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Onslaught On Demand 1 LIVE FROM Ginásio do Ibirapuera Sao Paulo Brazil!

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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4

We had a great turnout last show so lets give this new show an awesome start!

remember battle royale is over the top rope and i will accept rps of ongoings in that match.
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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4





All of a sudden the Brazillian flag emerges on the tron much to the crowds delight as a cherry pciker starts to lift up…revealing the chaotic one in a general outfit.

BP-“What is that idiot doing.”

EVIL-“Being Chaotic Brucy!”

The cherry picker stops as Dragon comes to an halt. The music stops as the fans all stand up to take a photo on their smart phones.



“Your Dragon needs you! In a short matter of time, I will be defending the TWOStars Television title for the first ever time against a random douchebag. I need your help right here folks!”


“Because I need all of you to loud. Chant, scream, cheer and ladies to take their clothes off in favour for me! I need your energy to fuel the fire further inside of my dragon guts so I can beat that little shit half to death!”


“And more so because of this fact. The winner tonight becomes the last ever TWOStars television champion to defend the belt. At midsummer nights destruction in Rio it will go and be replaced by the new Junior Heavyweight division! I want to be the last ever television champion and I want that ammunition to drive me to become the first ever TWOStars jr heavyweight champion! NOW BRAZIL CAN YOU HELP ME?!”


“I said can you help me?!”

(Louder) SI! SI! SI! SI!

“Impressive cross language chant there! Then why don’t we **** this wait and get this match going right here right now!”


Dragon lowers the cherry picker. As it goes down foot by foot, Dragon does the iconic one hand salute pose with the Brazilian flag behind him. The crowd are behind him as he almost reaches the ground.

JB-“Threre’s only one Chaos Dragon.”

BP-“Thank god for that!”

JB-“Looks like this TV title match is next. Winner is last ever defending Television champion going into Rio against KJ Woods.”

Dragon gets more cheers as he shows tinkerbell the camel on stage. He gets on him and rides down the ramp to jump off the camel and into the new black, white and red ring! He head bangs before throwing his hat into the crowd.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the TWOSTARS TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Dragon warms up as he awaits the cancer coming onto stage.

“Hey Dragon, yoo hoo over here!”

The tron suddenly flicks to reveal KJ Woods in the locker room area. The last ever number one contender smirks as the crowd are mixed with him.

KJ-“I know you and Eagles have a big title match coming up, but I had to make an appearance just before hand! Now I know you two will give the fans a great match, and show me your strengths and weaknesses. I know the last man standing will shove the belt in front of my face. But it won’t matter!”


KJ-“Because either way I have guaranteed myself to be the last ever Television champion and become the first ever Jr heavyweight champion. I will beat you and won’t stop until you are crying on the ring mat! I will become champion and later on tonight I will win Battle Royale and get a world title shot to become undisputed champion! Hell I can beat the pair of you in the same ring! This match is pointless because out of the three of us I am clearly the better wrestler!”


KJ-“Which is why I have had a chat with Paul Gray. Now I know this contract said one on one. But I want my title win to be remembered by everyone! So here is a little surprise sprung on you two….Because at Midsummer Night’s Destruction, with approval by our general manager at my request. It will be KJ Woods against Chaos Dragon….against Christopher Ryan Eagles IN A TRIPLE THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH!


KJ-“Hence why this is now pointless. (laughing) hope you two don’t break any bones. We need you ready for the pay per view! Chow!”

The tron cuts as Dragon takes in what has went down.

JB-“So KJ has forfeited his one on one match to make it triple threat?”

BP-“Meaning Dragon and Eagles get one more shot.”

EVIL-“Last ever television champion defends against two men at pay per view, not an easy feat gringo.”

JB-“We knew the last ever TV title match would be memorable, now it will be monumental!”

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4


Murdoch takes away the cue card as black and white style filming begins with Murdoch dressed like he is Charlie Chaplin is in a bar with several other people, including his hillbilly associated who is wearing a body cast following the injury at Wrestlenova X He is only wearing a hat and some sunglasses but is visibly anxious and shaking vigorously.

M-“Hi kids this is the beast of the southern wild here, about to give you a life lesson that you need to take on board when you become my age! Today were are going to talk about the dangers of alcohol, and how different drinks can affect you from being comatosed and getting raped… being the drunk that does the raping!”

H-“But Murdoch, I have someone challenge me to a fight, what drinks do I need to give me the courage to fight and to win?”

M-“Great question! Some drinks kick in much more than others. You can have one random concoction that gets the fire inside you burning so hard you’ll want to kill the bastard quicker than your next round. You need to remember what these drinks do. So let our little tuition begin!”


