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Onslaught On Demand 2 LIVE From the Amazon Rainforest!

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland


Sickness holds the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship aloft as a number of Lord Bison’s victims surround him with smiles on their faces, for both Sickness being the new World Champion and for Bison being vanquished.

Evil Gringo: Nothing but deserving!

Paul Grey shakes Sickness by the hand while confetti flutters down from the ceiling. Sickness turns towards the hard cam, triumphant!


The scene turns monochrome with a static transition as a loud crack just echoes through the arena. Sickness crumples to the canvas. Standing over his limp body is the “Bastard Son of TWOStars”.

The scene rewinds throughout the show, we see the ladder match in reverse, we see part of the Battle Royale in reverse. Denton has Dan Fox set up on the ring apron for what could just be the ATM. Both men are in a precarious position with the fate of the World Championship at stake!

Jaxson Blakeslee: This could end it!

Fox manages to gather enough strength to flip Denton up and over, sending the Billionaire onto his back. A simple roll to the left would cause him to be eliminated.


Denton manages to pull himself up, but he locks eyes with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Fox is about to deliver the final blow when Denton just cleans his clock with the damaged case! A spinning back kick sends Fox off the apron on to the floor.


Denton falls back, exasperated onto the canvas. He can barely even raise his arm in victory. However, as Dan Fox looks dejected on his knees outside. Matt is on the inside with that f*cking PermaSmirk™ on his face.

A white-out crossfade back to the scene at hand.



Famous lunges forward, attempting to nail his patented spear on Denton, but Denton is too quick and escapes the clutches of the Tinsel-Town Titan!


The sheer venomous tone of voice as Denton is impatient, coupled with his hatred for a few of the men in the ring just makes this difficult to watch for even the most hardcore TWOStars fan.

Paul Gray: Sickness… I am so sorry.

We white-out crossfade again to a mere minute later. Denton has Sickness hanging upside down, as Denton steps over his shoulders.

Salvator Hier: Ladies and Gentlemen, Matt Denton is invoking his championship match…

Matt Denton dishes out a devious variation of his PermaSmirk™ which seems to last forever.

Salvator Hier: This following match is…

Jaxson Blakeslee: DON’T DO THIS!

Salvator Hier: For the World…

Denton jumps up.

Salvator Hier: HEAVYWEIGHT…

In almost slow motion, Denton falls.

Salvator Hier: CHAMPIONSHIP!

Sickness’ head crashes into the canvas. His body falls limp near balloons and certainly on top of the confetti. He’s had enough.

Jaxson Blakeslee: NO!


Jaxson Blakeslee: NO!


Jaxson Blakeslee: NO!!


We cross fade again to a shot from the top of the stage. We can see the backs of Famous, Roko, Dammage, Davidson, Dragon and Dan Fox along with miscellaneous staff while Matt Denton stares at them, one arm holding up the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship, the other extended forward in the form of a middle finger.




Matt Denton. World Heavyweight Champion. Fade to black.
.................................................. .........................................

The camera pans out to the view of the amazon before going to the custom made wooden commentary box with the commentary team ready to go.

JB-"Welcome everybody to the amazon rainforest and to the second ever onslaught on demand. And as you saw on the inaugural debut of our brand new show, Matt Denton. Who won the battle royale earlier that night, would attack the new world heavyweight champion sickness and win the world title."

Evil-"Such an emotional moment from everyone including myself but Denton became what he is always been known as , the bastard of TWOStars.

BP-"But the smart bastard."

JB-"Matt Denton will address the world tonight in his first show as world heavyweight champion!


.................................................. .............................................

Simon Davidson does another Leithal Challenge

Simon Davidson calls out another man trying to get a chance to beat him, out comes a guy called Andrew Pearson. Pearson goes for the assault but the man from Leith deals with him easy

Winner: Simon Davidson

.................................................. .............................................

We cut backstage to see Dammage taping up his wrists ready for his match tonight. He has some new shiny black tights with red blood drip metallic decal down the side. He wears a black t-shirt with a black denim vest and a backwards cap. The logos and decals all read 'Dammage Inc' as opposed to the Smoke and Mirrors logos we are used to seeing him wear recently whilst teaming with his friend Famous.

