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NXT 2019 Discussion


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I had to start a thread.

NXT TakeOver was INSANE!

That opening tag match was excellent, Hanson impresses me every time!

Dream/Riddle was another good match, I thought Riddle might turn at the end but was pleasantly surprised when he didn't. Although I feel like it might happen sooner rather than later.

This is the first I've seen of WALTER - love that entrance with the silhouette with him in his long coat. Brutal match, some real stiff shots. I wonder if Dunn will make the move to one of the main shows now?

Women's title match was good, some really nice spots. Shayna is doing really well, I can see her doing well on the main roster with her connection to Rousey/MMA/The 4 Horsewomen.

The title match started off slow but by the end, it was just insane, I can't even remember the number of times I thought the match was over but we got a kick out. Really nice moment with Ciampa coming out at the end too! Oh and extra kudos for the video prior to the match, showcasing the history as well as them training to get ready for the match :cloud9:

Zack T

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Takeover New York might be the best Takeover ever so far.

Tag title match was the stuff of legends. I was most looking forward to this match and it was insanely good. Wonderful send off for Ricochet and Black, War Raiders getting the win was the right thing to do, and the respect afterwards was just incredible. Absolutely perfect.

Riddle and Dream was better than it had any right to be, it was excellent. Also keep in mind Riddle has like, a year and a half worth of wrestling experience and Dream is at 4 years tops right now. How the hell did these 2 rookies put on a 25 minute classic? Freakin incredible.

UK title match was insanely physical and technical, I loved it. So impactful.

Women's 4-way was pretty good. The "least" good match on the card, but that's not knocking it, this card is filled with 4 and 5 star matches while this one is probably more like a 3 star. Still good! That double EST by Bianca was awesome, and the story between Io and Kairi breaking up each other's pins was excellent psychology.

Main Event did start slow, but you gotta expect that in long matches like 2 out of 3 falls or iron man matches usually. Anyway, it got intense and insane and had me losing my mind. Another perfect match.

TakeOver > WrestleMania