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Onslaught on Demand 3 LIVE from Mineirinho Arena, Belo Horizonte

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
TWOStars Headquarters – July 28th 2014

Paul Gray: Hey, hey! The World Champion showing up at corporate! How are you doing?

The current, reigning TWOStars World Champion looks at Paul, who has his hand outstretched looking for a friendly handshake.

Matt Denton: Really, Paul? You vilify me for taking this, and expect me to shake your hand? Not going to happen.

Paul awkwardly smiles and retracts his offer of a friendly handshake.

Paul Gray: Uh, okay. So, what brings you here?

Matt Denton: I know you seem to be fond of contracts, I need one drawn up.

Paul Gray: I’m sure you didn’t need to come all this way just for a contract-

Matt Denton: Yes, yes. I know. I have an entire legal department for that. No, I need one drawn up by your people. You see, I don’t exactly believe that Famous is going to show up at Midsummer Night’s Destruction, Paul.

Paul gets that “Oh” look on his face. He rolls his eyes and sighs.

Paul Gray: I should have known. Listen, Matt-

Matt Denton: Since when were we on first name terms?

Paul coughs and repeats.

Paul Gray: Listen, Mr. Denton, I have it on good authority that this isn’t an offer that Famous is going to back down from. I mean, it is the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship. Who runs away from an opportunity like that?

Matt Denton: Famous has done it before. He left you high and dry when he had Money In The Bank. I don’t believe your “good authority” has ever dealt with this sleazy asshole. I want a contract drawn up that doles out the upmost harshness if he so decides to tuck tail once again.

Paul tugs at his tie. Today isn’t the day for this shit.

Paul Gray: I’m only going to say this once, you arrogant son of a bitch!

Matt’s eyes open wide with shock.

Paul Gray: Famous is not ducking you! You do not need that contract, both the Board of TWOStars and myself have full confidence that Famous is going to walk in to Midsummer Night’s Destruction to face you for the World Heavyweight Championship. I am not jumping through your hoops, just because you have some jumped up conspiracy about him leaving you hanging once again.

Matt lets out a very deep breath.

Matt Denton: That is… disappointing. I would have thought you’d have learned from your predecessors. Tell me, is not securing your main event for the pay-per-view more important than say… your health.

Paul’s eyes lock on to Denton’s. He can see that look in Denton that so many have seen before.

Paul Gray: I can assure you, the match is secure!

Matt Denton: Not until Famous has signed the contract…

Paul Gray: Ho-

In one swift move, Denton grabs Paul Gray by the throat, sweeps his leg and puts him in a modified hammerlock on the floor. Denton presses his foot against Paul Gray’s hand and sits on Gray’s desk.

Matt Denton: Paul, Paul, Paul… I was hoping this was going to be simple, but apparently you just had to go make it a hundred times worse for yourself. You could have said ‘Yes, sir!’ and we could have been done here. You underestimate how badly I want to face Famous at Midsummer Night’s Destruction. He HAS ducked me one too many times, and now he needs to get his ass inside the ring and f*cking FIGHT ME!

Paul yelps in agony, his arm is in a position where it’s not naturally meant to go.

Matt Denton: I’m going to tell you exactly what you are going to do as soon as I leave this office. You are going to contact the legal department, and you’re going to tell them to draw up a contract that guarantees Famous vs Matt Denton for the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship at Midsummer Night’s Destruction. You are going to put in a clause, that states should Famous not show up, that he is DONE. No comebacks, no surprise returns, nothing. Not even a Hall of Fame induction. He is finished! If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can do the same for me… I know I’m going to show up. I’m the Champion for f*cks sake!

Matt removes the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship from his shoulder and hangs it over the body of Paul.

Matt Denton: This is the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship. THIS is the most important thing in the wrestling world. I am not going to let that greasy cocksucker tarnish the reputation of this championship because you’re too stupid to prevent history from repeating itself. I sincerely hope you understand where I’m coming from.

