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Matthew J Stark

New Member
Regrettably, during the opening match of LWL Aftershock on the 25th September the LWL ring encountered stuructural problems, forcing LWL management to cancel the show and refund the entrance fee to the audience.

LWL will now be hosting Aftershock again on the 9th of October.




Last month at 'WrestleXcess' Mat Mensa defeated 12 other men in a 'Lucky 13' Rumble to become the new LWL Heavyweight Champion. Following the match, as Mensa celebrated his title win, an unknown man ran from ringside and jumped the new champion, before disappearing as quickly as he'd arrived. Enraged, Mensa grabbed the mic and declared that the man who assaulted him was obviously a wrestler himself, if it's a fight he wants it's a fight he'll get, and challenged the unknown assailant to a match this coming month at 'Aftershock'. We can now confirm that the attacker was none other than 'The Metrosexual' Danny Devine, and that Devine has now signed on the dotted line to become part of the LWL roster. Having trained not only in the UK, but also in the US & Canada (at The Storm Academy no less), the self-loving Devine may be one of the newly crowned Mensa's toughest challenges yet!

Last month Nik Dutt took one hell of a beating, not only in his match against Mr Valentino, but also in the 'Lucky 13' Rumble, which saw Dutt limping away in a daze following his elimination. Once backstage Dutt stumbled around until he found a room with a chair in it, and collapsed exaughsted. However, ten minutes later he was awakened with a slap to the face from Mad Dog Maxx, who's private dressing-roon he had stummbled into. Furious at Nik's intrusion, Maxx threw Dutt out of his room and told him that this month at 'Aftershock' he was going to teach Nik Dutt a strong lesson in respect, as he obviously has none.










19:30 - 22:00

Legend's Members Club,
Oxley Street,


There is no booking charge for this service if tickets are picked up on the night,
please add 50p if you wish to have them posted to you.



We at LWL would once again like to apologise for any inconvinence caused and hope to see everyone back for LWL Aftershock on the 9th.


Well-Known Member
I'd like to be, but it seems that LWL have confused me with Chris Benoit. :lol:

Al Stevens

New Member
Just got back and i will have to admit i had a blast of a time. Will be there for the Halloween show :)


Well-Known Member
Well Al, I am wrestling that night. ;)

I am beating some punk known as The Donny Bull......

Matthew J Stark

New Member

PLATINUM PAGE def CHANDLER SCOTT LEE via pinfall following an Impaler.

KRIS NAVARRO def SYKES via DQ when Sykes lost his cool and began relentlessly pounding the head of a pinned down Navarro with closed fists until the ref had no choise but to disqualify him.

DAN RYDER def 'MR#1' JONNY COSTELLO via pinfall following a 450 Splash from the top rope to become the new LWL National Pride Champion.

MAD DOG MAXX def 'SIC' NIK DUTT via pinfall following a Piledriver.

MAT MENSA(c) def 'THE METROSEXUAL' DANNY DEVINE via pinfall with a Fisherman Suplex to retain his LWL Heavyweight Title.

Matthew J Stark

New Member
LWL Forum said:
LWL Aftershock Report Part 2 By Oliver Newman

Legends Wrestling League
Date: Tuesday 9th October 2007
Time: 7:30pm
Attendance: 52
Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from Kids £3
Location: Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

Motor Mouth Mike is once again your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Platinum Page vs. Chandler Scott Lee

Page controls the early going, showing superior wrestling ability to his opponent and the LWL fans. CSL is able to fight his way back into the match, but every time he looks like he has a clear advantage Page would reach the ropes or leave the ring. The fans let Page no exactly what they thought of his legal but cowardly tactics, one fan shouted “Give him a dummy” much to the audiences pleasure. Page and CSL went toe to toe once more in a pretty even contest, this would have been a good match but for a couple of errors (execution of both the northern lights suplex, and German suplex by Page). The fans took a little while to get fully into the match. That was until CSL was fading from Page’s sleeper hold, when CSL managed to keep his hand up when it looked like falling for the third time the fans let out a huge scream! The contest continued evenly until Page went for the Impaler, with CSL reversing out and gaining control of the match. Page pulled the referee in the way and low blowed CSL before quickly hitting the Impaler for the 1, 2 and 3. Decent opening match put forth from the two competitors.