We hear a knock on the door as Bambi Greene walks in, microphone in hand as Bryan stands up.

Greene: Dammage, if we could, some thoughts on your match tonight against Murdoch?

Dammage: Some thoughts? Firstly Bambi my thoughts are still in that ring from last week. That Battle Royale that I should of won. The Battle Royale I should of win and gained my rightful World Championship match. I let it slip through my grips like sand through my fingertips. I let myself down. I let my injured buddy Famous down, and I let the TWOStars fans down. Let's face it, if I'd won like I intended to, a man deserving would have a title shot in hand. And better than that, that good for nothing Denton wouldn't of abused the stipulations of the guaranteed title match and robbed... ROBBED Sickness of his moments, of his glory and championship win.

Then again... maybe I'd of done the same....

Bryan looks off into the distance, almost in a trance before shaking his head and getting focused back on Bambi.

Dammage: Sorry Bambi... what were you saying?

Bambi: Your match tonight with Murdoch?!

Dammage: Right, right. Murdoch. See I'll be perfectly honest, I don't know a great deal about Murdoch, but what I do know is that tonight I avenge my loss for last week. I show the world that Dammage can still go and should be up on that pedestal. Tonight I put the world to rights, and Murdoch's gonna find out exactly why they call me, Unstoppable.

Now if you don;t mind, I've got to get ready and clear my head.

We fade out on Dammage continuing to tape his wrists up whilst looking off into the distance.
.................................................. .............................................

Randy Roko vs KJ Woods

Roko dominates until Lord Bison emerges on the stage with a fallen Lucian Jones! Roko pleads for him to leave him alone but Woods gets the roll up for the shock win! Afterwards Bison says he will let Jones go if Roko gives him a match at the ppv, to which Roko immediately accepts. Bison agrees to let him go, from his body he says as he hits a chair crushing off Jones skull before leaving!

.................................................. .............................................

Bold spotlights circle the clearing, with the lights dimmed. The crowd murmur in anticipation, apart from those who desire to hoot like owls. Suddenly a booming melodic male voice echoes throughout the venue.









Standing in a spotlight is a silhouette that can be seen as plain as day. The figures arms are outstretched, and visibly one of the figures hands is holding a long strap, thin at the edges and thick in the middle. The only other discernable thing is the fact it is wearing a long coat. The music suddenly stops. We’re treated to the tense “dun dun dun dun” theme that usually accompanies a cage being lowered around the ring. Standing dead center is the unmistakeable voice of the UFC Bruce “I wish I was Michael” Buffer.


The jeering is almost deafening. It’s completely clear who Bruce Buffer is referring to.


The all too familiar sound of “King Nothing” blares at maximum volume throughout the makeshift arena. The figure is fully illuminated, revealing…


The flash of the PermaSmirk™, the raise of an eyebrow and now the confident swagger of the new TWOStars World Champion as he slings the championship belt over his shoulder and makes his way to the ring.

Jaxson Blakeslee: There he is, the super confident Worlds Heavyweight Champion! It still makes me sick as to how he defeated Sickness to become champion! Sickness had just regained the richest prize in our industry, only to have it snatched away from him in a heartbeat!

Brice Perrino: That was a BRO-tal shock! Matt had the right to take that opportunity at any time he pleased! He guaranteed victory in the Battle Royale, he delivered! He predicted a cash in, he practically begged Chris Eagles to cash in his contract, but no!

Jaxson Blakeslee: In the ultimate d*ck move, Denton waited until everyone was in the ring celebrating Sickness before striking!

Evil Gringo: Ese, I don’t exactly agree with de pendejos methods, but it guaranteed him a World Title!

As the camera low pans Denton, we can see behind him illuminating all the screens of the NoodleBrainTron™ in 8K resolution, the words “Matt Denton: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION” decorated in gold, with diamonds in the center and around the screen are sparklers just framing it exquisitely. Denton just stops dead in his tracks and grips the belt around the main plate with both his hands. He bows down so he can touch his toes with the belt, before snapping up-


Ain’t nothing better than a $100,000 pyrotechnics extravaganza going on behind Denton’s back. The multi-coloured shower of bright sparks damn near kills every epileptic in the audience, and is enough to leave lasting marks on your TV screen for weeks to come. Not to mention almost starts a little fire in the oh-so-adored Amazon Rainforest.

