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Matt Denton


Well-Known Member

Wrestler's Name:
Matthew Kennedy Denton

Cardinal of Controversy, The Affluent Assh*le


240 lbs

Entrance Music:
"Cool" by World Without Logos

Miami, Florida

Wrestling Style:
Martial Arts / Submission / Minimal Springboardy Stuff. Nothing flippy.


Brief Profile:
Having left TWOStars under unusual circumstances (which are not spoken about), it appears that Matthew Kennedy Denton has returned. For what purpose, remains to be seen. However, his attitude hasn't changed one bit. He's still the same Perma-Smirking™ conniving bastard you all remember. Although, you may notice that he now sports Xs on the back of his fist tape. Yep, he's Straight Edge. Though, outside of that he won't tell you that.

The lights dim down to complete darkness, as do all of the screens that comprise the Omega-Tron. The unmistakable sound of James Hetfield singing the refrain of "King Nothing" begins to play accompanied by the main screen lighting up with a shot of a room with $100 bills falling slowly. Overlaid are three dollar signs that swivel around revealing the initials M.K.D. Purple spotlights beam down upon the base of the stage, flames surround the spotlight and a figure rises from within. It's Matt Denton wearing his wrestling attire and his white and red long coat.

Chimel: Now introducing, from Miami, Florida; weighing in at 232 pounds... He is MATT DENTON!

The lights brighten up a bit as he struts down to the ring avoiding eye contact with the "peons" that make up the crowd. He leaps up onto the ring apron and climbs in taking residence in a neutral corner.

Other Spots:
Jumps to the top rope from the apron, leaping forward with a lariat while screaming "I'm Flying!"

Double Underhook Suplex into Backbreaker (also done on the outside into the ring apron.)

Various knee attacks. In the corner, on the floor, standing, off the top rope. You name it, he does it.

Signature Move(s) : (max 3)
Money Makes The World Go Round: Pepsi Twist/Hammerlock into Lariat

Money Clip: Reverse STO transitioned immediately into the Koji Clutch

Running High Knee Into The Corner, transitioned into an MVP style facebuster.

Finishing Move(s) :
Primary Finisher: A.T.M: Styles Clash, but intead of laying flat out, Matt drops to his knees driving his opponent's skull into the ground.

Desperation Finisher: The Vault Massacre: Crippler Crossface

Alignment: To be Determined…​