooter. Then the beast would proceed with bashing Brians head with a motorcycle helmet.”

EVIL-“An horrific thing to end the show gringos, especially with emergency services had to come in to see on Tankard.”
They commentating team reminisce.

JB-“As a result of the actions of Murdoch, Brian Tankard suffered a fractured skull and internal haemorrhaging. This obviously means he is out indefinitely from TWOStars.”

EVIL-“Yeah man we wish Tankard a speedy recovery.”

JB-“And of course as a result, Murdoch has been suspended pending further investigations by interim general manager Paul gray.”


The camera cuts to an amateur video footage of what looks like a dirty jail cell. A tall man is walking back and forth whistling away like he is on to something. He suddenly stops in the middle of the cell to walk towards the video camera, revealing the beast of the southern wild, Murdoch.

“Well, well well. What do we have here?”

Murdoch spits before wiping away the excess on his mouth.

“Looks like TWOStars doesn’t like me one single bit. Instead of being in Chile and starting riots with revolutions….I am stuck in a Brazilian jail cell awaiting to be cleared. A attempted murder charge awaits me but I won’t be here for long. I’ve been breaking out of jails for years, beating cops and raping judges.”

Murdoch smirks and begins to laugh.

“So my little quest has been delayed, and I blame Paul Gray for this. Instead of helping me out to be the antidote to the diva Matt Denton, but he keeps me here to rot like this country from the inside. It won’t work Paul. You won’t get away with it, not by a single speck of your hair!”

Murdoch begins to laugh hysterically.

“A God cannot be contained, gods break free from restraint and bounds to wreck their havoc and to end existence of mankind. I will be back on the road again to do that.”



BP-“We haven’t seen the last of him.”

JB-“God knows what he will bring next!”

EVIL-“Destruction holmes!”

Dan Fox vs KJ Woods

Winner by Submission: Dan Fox
Christopher Ryan Eagles vs Bryan Dammage
Winner by count out: Dammage

The camera cuts to Christopher Ryan Eagles, who is panicky and clutching the brief case like it is a part of him. He is walking about backstage trying to get the hell out of here. He is trembling and breathing heavy as he tries to escape. He peaks over tables and around doors to make sure no one is nearby. Eagles takes twinkle toe steps, being on edge as he trusts no one since his case become 24/7. He sees no one nearby and begins to make his walk to his car.


JB-“What the hell!!”

Eagles is in pain as he roars out loud. He still clutches to the brief case despite the severe pain he is in. But Simon Davidson emerges from the bus. He casually walks over to Eagles before sitting on top of him. He smirks before sarcastically tapping Eagles’ face.

“I told you this wasnae over ya pillock.”

Simon eyes up the brief case.

“You see lad you dinnae mess with me and get away with it. So I am here to tell ye you’re in for a heap of shite.”


“Because I’ve just had a wee chat with oor general manager. And he has kindly granted me a little favour.”

Eagles doesn’t know what he is on about.

“I though Gray was a fat *****, but he’s an alright *****. You see Eagles after being a prat and hitting me with a car the other show I have been given the exclusive new to tell you that at End of Days, you will defend the brief case…..against me!”


“Oh and that match….is FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!”


“I told you you’ll be pishing blood for a week. This is only the start. See you in Argentina lad.”

Davidson whistle as he walks away while Eagles is clenching the case still despite the face still showing visible signs of pain.



The interim general managers music plays as the crowd in Chile stand on their feet. For the first time in the show Paul Gray emerges, wearing the soccer shirt and army three quarter length shorts. He high fives members of the crowd before making his way into the ring.

JB-“The boss is here!”

BP-“And of course you know what this means…”

EVIL-“Denton’s punishment.”

Gray wipes away some sweat from the searing heat of South America before entering into the ring. He asks for the microphone to be given to him as his theme music is cut.


PG-“It feels so good to be here, in Santiago Chile!


PG-“So Chile let me here one thing from you, do you ****ing love TWOStars?!”


PG-“I can’t hear you DO YOU LOVE TWOSTARS!?!?”


Gray nods his head and wipes away sweat from his head.

PG-“Good, because I have something to say, and that is thank you for your hospitality! Thank you for the good reception and thank you for being awesome!”


PG-“Now onto more issues, that with our TWOStars world heavyweight champion Matt Denton!”


PG-“Denton retained the title, and he won clean, fair and square. So we have to respect hm in that circumstance. But for those of you who don’t know why he’s being punished, let’s see for ourselves.”

The tron repeats the events of Onslaught on Demand where Denton placed his hands over Gray’s throat, getting what he wants as he tries to push for what he feels is best for him. The feed cuts and turns back to Paul Gray who shakes his head.

PG-“I have issued a no hands policy to staff and referees here in TWOStars. Eagles got punished and is now having to defend the gold rush brief case 24/7, Denton you will face your punishment right now. So why don’t you bring your bloody ass right here right now!”


Gray waits for Denton to turn up.
The TWOTron suddenly shifts from a rolling animation of the Onslaught logo to the luxurious mansion of one Matthew Kennedy Denton. Matt Denton is seated on a luxurious leather couch in his living room in Dubai. His left eye is heavily bandaged. He also has a black armband on, for his sadly now deceased mentor "Hollywood" Rob Michaels. He looks worse for wear, but still manages to deliver a picture perfect Perma-Smirk™ to the camera.

Matt Denton: I told you all what would happen. I stood in the ring and told each and every one of you what would happen. I would bulldoze through that sorry son of a chlamydia infected wh*re, and retain my World Heavyweight Championship.