Denton says as he presses his foot down harder on Paul’s hand. Paul whimpers and nods, tears streaming down his face.

Matt Denton: I’m glad we have an understanding. You see I have worked too long and too hard to take this, and I’m not going to have my first defense of this championship against a man who would sooner run away than face me like a man.

He said he wanted to punch me in the face, by all means he can try. Onslaught, I get what I want. I get a guarantee that at the PPV I’m going to break his neck, center of the ring as I prove the doubters wrong. He’s not going to run away this time, Paul. Thank you for guaranteeing that.

With a half hearted smile, Denton releases Paul’s hand. The interim shot caller immediately grabs at his hand, praying that it isn’t broken. Matthew stands up, slings the belt back over his shoulder and begins to walk off.

Matt Denton: I really am sorry it had to come down to this, but I know Famous. I know how fast he’d run back to The Slums of Hollywood when he doesn’t get his way. Here…

Matt reaches into the inside breast pocket of his blazer and retrieves a card. He flicks it at Paul’s body.

Matt Denton: Call my office tomorrow. They’ll make sure your hand gets fixed up.

With a sneer, Denton leaves. The final thing we see is Paul Gray on the floor still whimpering like a lil’ bitch.


Brian Tankard vs Archangel

Tankard has completely dominated this match! Archangel is rusty and cannot deal with the brute strength of Tankard. He tries for the counter but Tankard pushes him off but hitting a massive rugby style takedown!


Brian smirks as he grabs a hold of Angel..


Tankard smirks as the crowd cheer him on!


JB-“Well this is a murdering.”

BP-“Can you blame him? He’s hyped for Midsummer Night’s destruction!”

EVIL-“And now for the finale!

Tankard punches the mat to get Archangel up!






Brian Tankard beats Archangel!

The referee raises his arm as Tankard makes punching motions as he gets his victory before fighting Murdoch at Midsummer Night’s Destruction.

EVIL-“They will go to war!”

The feed turns to the hillbilly, still injured from the attack by Tankard at Wrestlenova with casts all over his body. His face paint looks like it has not been washed off in weeks. He starts whistling away as Murdochs shadow is visible downing a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Duh you are one goofy looking dood. I don’t know how they made you so big and stupid uhaw!”
Tankard looks on as the lights dim in the arena.

“You don’t know what that beast can do. People really need to know that the beast is thirsty…He can do-“

The empty Jack Daniels bottle crushes against the head of the hillbilly sidekick. Spit can be heard spat out of the foul mouth of the beast of the Southern Wild. The creaks of the chair can be heard to indicate he is up from his chair as he coughs hard. Murdoch sarcastically claps his hands before his face emerges on the screen.


(singing) “Congratulations and celebrations for the end of your life by the hands of mine!”

Tankard shakes his head before making a crazy motion with his hand next to his head.

“The machine have indicated that our dancing is too much for them to handle hence why we are banned to dance the greatest dance of life. And why we cannot face other one last time.”


Murdoch begins to shed tears out of nowhere.

“What a ****ing travesty! That dance was beautiful! It should not be censored! Why do the machine stop beautiful art!”


“But like my little bitch said. I am thirsty. Thirsty for a ****ing drink of the strongest ****ing that this developing country has! I mean I thought I was poor but these guys take it to a new ****ing level. I am like the colonel ****ing Sanders here! Except if you try taste my chicken you will get a foul taste in you mouth.”
Tankard puts his hands to his hips.

“But now lets talk the dance we have. The Brazilians have salsa, capoeira, the dance they do to distract tourists to steal their wallets. But our dance, it takes it to a new level.”

“A level that this promotion has never witnessed before. It’s the dance of death. Because I am going to drink until I can’t ****ing see straight. I am going to cause a riot in the streets of Brazil! I am going to kill you Brian. I am going to drain your blood, spurt it at the fans, stain my clothes with it and I will rejoice over it. You stupid British ****. You don’t know what you are dealing with. Society raised you to have boundaries….I HAVE NO ****ING BOUNDARIES!”


