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Mobile Wrestling Booker Game on iOS and Android [Wrestling GM]


New Member
Hello all, I grew up playing the EWR and TEW series a lot. One thing that always escaped me was that there should be a version of this for mobile, but unfortunately there were no games on the market with that simulation-oriented feel on iPhone or Android…

So actually a couple months ago, I decided to develop a Wrestling GM / Promoter game with that exact strategy feel and element on mobile.
Fast fwd a couple months later, I am pleased to let you know that its been finished and out on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

The universe of the game is completely fictional. It features 20 companies spanning over 5 game regions of (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan) with ~500 wrestlers and ~60 titles.

Like EWR and TEW style, you pick a company out of the 20 and are able to architect the booking card of each show (matches and angles). You can decide the types of fights that occur, who wins, the finish, and who gets to become champion.

Similarly, like the above 2 games, wrestlers come with their wrestling and entertainment-oriented stats, so you will have to strategically utilize wrestlers to produce the best show :)

Lastly, there is also stat development and championship lineage tracking within the game as well.

Given that the game is at a new state, I would love to hear constructive feedback from you all in order to make this game the best experience possible!
Finally, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a positive review comment and rating if you enjoyed playing the game. It really helps make the game more discoverable to other wrestling enthusiasts like you and me.


I have just come across a thread on this forum that talks about more people gaming on the phone, and I think this is now a growing trend. I will try out this later and give feedback; the future is partially mobile-oriented.