Murdoch is seeing leaving a table and grabbing the drink.

M-“Now cocktails, or as I prefer to call it. Faggot juice, is all dependent on what is inside it. Some cocktails take a ****ing life time to take in, while others after a couple do get you going. Plus for all you non hardcore alcoholics here it adds taste so you can drink more! But be aware, some cocktails will take time to get you ready!”

The camera cuts to the hillbilly taking the cocktail and then getting severely beat down afterwards before being dragged away out of shot.

M-“See that kids, he’s getting raped. And you don’t want to get raped don’t you?”


Murdoch is at the bar with a pint of beer in his hand with this shot while the hillbilly is battered, bruised and struggling to walk.

M-“Beer always is a sure thing to get you drunk. What you get here is a couple pints starts the juices flowing inside you! Next thing you’ll know is you’ll be in a cop van for beating the living shit out of some poor guy! Now what you must remember kids is beer goes by strength. So obviously you want to straight away drink the strongest beer many times! Just look at this demonstration video!”

The camera cuts to the video of Murdoch downing a pint in seconds. He then asks for another one as the beast of the southern wild downs another quick pint. Murdoch stretches his arms before going over to someone.

M-“Excuses me but do you have the time.”

The male gets his arm out to check the time but Murdoch grabs the arm and breaks it in half! The man is roaring in pain as he crumbles to the ground as Murdoch takes his penis out and starts to piss on him!

M-“That kids is how to leave your mark!”


The scene once again is at the bar but this time paramedics take away the male that had his arm broken.

M-“The one thing I like about the Scottish, whiskey! And us Americans brought it and did our own! Whiskey fires you up, and I mean I’m talking dragon breath! Five shots of those and you are ready for war! DEMONSTRATION!”

Murdoch downs five shots of whiskey in succession before looking straight at his hillbilly counterpart. He smirks as he dashes towards him!

“Wait, Murdo-“

Murdoch spears him through the bar window! He gets straight back up for a thumbs up before walking back to the bar.


Again the scene is set at the bar!

M-“Mexicans get depressed because they are poor and stupid, hence why tequila was created to take away the daily living of just how bad Mexico is! Kids this drink is very powerful, for Europeans out there you may find a similar taste and powerful response with Sambuca, or vodka. Drinks I highly recommend for nights out. Tequila requires lemon and salt for most of the time. Or you could be like me and down the ****ing bottle hardcore!”

Murdoch opens the bottle and drinks without hesitation. He takes several gulps before throwing the bottle crashing against the wall. The bottle shatters in pieces as the bar staff have had enough.

“Look you can’t do that here!”

Murdoch headbutts the bar staff to the ground and jumps over to start ramming his fists over and over again! He then stomps his feet to crush the poor staff member. Murdoch gets some bottles and begins throwing them to crash and bruise the staffs body, with a Jack Daniels straight to his head! Knocking him out cold!”
M-“Immediate reactions! Told you kids!”


M-“Now it all depends on what you do first. Many drinkers say take your time before doing a all night session. Those people know jack shit and should not listen to them! The best recommendation for me is to get all the drinks you have and mix them at once!”

Murdoch reveals a empty pint glass and begins putting different drinks in.

M-“We got some beer, vodka, Jack Daniels, Tequila, faggot juice, sambuca, wine. That should do it. Mix the drinks and then down the bastard thing! If you don’t puke the training is complete! But if you do….try again and you could be like me!”

Murdoch downs the pint before his eyes widen open. He gets up and smashes the now empty pint glass. He goes over and slashes the throat of a customer! Blood pours out of the wound profusely soaking Murdoch in blood!

“That’s some wicked special effects Murdoch.”

M-“Yes…..Special effects.”

The short film finishes with the following cue card:



The camera cuts to the commentating team, who are baffled.

JB-“What the fu-“

BP-“Guess he’s training for Rio.”

JB-“It’s Murdoch/Tankard at ppv in a Copacabana rules street fight. Let’s not forget those two are in the rumble tonight!”

EVIL-“That will be fun!”
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We return to the arena to find Matt Denton standing dead center of the ring. Otherwise known as the segment-writer-is-too-tired-to-write-an-entrance-stay-tuned-next-week-where-he-will-pull-this-shit-again cliché. He is wearing a crisp white suit, and has a playful demeanour tonight. Guess it’s the happy drugs… IF HE HAD ANY!

Matt Denton: I came to Brazil back in 2010 for a tour and one of the first things I said before a crowd of Brazilians was “It’s great to be in Brazil!”