“Because I am not bounded by human emotions. I have one switch in my little head of mines and that is the killswitch. When that switch is on, I kill a mother ****er. That mother ****er is going to be you Tankard.”


“At Midsummer Night’s Destruction, you will become extinct. And I will be the one that ends the bloodline of the Tankards!”


Murdoch smirks as he gets closer to the camera.



Tankard looks unfazed as he instantly demands a microphone. The Brazilian crowd cheer him on with some trying to say his name. He acknowledges this as he nods to the crowd, clapping his hands. He wipes the sweat away as the humidity gets to him, not coping with the weather that Brazil has in the summer months.

“Do you think the words of the mouth coming from a drunken **** affect me? I’ve been threatened with death over and over my life. Being a lad of the British lands, that shit doesn’t bother me one single bit you ****ing simple ****!”


“So take your rain man friend, get as much ****ing liquor you need to muster up the biggest fight you will ever ****ing have. BY THE TIME I AM DONE WITH YOU, YOU WILL NEED TO SUCK DICK THROUGH A STRAW YOU LITTLE AMERICAN PIECE OF SHIT!”


“You talk about how it is time to obey. Well come Midsummer Night’s Destruction you will obey my ****ing fist as I crush your skull and bury it next to Jesus Christ statue!”


“The final thing you will see will be this! The winner of the Copacabana rules street fight……Brian Tankard!”


But the crowds cheers turn to concern as the hillbilly sidekick from out of nowhere attacks Tankard with his support cane!

But Tankard isn’t affected by it!

The hillbilly sees he is in trouble and repeatedly hits him over and over with the cane! But Tankard grits his teeth and grabs the cane off him. He roars out loud as he snaps the cane in half.
Tankard grabs him..




Tankard sees someone drinking a beer in the crowd. He gets out of the ring and asks the fan politely to have a drink. The fan is happy to get his fifteen minutes of fame as he gets back in the ring with the beer. He smirks as he downs the beer in seconds, before spraying beer mist at the near unconscious hillybilly! He grabs the microphone as he wipes away beer from his mouth.

“That beer was ****ing good thank you Brazil!”


“You tell Murdoch this…..Obey!”

Tankard grabs the hillbilly and hits a massive German suplex, possibly re-breaking the back of the hillbilly. He roars in pain as Tankards music plays, making a cut throat motion to Murdoch and hyping Midsummer Night’s Destruction.








The camera cuts to Paul Gray at a sunny hotel suit. The crowd in Belo Horizonte are cheering as the skin crisped interim general manager makes his first appearance since the first ever onslaught on demand.

“Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Gray, and I am the interim general manager of TWOStars.”
The crowd give a mixed response.

“I would like to apologise for my continued absence leading to our last show. Unfortunately due to my ongoing recovery from broken ribs that I endured a couple of months ago I was not given clearance to fly into the Amazon rainforest due to lack of medical facilities. And sadly due to my health problems, I have not been cleared to fly to Belo Horizonte tonight.”


“I personally apologise for my absence but under doctors orders I have been forced to settle in Rio for the pay per view. So right now we are setting up for Midsummer Night’s destruction. But I want to address something.”

The crowd are curious into Grays address.

“What happened at the first ever Onslaught on Demand was my fault. I with my imagination focused on injecting excitement into this fed and as a result I foolishly forgot the consequences of men like Denton. He took and abused his chance like the man he is and made a moment turned positive for us all to positive for himself. And for that I am sorry.”

Some members of the crowd applaud and accept his apology while some are still reminded of Matt Dentons title win.

“To make it up I requested this contract signing and final confrontation to take place tonight, and to show Matt Denton I am not to be messed around with, or to be made a fool of….The main event of Midsummer Night’s destruction will now be NO HOLDS BARRED!