Brice Perrino: We already knew this, but ain’t no party like a Denton party!

Jaxson Blakeslee: Has anyone got any painkillers? I have a headache just looking at that display!

Brice Perrino: That’s why I wear shades all the time, especially here! You just don’t know when someone like Matt Denton will drop $100,000 on a stunning firework display!

Jaxson Blakeslee: I wish he’d have warned us!

Brice Perrino: Dorks like you don’t get memos.

The display is finally over, and Denton continues to make his way to the ring. Bruce Buffer meets Denton on the way out, and slaps him on the shoulder. Denton visibly says “Don’t f*cking touch me” with the PermaSmirk™ still in effect and without even stopping to acknowledge the man face-to-face. Denton slides into the ring and holds the championship belt high in the air upon standing up. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Denton has a discreet headset microphone on.

Matt Denton: WELL… WELL… WELL…

The jeering continues as the music fades out.

Matt Denton: Look at what we have here! Last time I stood in this very ring with a microphone in my hand I told Christopher Eagles to make himself famous! I told him that there was no better opportunity than THAT NIGHT to take the World Heavyweight Championship that everyone in this company craves so much!

Matt Denton: What did he do?

Matt takes a second to pretend to ponder the answer to this, the most important of questions.

Matt Denton: He sat sulking in the locker room while a better man nutted up and took the-

Matt lowers his shoulder, letting the belt smoothly slide down his arm and into his grip. Told you it was smooth.

Matt Denton: WORLD

Denton thrusts the belt into the air while walking to the bottom left turnbuckle (From the Hard Camera side, of course.)


Matt leaps up onto the second rope, still holding the World Heavyweight Championship high in the air. The crowd are clearly unhappy with their new champion no matter how smooth his moves can be.


Denton soaks in the crowd reaction for a bit.

Evil Gringo: He brings up a good point ese.

Brice Perrino: Can’t deny it, GringBRO. What say you Mr. He Didn’t Do It the Fair Way?

Jaxson Blakeslee:

Brice Perrino: That’s what I thought.

Denton returns to the center of the ring.

Matt Denton: As your new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… I have to look to the future. I now have the biggest target on my back, bigger than the target when I damn near ran this federation into the ground! I can’t forget that Eagles has a guaranteed match against me, but he doesn’t matter. He had the chance to matter, but he didn’t take it. Too bad so sad…

Matt Denton: Now, the party is over. Next on the list appears to be the man I’ve waited so long to face… FAMOUS.

Matt Denton: How did he earn the Championship match? Well, he retired after defeating the injustice that manifested in Arron Winter… But Paul Gray wouldn’t let him. Instead, he offered him a Championship match? All because Famous ran away before he could get his rematch? HA. You want to talk INJUSTICE? THAT right there is an INJUSTICE. But injustice doesn’t stop there!

Jaxson Blakeslee: Denton’s crying about injustice? What about last week?

Brice Perrino: He earned the right, Jaxson! You know the rules and so do I!

Jaxson Blakeslee: Fine! What about every other injustice Denton has committed over his lengthy career?!

Brice Perrino: That’s different! That was business! This is just pure dickery!

Jaxson loudly sighs into his microphone.

Matt Denton: Famous and I have a bit of a history centered around INJUSTICE. Let’s take a little history lesson shall we? The year was 2009, Bad Romance was rocking the charts and I happened to have taken a little trip off of the deep end following the obliteration of The Consortium. My target at the time was a little Briefcase that belonged to Famous. Money In The Bank.

Matt slings his long, flowing hair back over his head with just a bit of frustration. This clearly isn’t the best subject for him.

Matt Denton: At the final Pay-Per-View of the year, I was going to defeat that son of a bitch for that briefcase and solidify myself as the next World Champion! Or I would have, except Famous didn’t show up. He stayed home with his thumb up his ass, and a rent boy on his dick! Usually, that would lead to a forfeit, right? WRONG. I was left at the bottom of the card which did nothing for my mental state at the time.