Matt holds the belt up next to his face. He looks at it with his one good eye and with a proud smile, he rests it on his lap.

Matt Denton: Now, as much as I would love to be in a third world country right now…

Booing from the live audience.

Matt Denton: I’m just not medically cleared to even be in a country plagued by malaria and cholera. So right now, I’m relaxing in my home in Miami, with a cool glass of Pepsi Max just enjoying life. I understand that Paul Gray wanted to confront me, but the fact is that I bow before no man! If he wants to discuss something with me, it’ll just have to wait.

Matt smiles warmly as the crowd responds unfavourably.

Matt Denton: I may be back in time for the next episode, so Paul if you h-

Paul Gray: Oh no you don’t!


Gray smirks as Denton gives his cocky response. The crowd are booing as they cannot see the injured
Denton live and in the ring.

PG-“I’m not Arron Winter, I’m not the anonymous gm, I’m not Brice over there…I’m Paul ****ing Gray, Denton.

I adapt to whatever circumstances. That’s what makes it more entertaining for me, the wrestlers, the crew and the fans here!”


Denton smirks.

PG-“And just because you’re not here…..doesn’t mean you ain’t getting your punishment.”


PG-“So Matt let’s get down to it. At Onslaught on Demand 5 you will be there, because we will be in Bogota Columbia! And at that show you will be IN EVERY SINGLE MATCH!


PG-“And if you don’t show up, you will be stripped of the world heavyweight title!\”


Denton looks furious as he facepalms.

PG-“That’s five matches Matt. If you lose to any one in any of those matches, THEY WILL BE GIVEN A WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE SHOT AT END OF DAYS!”



Denton is seething as he tries not to lose his cool.

MD-“You think will this work fattie? You are just like all the other general managers that I’ve seen come and go, waste of time. Infact you may be one of the ****ing worst! I think you have already stayed your welcome! Maybe it’s time that someone takes that job permanently, someone like me!!!”


PG-“Bitch all you want, it won’t save you for your six opponents.”

MD (laughing)-“Six? You said five matches you idiot or can you not count?!?!”
Gray smirks.

PG-“No Matt it’s six….I have a bad feeling you wouldn’t turn up. So I kinda got word of your location and decided to make a match right now…A falls count anywhere match where if you lose that opponent is in end of days world title match….REFEREE RING THE BELL!”

A random referee shows up to confuse Denton.






Jb-“Oh dear!”

EVIL-“Famous is in!”

Famous, badly injured and bandaged, has his hand raised in victory as the surprise costs Denton. Gray laughs as Famous’ theme music plays. Denton is holding his ribs but is furious, going red in the skin. He crawls to the mic.


The credits end with Famous celebrating and Denton seething while Gray applauds.

We cut backstage to Famous walking up to the TV interview area where he is greeted by a microphone and a bottle of Vos Water. The A-Lister looks into the camera, as hes unscrews the steel lid from the glass bottle and takes a sip of water. He spits it out in disgust as he drops the bottle of water to the floor and calls over a stage hand. The crew member disappears for a second before coming back into view with a bright pink colorful drink complete with tiny umbrellas and fruit.

Famous: That's better. We're in South America, Santiago in Chile to be precise. Man I dont need your Vos Water, Mr Hollywood needs a big fruity drink full of beautiful South American rums. Ahhhh.

He takes a sip before he asks the crew member to hold the drink for him and he holds up the microphone.

Famous: Matty, Matthew, Matchew, Maffew... Mr Denton. See at Midsummer Night's Destruction we had a bloody, car crash, all hell breaking loose hardcore war. And we each gave it everything. Hell I'm still hurt and bandaged from it. I'm black and blue. I'm cut up. I had staples in my stomach from that equalizer, I had staples in my head from the wounds you gave me. But what I havent fully got over is worse, is that I let these people down.

See for as much as I gave, you are still the TWOStars Heavyweight Champion... for now.

Did you like that suprise Matt? Did you like that I came down to the ring, speared you and pinned you clean? You better rewatch the footage over and over and over and over again between now and End of Days, because I'm going to repeat that specific piece of history. And I know potentially, we could have another 5 men in that match yet, but I'm going to make sure that at End of Days, it';s you I pin. And next week when you face off against 5 other superstars in every single match on Onslaught, I'm going to take myself a seat down at the announce booth and commentate as you get your shoulders pinned to the mat, again, and again, and again and again and...

The Unstoppable One walks into camera shot as Famous lowers the microphone for a moment.

Famous: Bryan... where have you been man? I haven't seen you since Midsummer Night's Destruction.

Dammage: I've had a lot on my mind Famous. A lot. I mean I'm getting ready for next week, since I'll be facing Matt Denton for my shot in the End of Days TWOStars World Title match. And I'm going to do exactly what you just did and pin Denton's shoulders down to the canvas for the 3 count...

Famous: I'm glad man, I'll be ringside when you do...

Dammage: Right Right! We're friends and all, but when... WHEN I'm added to that match, I finally get what's owed to me. The match I should of been having tonight against you... had you won the title that is. And I'm going to win, and there's no-one that will stop me...

Famous: I understand that, all bets are off at End of Days. But I won't be pinning you at End of Days. I won't be pinning Chaos Dragon, or Christopher Eagles, or Murdoch or Dan Fox. I'm going after Matt Denton, and when I beat him and I'm champion. I guarantee you'll get the very first title shot.

Dammage: Thanks.

The Unstopppable One seems disgruntled as he walks out of shot and we fade to a commercial break,


We fade out on the arena as we cut to a promo video for next weeks Onslaught on Demand