“Oh and to remind people and workers of this company. If you put your hands on an official….You will be punished. Christopher Ryan Eagles, I haven’t forgotten what you did to a match official last month. Therefore at Midsummer Night’s Destruction, you will face punishment!”


BP-“Uh oh.”

EVIL-“Bye bye brief case?”

“That is it for me ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the show!”
Gray’s music hits as the crowd take in the news of the main event of the pay per view and Eagles.

JB-“Wow big news, no hold barred for our title match”

BP-“And Eagles to be punished.”

The announcer gets back on to announce the next match

The camera cuts to back stage with Christopher Ryan Eagles, holding his brief case, storming around the arena. He gets to Boyo and grabs him by the arm.

“Give me a number for Gray! What is my punishment?!”

Boyo-“How the **** should I know?”

“He’s told you stuff before, come on you can tell me!”

Boyo-“He hasn’t, now piss off!”

Boyo walks away as Eagles clutches to his Gold Rush brief case!

(To brief case) “You will not be out of my side!”


(All a video package)

*crowd chants Harrison with a black screen, screen comes back to normal and Harrison is standing in an empty ring in a warehouse on the turnbuckle, the camera comes down from the rafters to a foot in front of LH Harrison's face*
Harrison: I just want TWO-Stars to feel the love and compassion that I do. *flip to a quick image of some European uppercuts with a guitar rift*
I want them to honor their sport. *flip to a clip of LH hitting a nasty spinebuster with guitar rift*
I want them to start a revolution. *flip to LH hitting a clothesline with rift*
I want them to feel what it's like to be a real winner. *flip to LH hitting his gutbuster with rift*
I want them... to be inspired. *LH smirks at the camera before it flips to an image of LH Harrison on the stage with smoke behind him with him doing his signature pose staring into the sky with a mystical look on his face with the words 'The Inspiration' LH Harrison written at the bottom while his theme song 'Whispers in the Dark' by Skillet starts playing*


Dan Fox vs Markos Andronikos

Fox is controlling the match with massive kicks to the chest! The sweat is pouring down both men as Markos counters by lifting Dan’s single leg for a overhead suplex! Markos goes for the cover.



Kick out by Fox!

Markos signals for the end as he gets ready for the Razors Edge powerbomb. He goes to lift Fox, but the submissive mauler hits a scissor leg takedown and goes for the heel hook! Markos is screaming in pain but knows he has no time on his side. He uses his weight to get to the ropes as the referee orders a rope break!
Fox dashes behind Andronikos


He picks him up!

A second suplex!

Dan grits his teeth as he forces the big guy up!

A third suplex!





Kick out by the Greek!

Fox cheers the crowd on as he goes for a roundhouse cartwheel kick! He makes the twirling motion as Markos gets up!

But Markos counters with a right hook! Fox is down!
Dan wipes blood away from his lips as Markos wastes no time going for his finish! He picks the Scotsman up as he makes the motion for the razors edge powerbomb! He gets to the corner…

Lifts Dan up!

But Dan rolls up!

Guillotine choke hold on Markos!


Markos knows he has again no time! He tries to roll over but Fox moves the other side so it would break his neck! Andronikos tries to move his body to the ropes but Fox clinches the hold tighter and puts more pressure on the neck! Markos gets down on one knee!

Andronikos taps out!

Fox gets up as he adds another name to his list!

“Here is your winner! Dan Fox!”

JB-“Great win for Dan!”

BP-“And now he has the MMA exhibition later with Dammage!”

EVIL-“Good way to send a message!

Dan goes to the ropes to cheer with the fans as Markos leaves the ring!