The crowd goes just a little apeshit for the cheap pop. Matt makes eye contact with several patrons as he allows them the opportunity to cheer for themselves and their country. A few moments pass and the cheers have died down, and another moment passes before Matt brings the microphone back up to his mouth.

Matt Denton: That was a lie.

It takes a moment, but Brazil gets the message loud and clear. Matt chuckles to himself as they boo, having been duped.

Matt Denton: Of course it was a lie! Do you think I want to be in a stinkin’ third world country, filled with friggin’ tourists!? If I wanted tourists, I would go back to New York, a city I BEG would get a f**king sink hole to swallow it whole!

The Brazilian fanbase is none too pleased. Rather than flat out jeering, they brust out into a strong chant of “Foda-se, Denton!” (Roughly translated to ‘F*ck you, Denton!’.) Denton can’t help but smirk as he says “I don’t speakee Chinee!” off mic. Regardless, Denton powers through the chants because he has a microphone and some very loud speakers.

Matt Denton: TONIGHT, on the debut of Onslaught on Demand- by the way, who the hell thought that was a good name for a show? I’ve been on Massacres, Warfares, Annihilations, but never an Onslaught ON DEMAND. Holy shit!

Somewhere, a dejected bearded mastermind (if you can call him one) pouts and probably makes some ridiculous threat to pay a dude twenty pounds to lick the segment writer.

Matt Denton: Regardless, tonight we have a battle royal for a guaranteed shot at the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship, a belt that I should have won last year, but was f*cked out of by sheer circumstance… if sheer circumstance is code for a *****…

Matt visibly gags. Tongue out, spitting, everything.

Matt Denton: There’s only one problem. We all know who is going to win the match. Jesus, I’m standing right here in front of you!

The billion dollar permasmirk appears, as the crowd in Brazil jeer. A small “

Matt Denton: The problem is that I’ll be in that little club with that no talent, never was hack Chris Eagles in having a shot for the belt at any time of my choosing! Wouldn’t that just be awkward if I came out to cash in my contract, saaay… next week and he came out to usurp me? Wouldn’t that just be f**ked up?

For the following sentence, Denton puts on a whiny girlish voice, representing Chris Eagles. He accompanies this with childish jumping and pouting.

Matt Denton: ‘Hey! I want the World Title too! Let me have my shot! I won it first!’

Matt can’t help but corpse right here. SEND FOR THE MAN~! Oh, the man is dead so the corpsing goes unpunished.

Matt Denton: Eagles, I know you’re listening back there, and I’m sure you’re looking at the contract with lust in your eyes, just wishing for the damn thing to be laminated so you can lube up and finally get some-

An audible ‘ooooooooooooooooh’ from the crowd.

Matt Denton: Kid, let’s face it. Your career has amounted to three things. One: You’ve been subservient to me! Within a month of my arrival here, you were hanging of my ass hairs like a bad f*cking dingleberry. You were around like a bad stench! For a while, I did see some use to you. Who else could I get to be my gopher around here? You had shit all for talent, and even less for intelligence! After YOU blew the only opportunity for equality around here when The Consortium met it’s untimely demise, I ditched you. Except you, like the jilted bitch you are, made it seem like the reverse was true…

Matt pouts and makes overly exaggerated “cry baby motions”.

Matt Denton: Two: You’ve been trying to be me. I saw that whole Million Dollar Man thing, and that was cute… back in the 1980s when Ted DiBiase did it. I became BETTER than DiBiase, not only do I have a few more zeroes to my bank account, but how many World Title has he won?

Matt holds up his hand giving the sign language for “zero”.

Matt Denton: Flat. Out. Zero.

Like a light bulb goes off above his head, Matt continues on his tangent.

Matt Denton: Talking of zeroes… That brings me to number three: Your career has been a flat out zero. The contract is a guaranteed match for the World Heavyweight Championship. In your hands, it is but a contract. In my hands, it’s a guaranteed World Championship. I beg you, Chris. Cash the contract in tonight! You have an ample opportunity to do so. Call it career advice from a veteran! There is no way that Lord Bison or Sickness is going to walk out under their own power tonight. Make yourself famous, make your career worth something… Cash it in. Become the World Champion and shock the world…

Orrrrrrrrrr…….. You could do what you’ve always done. F*ck it up. Cash it in against a weak champion and LOSE. As for me, tonight I throw as many men, women and children over the top rope as I can as I grab the brass ring one last time, and turn that shit to solid gold.

Just watch me.