Denton quickly runs his tongue down his incisor, a tell-tale sign that the man is about to snap. He takes half a second to calm down, but this is going to be ugly. Can you say PIPE BOMB™?

Matt Denton: See, I know exactly why Famous ran away. Pure fear. He had no Direct-to-DVD movies to film, he had no other obligations than to wrestle for TWOStars and he walked out. The true kick in the teeth was that he came back just in time for a fat f*cking WrestleNova paycheck AND THE POWERS THAT BE DECIDED TO TEAM ME UP WITH THAT SELF CENTERED C*NT!

The anger is just flowing out of Denton now. He’s pacing back and forth, like a caged animal. This should be a time for celebration, but with Famous next in line Denton can do anything but celebrate his first TWOStars World Championship!

Matt Denton: Even worse was the fact that half way through the match, he walked out! I was left lying in a pool of motherf*cking thumbtacks! I ended up tearing my knee to shreds at WrestleNova, only for the Tinsel Town Tosspot to run back in and steal a victory that I had worked hard for! A month later after I got the all clear, I was supposed to get my match with him then, for nothing more than glory… Except he didn’t even wait until the pay-per-view to bail!

Matt points at the crowd as he speaks his next sentence.

Matt Denton: I couldn’t give a f*ck what these people watching me think, they’re obviously going to guzzle down that black jizzum of Famous as they plead for you to take me out with a Walk of Fame! I’d imagine that right now you have the proper motivation to not bail out on me, you pr*ck!

Matt holds out the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship over the ropes.

Matt Denton: Nut up or shut up, Famous. Midsummer Nights Destruction. These foul people will get a match five years in the making, and I get my opportunity to ram my boot down your throat and send you packing back to Hollywood with your tail between your legs, two teeth and a fractured f*cking skull.

Matt whips the headset away as he stares into the hard camera, he has a sadistic glint in his eyes while he licks his incisor. The cocky Denton has once again gone into hiding, there are no time for games. King Nothing plays once more as Denton raises the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship high above his head.

Brice Perrino: Uh… Denton just made his intentions clear!

Evil Gringo: Ese, I suspect we gots ourselves a bloodbath for Midsummer Nights Destruction!

Jaxson Blakeslee: Our new World Champion is gunning straight for the two time Worlds Champion Famous, and he’s already laid all his cards on the table!

Evil Gringo: The only question is homes, is Famous gonna call or is he gonna fold?

Jaxson Blakeslee: We’ll find out…

We cut with our World Champion leaving the ring, leaning backwards over the ropes and flipping out. Y’know, Kane style.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........

Murdoch vs Dammage

Basck and forth match up until Tankard comes in where this match is now a brawl! Ref calls No contest due to inteference as the men who will face off at Midsummer Night's destruction try to kill each other!

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............

We cut to the announce table where Blakeslee informs us that earlier this week, Evil Gringo had a chance to sit down and talk candidly in the studio with the Number One Contender, Famous. The OOD logo flashes up and we cut to the studio interview.

Evil Gringo sits in a nice black suit on a big leather chair as he introduces Famous, who is dressed in one of his new t-shirts and jeans.

Gringo: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honour to sit here tonight with the Number One Contender to the TWOStars Championship; Famous. Famous, welcome to this interview.

Famous: The honour is all mine Grings, to be sat here with a former champion in his own right, and a bonafide Hall of Famer in you.

Gringo: Thank you very much. Let's however, cut to the chase. At WrestleNova, you rid the company of Arron Winter. Something you said was your only objective for returning. A task no-one had ever gotten done. And then despite an attack in the opening of the Pay Per View, you main evented the show and defeated Winter to end his tenure here in TWOStars.

Famous: You know myself an Arron we go back a long way. Way way back even. To 2007/2008 when we formed Image Inc with Barry Gower. That very first night I was practically handed the United States Championship. It seemed I was Winter's apparent heir to the throne and his hand picked choice to go on and be the face of the company. Except he didn;t form Image Inc to help levitate Famous. Winter formed that group to help himself and he dropped me pretty soon after, pretty soon after I lost the title to you Gringo infact. And we can talk about the aftermath of that and what happened to me, but what that showed me right then was the type of man Arron Winter is.