Boyo is In the middle of the ring as he gets the go ahead to start with what he needs to do. He licks his Welsh lips as he begins to speak in the mouth.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen this is the Mixed Martial Arts Submission exhibition between Dan Fox and Bryan Dammage. This is to hype up their submission match at Midsummer Night’s Destruction. So without further ado lets welcome the two men that have agreed to volunteer to take on Dammage and Fox!”

The mixed martial artists make their way from the stage ramp and into the ring.


Dammage, with brand new mma gear shorts arrives on the stage, with a lot of cheers he claps his hands before walking down to the ramp. He puts his mouth guard on and entered in the ring. He shakes his hands with Boyo before looking down at the two men that will take part with him and his soon to be opponent.

Boyo-“Please welcome to the ring Dammage!”

Dammage raises his hands before punching the air.


The technical mauler arrives in the ring with his training MMA gear as he nods his head around the Belo Horizonte crowd. He strikes his elbows with his hands as he roars out loud to storm down to the ring. He goes through the ropes before confronting right in the face of Dammage, who smirks back. The music cuts as the exhibition is about to start.

Boyo-“Okay let’s get this started. Dammage you are up first. Let the timer begin as soon as the bell rings!”

Dammage goes to the middle of the ring as one of the two volunteers agrees to face the big man. The pair shake hands as this first exhibition is ready to begin.


Dammage takes his time as he paces around the ring. The volunteer begins with strikes, but the big guy blocks them with no problem. Bryan then shows his pure power by lifting him up and hitting a massive takedown! He uses his size to sprawl around the volunteer and controlling his movment.


Dammage then slaps the volunteer on the head and teases him to come back up with another attempt. The man is now more visibly annoyed and lets his emotions get the better of him as he blunts his power with attempted strikes, leaving him more open and exposed. Dammage takes this opportunity and hits a massive boot to his ribs. He then grabs the skull of the volunteer and begins forcing his weight down in a vice grip! The man tries to pull away but Dammage hits a leg take down and pressures his weight on top of the volunteer. The man tries to escape but Bryan now has him under control, and has no option but to tap out.


Boyo-“Okay that was done in under two minutes. Dan it is now your turn!”

The men clear to the corner so Fox and his volunteer beging their exhibition sparring match.

“Remember it is under two minutes you need to beat.”

Fox puts his mouth guard on and shakes his hand with the volunteer.

The volunteer goes for the quick strike, but Fox immediately counters with a massive over shoulder takedown! He goes for the rear naked choke and immediately locks it in. The man panics but moves his feet enough just to get to the ropes, forcing the rope break. Fox lets go but smirks at Dammage. The volunteer regains his breath and goes for the kicks, but Fox counters with quick punches. The technical maulers makes a move in motion.

But Dammage cheekily trips him up causing him to fall to the mat. Fox realises what happens.


Boyo and the volunteers leave as the crowd go nuts with the pair beginning to fight each other. Elbow strikes and punches are landed as Fox goes for the wicked gogoplata submission! But Dammage fights back and gets to his feet. As they get back up, Dammage hits a massive kick to the face of Dan Fox! He grabs a hold of Fox and throws him out of the ring!


Dammage goes out of the ring to join Fox, who is trying to quickly regain himself. The pair clash again as Dammage goes for the chokeslam, but Fox quickly counters with an attempted German Suplex. But Dammage rolls him over and throws him over the announce table!


Bryan goes over to make sure he is out for the count…


Dammage breaks out in time again by pulling the announce table!

Fox goes for a quick foxtrot, but Bryan pushes him off ! He goes for a massive lariat, but Dan dodges it! The pair look at each other smirking as they soon realise no one has the upper hand on each other going into the pay per view.

D-“Not on me Foxy, not this time.”

DF-“That gogoplata is inevitable Dammage. You remember that.”

D-“Let’s find out come Rio!”

The referees come in to make sure no more fighting takes places, must to the disapproval of the crowd.

JB-“These two are up for it!”

EVIL-“Bring on the pay per view!”

BP-“Cannot wait for this!”

