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NXT Discussion Thread - July 6, 2010 from Atlanta, GA


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Last week's edition of WWE NXT scored a 0.9 rating, which is the same rating the show drew the two previous weeks.

Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA

Results of the First NXT Poll
  1. Kaval
  2. "Showtime" Percy Watson
  3. Michael McGillicutty
  4. Alex Riley
  5. Lucky Cannon
  6. Eli Cottonwood
  7. Husky Harris

Confirmed Matches/Events

Fallout from the First NXT Poll


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Airing This Thursday in The UK

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at last week’s show when we saw the return of the physical challenges and the first elimination as well as the first poll.

We are live on tape from Atlanta, Georgia and your announcers are Michael Cole and Josh Mathews. Your hosts are Ashley Valence and Matt Striker.

Matt Striker is in the ring and he welcomes us to NXT. Matt reminds us that there are seven rookies left and then Matt reminds us what is in store for the winner. Matt reminds the WWE Universe that they are important in determining the winner, but so are the pros and they come out. The pros are on the opposite side of the stage this week.

Matt asks Zack Ryder about last week’s poll. Zack says that he doesn’t get it and he asks who voted Titus last. He says that Titus had everything. He had Zack has his pro and the dog bark. Zack says that Titus was robbed.

Matt asks Morrison and John says that it is great that the Universe gets input in the voting. Morrison says that he would have voted off the Miz and Miz mockingly laughs at Morrison for his attempt at humor.

It is time for the rookies to come out to the ring.

Matt says that the rookies know where they stand. Matt asks Husky if he thinks the heat is on him since he is in seventh place. Husky says that Matt should know how dangerous he is and wonders if Matt is seventh. Matt asks Riley about how stunned he was at the rankings. Alex says that he is shocked that he is number four. He thought he was looking for champions. His boss, Vince McMahon gives them the chance to vote on the future and the person in first isn’t tall enough to ride the bumper cars at Six Flags.

Kaval tells Alex that if he thinks it is a fluke, he should listen to the WWE Universe.

Matt tells the rookies that it takes charisma and you need to be able to connect with the WWE Universe. Now it is time for the Talk the Talk Challenge. The winner gets to show their personality next week because they will host their own talk show next week.

Percy Watson is first and his topic is ‘Glasses’. Percy talks about his glasses. He says that you need to have vision to know where you are going in life. You have to know how to get it.

Kaval is next and his topic is ‘chicken’. He says that is something that cannot exist in WWE. He might be the smallest, but he has the biggest heart. He says that he is not chicken.

Eli Cottonwood is next and his topic is ‘mustache’. Eli says that a mustache is a little hair grown over the upper lip. He says that a mustache is for a real man. He says that he has the best mustache of them all.

Michael McGillicutty’s topic is ‘breath’. Michael says that everyone knows about his background. He says that he is the grandson of a legend and the son of a WWE Hall of Famer. By the end of NXT, he will take their breath away.

Husky Harris is next and his topic is ‘doorknob’. Husky says that he used a doorknob to get in here. He says that his father is a former wrestler too. He says that since they voted him seventh, he will not talk to them any more.

Lucky Cannon’s topic is ‘deodorant’. He says that it is to stop smelling and sweating. It has no function without the smell. He needs the WWE and the WWE needs him. Stay with him.

Alex Riley’s topic is ‘pigeon’. Alex says that there are a lot of animals he has come into contact with in his life. Alex says that he is the rooster in this hen house. He is left with six pigeons.

It is time for the fan vote and the winner is Percy Watson.

Cole suggests some names for Percy’s talk show and Josh wonders if he could be somewhere else.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Percy Watson with Montel Vontavious Porter versus Michael McGillicutty with Kofi Kingston

They lock up and Michael with a side head lock but Watson with a jumping side kick and side head lock take down. Michael with a knee and then he hits a drop kick after a leap frog that reminds people of his father. Michael with an elbow in the corner followed by a snap mare for a near fall. Michael with a reverse chin lock but Watson with elbows. Michael with a clothesline to Watson for a near fall. Michael with a back breaker and a near fall. Watson with an elbow and drop kicks. Michael with a sunset flip for the three count.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty

It is time to take a look back at last week’s Keg Carry Challenge.