He's a man who uses people to gain what he wants. History tells you this. He used me, Barry Gower, Edward Samson, Sickness, Lord Bison... the list is as long as my arm. He's a user and whether the fans cheered or booed him, he always had plans going on in that devious mind of his. But when I turned on my TV and saw what he was doing with TWOStars, how he was trying to run it into the ground and kill it, that made my blood boil as much as it had in many a year, and well I had to come back.

The Mexican Sensation nods in agreement as he briefly looks at his papers before continuing.

Gringo: So talk us through your mindset the night of WrestleNova.

Famous: It's a difficult one. This was I think my third Nova. The first, well that speaks for itself. The second not as much, but this one was set to be my triumphant return, the reason I came back... the Winter had hid hencemen attack me, leave me laying with broken ribs to try and avoid our match later in the night.
At this point, I'm thinking, please don't take my to the hospital. And you know i sat there for the best part of 2 hours or so, getting checked and pushed and pulled to see how I'm feeling and everything starts to fade. My return to WrestleNova, my aims and objectives and Winter begins to win. It's at this point my friend Dammage enters the trainers room and offers to finish what we started. And I said to him in no uncertain terms, you wait by the curtain. IF my music hits and I'm not dragging my battered ass up the hallway to the Gorilla position, you go beat that bastard. As a man of his word he agreed, and when he saw me almost run up that corridor, he patted me on the back and gave me his blessing.

The match itself is somewhat of a blur. I'm pumped on adrenaline, that and my thoughts are all that kept me going. It was almost like some surreal dream, almost muted because I didn't hear a thing for the entire time bell to bell. But when the bell run, my music hit again and the referee raised my arm, it came flooding back. Like some great wake up call. In that moment, I felt pride and emotion I can't begin to describe. I felt, just on top of the world in that moment. Absolutely on top of the world. To close out WrestleNova, with the people behind you cheering you on, it gave me a rush I don;t think I'd ever felt before.

Gringo: So to change the tone, last week on Onslaught on Demand, our new TV show replacing XTV, a number one contendership Battle Royale. We knew already you would be guaranteed your match at Midsummer Night's Destruction. Matt Denton somehow becoming victorious. Then after the war Sickness went through, Denton interupts and wins the championship from the new champion. You seemed irate at the time, as we watched you out there at the time. Having had time to soak in the events of the inaugral Onslaught, how do you feel now about last week?

The A-Lister moves around in his seat a little before letting out wry smirk and answering the questions.

Famous: You know, last week, I was ready to pop an artery at what Denton did. I still ain't happy about what he did. But it would be the most hypocritical thing in the world for me to sit here and tell you I wouldn't of done the same. Because I would of. And I have. I did it first. Remember WrestleNova?
Remember when I won Money In the Bank against Lucian and Samson? And as Sickness lost his titles to Angus McDonald in the Main Event, my music hits, I cash in and become the Triple Crown Champion? I ruined that WrestleNova. I did exactly what Matthew Kennedy Denton did, but I did it better. I did it first. And I did it on the biggest and grandest stage of them all. Matt Denton if you're trying to replicate me, then good job kid but the score stands there at 1-0.

You see no doubt, Denton will bore us with his history lessons around myself, concerning him and his invasion. About the Money in the Bank and about how we teamed at Nova and I got the win for our team. See Matt you can tell me all this to my face next week when I come back to Onslaught on Demand. You can tell me about what a coward and loser I am when I'm there standing in the same ring as you, man to man and I punch you in the face.

Money In the Bank was my cash-in, and biggest opportunity.
WrestleNova Hardcore Handicap was me showing I was still as opportunistic as I say I am.

Midsummer Nights Destruction, 2014, will be me looking down at you as the new TWOStars Champion, because that Matt is the real opportunity, and I am the Master. And it will be entertaining.

At this point Famous takes his microphone off and walks out of the interview.

.................................................. .................................................. ..............

Lord Bison vs Chaos Dragon

Easy win for Bison but a courageous effort from the chaotic one. Afterwards Randy roko comes in which ends the show in a massive brawl. The camera cuts at the end before credits of referees pulling Matt Denton back as he has attacked Dammage without Famous being here!