With a parting smirk, Denton drops the microphone and departs.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
65 1 4
The cameras cut to an exhausted Dan Fox, who is hydrating himself with bottles of water. The main backstage man and hall of famer Boyo soon comes in to try and have a word with the technical mauler, who is struggling to keep a firm stance following the punishment he and Roko put each other through.

B-“Excuse me, Fox?”

Dan turns around to look at the announcer.

B-“You and Roko put on one hell of a match to start off the first ever Onslaught on Demand. How are you feeling?”

DF-“I feel like I need a physio. That is what I like about Randy, he always gives a fight anytime, anyplace and leaves his mark on you….Or in my case several cuts and bruises.”

B-“The fans are naturally sceptical following interference from Lord Bison. Can yo-“

DF-“Sorry for cutting you off there, but I like the fans am pissed off at Bison. No one interferes in my match but the paramedics when I have done too much to an opponent. If the beast wants revenge then he has to do it somewhere else because I’m now going to come for him…”


DF-“If he is the king of the beasts that he claims to be, he would have put himself in my position and fight him like a man, not a animal without balls!”


B-“Well what is next for Fox?”

DF-“Ever since I came back I have told people that the old Dan Fox, and the new incarnation is here. I vowed no more cockiness, underestimations and silly shit from me and I have proved myself. I got a big win at Wrestlenova to make myself remain undefeated there AND I showed Roko that I am the real deal here tonight But I need to be a man that sets goals so I have been thinking really hard and I decided earlier that tonight is the beginning of the submission mauler…Because I Dan Fox Vow to make every single member of the current TWOStars Roster to tap out!”


EVIL-“Big Statement right there.”

DF-“I started tonight with Randy, I will finish this by making the man on top of the mountain tap out and become world heavyweight champion!”


“Tapping us out are we Foxy?”

The crowd cheer as Dammage emerges on camera view.
D-“Interesting statement you have made Foxy. But if you think you’re going to get the chance to tap me out again, then you have to get your bloody head straight!”

Fox smirks at Brian.

DF-“Hows your neck?”

D-“Oh it was barely a scratch. I’ve been warming up for Battle Royale later on while you have put all your energy on Randy tonight Foxy.”

DF-“There’s plenty left in the tank lad, don’t you worry about that.”

D-“But you got me thinking. I don’t have a match at Midsummer Nights’ Destruction….You don’t have a match at the pay per view too. And with Famous getting his deserved title shot at that ppv….I don’t see there being a problem in a good old fashioned match between me and you?”


Dan smirks even more while nodding his head.

DF-“Does Brian want to fight me and avenge his loss?”

D-“You know fine well that if it was a clear one on one match Dan that I would beat you! Infact I think I’d make you submit!”

DF-“So, would the fans of Brazil like to see Dan Fox versus Dammage at Midsummer Night’s Destruction?”


DF-“Who am I to say no, you got your match! But on one condition!”

D-“What may that be Foxy?”

DF-“Since you bragged about how you can make me tap out….Why don’t we make this a SUBMISSION RULES MATCH! Win must come by tap out and nothing else!”


Dammage licks his lips at the prospect of making the now proclaimed submission mauler tap out.

D-“It’ll be an honour to end your submission streak in Rio!”

The pair shake hands as the camera pans in on the handshake.

JB-“Wow, first the final ever TV title match where the winner is first ever junior heavyweight champion, then we have the Copacabana street fight, then Famous faces the man who leaves as world champion here tonight, and now we have a submission match at pay per view!”

BP-“Been a while since that has happened!”

EVIL-“What a pay per view to be a part of! Rio is in for a treat!”

JB-“Of course lets not forget that as of this night, Fox has vowed to make everyone tap out.”


The first apple tree.
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Jason Blakesee: Welcome back to this historic night, the debut episode of our brand new TV show Onslaught on Demand! Where tonight, somebody is going to win the Battle Royale and gain themselves the right to a World Heavyweight Championship match at any time this year!

Evil Gringo: It's huge! The whole future direction of this company is going to be shaped by what happens tonight! It's awesome!

Just then, the crisp, eerie and melodic opening lines of "Meds" leap forth from the PA system, signalling only one thing, the arrival of the Infection Simon Davidson, who returned to TWOSTARS last week after almost a year out and set his sights on one thing, and one thing only; winning the Battle Royale and capturing the World Championship!

At the sound of his entrance music, there is a groan from Blakesee on commentary, but Brice Perrino on the other hand is positively delighted about the arrival, making no attempt to hide the squeal like enthusiasm in his voice.

Brice Perrino: Awesome! Can't wait to hear what my boy Simon has to say!