Fox makes his way to the ramp, making the motion he has his eye on him as Dammage looks on smirking.


As we return from commercial break, KJ Woods, Chaos Dragon and Christopher Ryan Eagles all stand in the TWOSTARS ring preparing for action and eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of the Infection Simon Davidson!

Jason Blakesee: This should be a great tag match guys! It'll be interesting to see how Eagles and Davidson co-operate as a team, as we know they've not always seen eye to eye in the past. And speaking of Davidson, here he comes now!

The spine tingling opening chords of the Scotsman's eerie entrance music fills the arena, and within seconds the man himself casually appears on stage, a gentle swagger in his walk and wearing a grin on his delicate face suggesting only too well that he and he alone was privy to some kind of important information. The boos rain out on the unpopular Davidson, who has done nothing but antagonise every audience since his return to TWOSTARS a few weeks ago, including several unfair and brutal attacks on untrained members of the audience under the guise of an "opportunity".


The crowds' jeers continue, but Davidson seems unfazed as he stops at the top of the entrance ramp and accepts a microphone from a member of the production team. Its seems we are going to here from the mouthy fellow. This only further upsets the crowd who have heard enough of the sound of Davidson's voice to last them a life time.


There seems to be only one person in the building who does care, and he's sitting at the commentary desk.

Brice Perrino: How disrespectful of this damn Brazilian audience! They have a superstar in their midst and they treat him like this! Unbelievable! Let him speak you ignorant fools!

Simon however doesn't seem nearly as bothered as Perrino, who simply laughs it off, raising the mic to his mouth to speak.

Simon Davidson: It's alright. Don't get your nickers in a twist. Trust me, this isn't going to take long. Besides, it's not like I care about the opinion of you poverty ridden second class citizens anyway.

This ignites a furious reaction from the hometown fans, and Blakesee at the announcers desk isn't too impressed himself.

Jason Blakesee: Come on! That was below the belt!

Simon Davidson: No. I have far more lucrative and far more important matters to be dealing with to worry about the opinion of some people who will have to share bath water this evening when they get in.


Simon Davidson: So I guess that brings me to my next point. I am an extremely busy man. Far to busy in fact, to deal with this "match", that I appear to have been thrust into without prior consultation! I have absolutely no intention with teaming with Christopher Eagles, the man is an imbecile. I could still win of course, but that is beside the point. Why should I waste my own precious energy on defeating Chaos Dragon and KJ Woods, two people, and believe me I am at a grudge to even call them that, when they are so far beneath me in the world of professional wrestling that, quite frankly, I can't even see them down there!

With an arrogant grin, Davidson raises his hands to his eyes and mock mimes using binoculars to attempt to see his prospective opponents in the ring.

Simon Davidson: And all for the entertainment of these "people" in attendance who have shown me nothing but disrespect? I think not. No, no, no. It just won't do. I refuse to be drawn into something so far below me when I have business to attend do.

He laughs, before finishing up:

Simon Davidson: Have a good match though! Meanwhile I have things to see, people to do, you know...

He winks, drops the microphone to the floor and turns on his leather heel. As Eagles stands in the ring with his arms in the air, clearly furious at the lag of co-operation and commitment from his tag partner, Davidson walks towards the back, raising a hand in the air and waving without looking back. Eagles stand in the ring now alone and friendless.


The crowd continue to chant abuse at Davidson, but its simply deflects off him and before long he has disappeared through the curtain where it can no longer reach his ears.

Jason Blakesee: Well, so much for looking forward to a tag match. Now Eagles has got to do this all on his own!

Evil Gringo: That sneaky son a bitch Simon Davidson! Walking out on a match, that man has no integrity!

Brice Perrino: Come on now! It would show a lack of integrity by competing in a match so obviously beneath him!


The bell rings signalling the start of the match, leaving Chris Eagles to try and fend for himself against Chaos Dragon and KJ Woods!