We go to comments on Titus O’Neil. MVP says that he has an imposing look. Kofi says that he is a brick house and is big. Miz and Layla mention that he barks like a dog. Morrison says that it sounds like a walrus. Morrison then says that his ear point is the best thing you will see from him. Porter calls O’Neil a dump truck. Ryder says that O’Neil needs some work. Miz says that O’Neil is awkward in the ring. Miz comments on Titus’ promos. Cody says that Titus could have a lot of charisma but he should brush his teeth.

We go to Titus’ exit promo from last week.

Match Number Two: The Miz with Alex Riley versus Kaval with Layla and Michelle McCool

Kaval with a kicks to the leg and then they lock up. Kaval with a clean break but Miz with a kick to the head. Miz with a knee to the back followed by elbows to the chest followed by a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Miz chokes Kaval in the ropes. Kaval with punches to Miz but Miz with kicks to stop Kaval’s offense. Miz with punches in the corner and then he chokes Kaval. Miz with the clothesline into the corner and he gets a near fall. Miz with a rear chin lock but Kaval stomps on Miz’s boot. Kaval counters a belly-to-back attempt with a lateral press. Miz throws Kaval out of the ring and Layla and Michelle shield Kaval from Riley as we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz has Kaval in a rear chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break of Miz sending Kaval into the apron. Miz misses a punch and Kaval with a sunset flip into a double stomp and Miz is down holding his chest. Miz with a kick but Kaval with flying elbows and a back kick. Kaval with another kick and then he hits Tidal Crush and gets a near fall. Kaval goes to the turnbuckles but Miz with a punch. Miz tries for a superplex but Kaval blocks it and knocks Miz off. Miz pulls Kaval off the top turnbuckles and he drops Kaval on the top turnbuckle and then hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winner: The Miz

We take a look at Eli Cottonwood. Morrison says that Eli calls attention to himself because of his size. Miz calls Eli scary looking. Michelle and Layla call him tall and scary. Kofi says Eli doesn’t seem ‘all there’ when he talks. Mark Henry says the quietest have the most venom and letting it out will make him better. Morrison says that Eli has some disadvantages. Ryder calls him clumsy. Miz says that he is not intimidated by his size. Henry says that Eli has to realize that he is a big man and he needs to dominate them.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the RAW Rebound.

It is time to get comments about Husky Harris. Cody says that Husky has a lot going for him and a lot against him. Mark Henry says that he is made for the business. He is athletic and he has a bit of a mean streak. MVP says that he has a spark and he is anxious and eager to succeed. Miz says that Husky has an interesting and intriguing look, but he is fat. Cody points out that he is not built like Percy Watson, but he is a Ferrari engine in a tank. Miz says that he has an advantage the way he moves. Kofi says that he is deceivingly athletic and that is a good thing. Michelle says that Husky has the most potential after Kaval. They talk about his heritage but Zack says that he cannot use that to coast through the competition.

Before the match starts, we are told that the Nexus will be on next week’s NXT.

Match Number Three: Husky Harris and Cody Rhodes versus Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon

Lucky and Husky start things off and they lock up with Cannon working on the arm but Husky with a forearm. Cannon with an arm drag and Henry tags in. Cody tags in as well. Rhodes with a dashing forearm but Henry shrugs it off. Henry with a punch and then he press slams Rhodes. Henry stands over Rhodes and he tries for a seated splash but Rhodes moves. Harris tags in and he kicks and punches Henry and gets a near fall. Harris with a front face lock and he tags Rhodes in. Rhodes with punches and he tags Harris back in. Harris with a shoulder in the corner and then he hits a splash in the corner but he is met with a running clothesline from Henry. Rhodes and Cannon tag in and Cannon with elbows to Rhodes. Cannon with a back body drop and he gets a near fall but Harris breaks up the cover. Henry with a body block to Harris. Rhodes with Cross Rhodes to Cannon for the three count.

Winners: Husky Harris and Cody Rhodes

We go to credits!


Do what thou wilt
Get Eli Cottonwood off my TV please.

"I don't have a mustache above by upper lip but I have a better one than the rest of the NXT Roster"

WTF?! :?

This guy probably takes more time messing with his elbow pad and his upper body tilting to the right than anything else.

Oh and i'd like to have a few drinks with Percy Watson. :D


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This guy probably takes more time messing with his elbow pad and his upper body tilting to the right than anything else.
Don't knock a guy just because he leans to one side when standing. ;)