The crowd however don't seem to share his opinion, as boos immediately ring out from all sections of the capacity Brazilian crowd. Already unpopular from his first stint with the company, Davidson didn't do himself any favours with some disparaging remarks made last week.

There is a few seconds pause as his music rings out around the noisy arena, before entrepreneur waltzes out onto the stage, dressed as is his custom in predominately black, slim fitting clothes clinging to his skinny body, hair in a rebellious hot mess.


Despite his unpopularity even in a foreign climate, the smug, self satisfied grimace that normally dresses Simon's face is still apparent. However, unlike last week, this time around he has brought company. Brought being the optimum word, as his companion looks as if he would rather be anywhere else, as Simon has his arm around his shoulder, almost forcing him down the entrance ramp. The boy is young, barely in his late teens, small, skinny and wearing a look of terrified anticipation on his face.

Jason Blakesee: Well, I'm not entirely sure what's going on folks, but knowing Simon Davidson, I'm sure we are about to find out!

Evil Gringo: The man sure does love the sound of his own voice!

Brice Perrino: God, you guys just cannot wait to slander can you? You should be ashamed of yourselves, consistently carrying out unprovoked, verbal assaults on a member of this roster!!

Jason Blakesee: I'm not sure about unprovoked....

Davidson and his convoy enter the ring, the latter looking more nervous than ever as Simon takes a microphone.


Simon Davidson: Welcome! Welcome! To the first ever episode of Onslaught On Demand! A historic night, I think you'll all agree!

He speaks in his sharp, Scottish accent, his smug, drawl just ever so slightly evident as he plays to the crowd. His black, beetle eyes reveal his devious nature more than his tone of voice, which he is able to alter to suit his needs as and when required.

Simon Davidson: And I decided, what better a way to mark such a landmark night for this company, than with the first ever Simon Davidson Leithal Challenge!

Jason Blakesee: The what...

His grin is wider than ever, chuckling to himself as the crowd disdain quietens slightly and is replaced with blank curiosity.

Simon Davidson: I understand there is many in attendance that cannot hope to be possessed with my brilliant mind, so for those inferiors, allow me to explain.


Simon Davidson: You may have noticed I have brought someone out with me tonight! This is Steven! Steven will be the first ever contestant in the Simon Davidson Leithal Challenge! Come over here Steven, don't be shy, I don't bite!

Another chuckle to himself follows, as Steven slowly approaches and Davidson once again puts his arm around his shoulder. Steven can do nothing to hide the uncomfortable and apprehensive look on his face.

Simon Davidson: Young Steven here, has been given a very lucky opportunity! He's going to have the chance to win £10,000 of my own, hard earned cash! All he has to do is pass the Simon Davidson Leithal Challenge! If Steven can last 15 seconds in my very own signature submission hold, the Leithal Injection, he'll win the ten grand! Simple really isn't it?

The scepticism from the crowd is tangible, but once again the negative reaction simply bounces off the arrogant Davidson.

Simon Davidson: I know, I know. But what can I say, I'm a generous man! So, are you ready Steven?

He looks at the contestant, who's face is now nothing short of cold terror. The young man barely has a chance to utter any kind of response before Davidson hits him with a sharp, hard kick to the mid section and he crumples to the floor!


Taking Steven's legs underneath his arms, the Infection quickly locks in the aforementioned submission hold, the Leithal Injection, Davidson's variation of the Boston Crab. The hold is locked in for barely a second before Steven quickly taps out, giving in to the brutal pressure and pain being distributed across his back and down his spine! Screams of agony emit from his mouth, as Simon keeps the hold locked in, despite the tap.


Jason Blakesee: Come on!! For God sake, put a stop to this!

Finally, after what is almost a minute, Davidson releases the legs of Steven, who flops flat to the canvas on his torso, and does not move. Standing up straight and patting himself down, the smug look on Simon's becomes more infuriating than ever as he picks up the microphone again.

Simon Davidson: Well, unfortunately Steven, you tapped out after just 2 seconds, so this time you weren't quite successful in the Simon Davidson Leithal Challnege. But thanks for playing and better luck next time!!

And with that, he drops the mic, laughing his head off as his music hits again and he exits the ring, leaving the still paralysed Steven lying in a heap in the middle of the ring!

Jason Blakesee: Absolutely disgusting.

Brice Perrino: The kid had a chance to win £10k! That would set his future right up! He should thank Mr Davidson for giving him such a great opportunity!

Lighting a cigarette and still looking immensely pleased with his days work so far, the Infection reaches the top of the ramp and disappears through the curtain.
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