Simon Davidson/Christopher Ryan Eagles vs KJ Woods/Chaos Dragon

Eagles is struggling to cope, after Simon Davidson refused to take part! He goes to get a suplex in his favour, but KJ blocks it! He tries again, but once again Woods blocks the attempt!


Followed by a running lariat on Eagles!

KJ Woods makes the tag as Dragon comes in to stomp down on Eagles ass! Dragon hits his own snapmare suplex, before taunting Woods about that is how you do it! The cancer Eagles fights Dragon off by kicking out at him, before trying the quick roll up!



Kick out by Dragon!

Eagles immediately tries to hit Eagles Wings for the finish, but Dragon rolls his head around..



Dragon goes for the reign of fire finisher!

But Woods tags himself in!


Dragon is furious as he had the match won, but Woods wants to get the pinfall. The ref makes the signal but Chaos Dragon. The team look at each as the confront one another about their conduct. KJ smirks before pushing Dragon against the turnbuckle and Dragon doesn’t take that one single bit! Dragon pushes Woods hard back!






Christopher Ryan Eagles has just beaten two men!

JB-“What the ****!”

“Here is your winner…Christopher Ryan Eagles!”

Woods is furious as he goes for a spear as the pair brawl in the ring!

EVIL-“Here we go!”

BP-“**** me Eagles didn’t even need Simon!”

JB-“But come on look at the hold of the tights!”

EVIL-“Enough talk lets see them fight!”
The match is over but KJ Woods continues the assault on the champion heading into the pay per view! Woods his hard elbow strikes before continuing with vicious power slams!


Eagles looks on outside the ring, seeing his adversaries continue to fight each other as Woods stares him down! KJ wants to be known by the cancer that he will not lie down to any opponent at the pay per view.

But Chaos Dragon flips back up and fights back! He hits punches and kicks before jumping off the turnbuckle and hitting a massive roundhouse kick!


Dragon goes for Taste of Chaos!



But Eagles stands on the mat and tries to distract the chaotic one!

Dragon makes motion with his crotch to the challenger before Woods pushes him into the turnbuckle! KJ follows this up with a massive uppercut! He makes the motion for his finisher as he picks the television champion up!

But Eagles smashes his head in with the gold rush brief case!

BP-“He strikes again!”

The crowd boo on as Christopher Ryan Eagles takes advantage of the pair fighting each other. The cancer smirks as he stomps down on both men. He then grabs a microphone before bludgeoning it into the skull of Chaos Dragon!


Eagles flicks his hair back before looking down at both opponents.

“You two have always been beneath me. Every member in this company is beneath me! This is my year! I will go into the tenth anniversary as the undisputed TWOStars champion!”


“I will be the five time television champion….then I will become the first ever junior heavyweight champion….And then I will cash in on this baby right here and become world heavyweight champion!”


“The laughing stock is dead….the new cancerous incarnation is born…and it is terminal!”

Eagles drops the mic and smashes the gold rush brief case into KJ Woods’ head again! The challenger is bleeding from the wound instantly as the cancer turns his attentions to Dragon! Eagles plants the brief case before picking up the chaotic one. Dragon tries to fight back but he is still dazed from the shot with the microphone!



The cancer leaves the ring with great satisfaction as referees check on the other challenger and the champion.

JB-“Eagles has made a big statement.”

BP-“For sure.”

EVIL-“But those two will fight back, especially dragon.”

Eagles looks on from back from the top of the stage, laughing on before making his exit backstage.

The camera cuts to Christopher Ryan Eagles, who has his bag packed as he is making his exit from the Belo Horizonte arena. He refuses to give any interviews as he laughs to himself before looking down at his Gold Rush brief case one last time



The crowd cheer on as the Chaotic one attacks the challenger! The referees immediately come to the duo as the pair fight each other, cutting and bruising one another with the big shots to the face and chest! The referees appeal for calm, but they will not get it!

EVIL-“Told you!”

BP-“Don’t mess with the Dragon!”

The referees finally manage to separate the duo with Dragon still funny on his feet from the Eagles Wings earlier. The cancer screams at the champion with a bloodied lip as the pair roar at each other what they will do to one another come Midsummer Night’s Destruction!

CD-“You’re going to suffer worse than a skinny guy beneath a fat chick you little ****!”

CRE-“Bring it Dragon! Bring it!”

CD-“This is my title, my house. Not the house of the ****s!”

Eagles exits the arena cut up as Dragon is assisted by referees.

CD-“Piss off I don’t need help!”


Contract signing between Matt Denton and Famous

Paul Gray’s music gradually disappears as the finale of this show begins. The desk is set out while Paul Gray holds the contract both men must sign.

“Ladies and gentlemen it is now time to close our last show before Midsummer Night’s Destruction with our main eventers to sign the contracts and to confront one another before they collide at one of the biggest
pay per views of the year.”


“So lets get started please welcome out, the challenger…FAMOUS!”


Famous with shirt and jeans on emerges onto the stage with a loud reception. He encourages the people of Belo Horizonte to get louder as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He gets in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle to raise his arms in the air! Famous shakes hands with the interim general manager of
TWOStars before standing on his side of the desk.


“And now for the reigning TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion..MATT DENTON!



Matts presence causes instantly the entire arena to boo him, but he doesn’t care as he proudly walks down the ring calmly with the belt on his shoulder. He gives the middle finger to the crowd before moving the hand towards Famous. He walks into the ring and raises the belt over his head in front of Famous. His music comes to a halt as he quietly sits down on the chair at his side of the desk, with his feet up in the air.

“I thank you both for being here, and this is where I stop my talking and let you two begin to talking. Here is the contract and now you can proceed.”
Gray puts the contract down on the desk, which Denton immediately takes and reads over. Seeing the no holds barred added stipulation. Famous stands firm on his feet while Denton tilts his sunglasses to read over the contract.

“I have been waiting for this moment for years. You hear me Famous? While it was my moment to shine with Money in the Bank, you decided to **** off like the coward you are and take away what was going to be my victory! Famous you and everyone else tried to stop me from taking rightful time on the throne for nearly ten years. NOW WHO IS THE KING OF THE CASTLE! ME! NOT YOU!”


“I am the man of the hour! I am the man they fear in this company! I am the world heavyweight champion! And there is nothing you can do!”


“This match isn’t just about the title, this match has been years in the making. This match will confirm what I have known for years that I have always and will be better than you! The moment you see me from the ring mat with my hand raised in victory will be the end of your career!”




Denton signs the contract before throwing it at Famous. The challenger smirks and licks his lips before getting the microphone and himself looking at the contract.




“Sickness went through hell and back and you shook his hand! You shook his hand and patted his back to only claw at it when the time suited you right you ****ing selfish bastard!”


“You will see a new and hungrier Famous! You will see a Famous that has the built up anger of every single person you have screwed about, that you messed about and did things that you got away with!”


“And I will show the world what I would have done to you at that night several years, what I always have done to you ever since the beginning that you Matt Denton, are MY BITCH!”


Denton storms up and throws the table to the side to get right into the nose of Famous, who is laughing hard.

“And the last thing you will see at Midsummer Night’s Destruction is the whole crowd chanting LITTLE BITCH as I take the TWOStars world heavyweight title!”


MD-“You are the biggest **** sucker here! Your time is over, my time is NOW!”

F-“I am back Denton and you will ****ing feel it!”

The pair argue back and forth with Famous signs the contract to confirm the match. Denton raises the title over his heads

MD-“My time is now!”

F-“My time is beginning!”

EVIL-“Holy shit…”

JB-“The Pay per view just got a little hotter for Rio!”

BP-“Check it out.”

The credits end with the men arguing while the fans look on.