Match Time: 19 minutes
Winner: Platinum Page

Sykes vs. Kris Navarro

Sykes did a lot not to endear himself to the crowd “Any crap from any of you lot and I’ll slap each and everyone of you”. Whilst squaring off with his opponent Navarro “You look like an extra out of mallrats”. Sykes and Navarro trade holds in the early going, when Navarro got the advantage Sykes slipped out of the ring. Threatening a fan “Unlike a lot of these guys I don’t make false promises, I’ll rip your face off” Sykes is not a fan of the Legends Members Club’s beer either! Sykes littered the match with cheap underhand tactics behind the referee’s back (twisting Navarro’s fingers when he was supposed to have an wristlock on, etc). Sykes once again showed apathy towards the LWL crowd “This is a safety net, granddad” when a fan question his continual escaping of moves via the ropes. Sykes frustration grew as no matter what he did he couldn’t put away the resilient Navarro, even with his continual use of underhand tactics Navarro just wouldn’t stay down!

Sykes hit an arm cracker but that only managed a two count. Sykes’s anger grew and grew “Told you not to piss me off” he shouts at Navarro, Navarro and Sykes traded punches leading the LWL crowd into duelling chants of “Whey and Boo” The underhand tactics continued as Sykes debuted the finger rake on the ropes (a move which I had never seen before), Navarro fought back with a hurracanrana and a huge spear for an incredibly close near fall. Then after his inability to put Navarro away Sykes finally snapped and with Navarro on the mat unleashed a barrage of forearms when the ref started the count Sykes refused to break at 5 which caused the Disqualification. Sykes wasn’t done though as he continued the assault and finished off by hitting an arm cracker before leaving. That was a truly superb match from bell to bell, a debut that Sykes should be proud of and a performance Navarro should be equally proud of! Great wrestling, crowd atmosphere and even with a DQ finish it made sense (because of Sykes growing anger) and it didn’t take away from the match at all. With the DQ finish it looks like LWL is heading for Sykes v Navarro 2, I would love to see that match!

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner by Disqualification: Kris Navarro

LWL National Pride Championship
Johnny ‘The Body’ Costello vs. Dan Ryder

Costello refuses to wrestle until Motor Mouth Mike says his introduction in an American accent, drawing a lot of boos from the LWL fans. Ryder was met with loud cheers on his entrance followed by “England” chants. Costello has trouble getting into the ring and hilariously trips himself up on the rope, falling flat on his face. Fans show their dislike for Costello with one fan shouting “Your mother’s, your sister” to which Costello replies “I slept with both your mother and sister, not bad for $20”. The match starts pretty evenly but when Costello gets a slight advantage he acts like he has the match won “I’m the champion” to which the fans hilariously reply “You’re a bell-end”. Ryder and Costello have a somersault competition (Ryder wins) but Costello’s attempt and subsequent crotching of himself on the middle turnbuckle was incredibly funny. Ryder attempted to follow up so Costello dropped to his knees and crotched himself on the steel ring post!

The match regains some normalcy as Ryder and Costello trade holds, Costello shouts “I’m the champ-ionone” to which the fans reply “You’re a bell-end-onone”. Ryder uses this to his advantage hitting his patented standing moonsault for a two count. Ryder attempts to get the big man down with shoulder blocks but he isn’t powerful enough, so Ryder hit’s a sunset flip even pulling down Costello’s tights! Costello continues with his ass hanging out (much to displeasure of the fans in the crowd), Ryder executes a drop toe hold on the ropes “6-1-9” he shouts but Costello rolls out and comes back with a 6-1-9 attempt of his own but instead of executing the move he exit’s the ring and kicks Ryder in the head. “I’m gonna break his damn back” Costello shouts as he attacks Ryder’s back, Ryder reverses out and hit’s a bulldog quickly following up with a picture perfect 450 splash for the 1, 2 and 3. LWL has a NEW National Pride Champion and his name is Dan Ryder! Incredibly funny comedy match put forth by the two competitors, creative chanting from the LWL crowd created a tremendous atmosphere.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner and NEW LWL National Pride Champion: Dan Ryder


Mad Dog Maxx vs. ‘Sic’ Nik Dutt

Maxx gets a “We’re not worthy” chant from the LWL faithful as he enters to which he replies “Shut your stinking mouths” which causes the fans to strangely clap for Maxx! Dutt gets cheered as he makes his way to the ring, but the fans are definitely split with “Let’s go Nik/ Let’s go Mad Dog” duelling chants. Mad Dog gets the better of the early going and shows his complete disrespect for Dutt by spitting in his face. This had a positive reaction for Dutt because he came out firing on all cylinders with slaps and chops putting Mad Dog on the back foot. Fans started to turn more towards Dutt with chants of “Mad Dog sucks” to which Mad Dog replied “SHUT UP”. Mad Dog then takes the match to the outside as the two wrestlers brawl around the ringside area, with that Mad Dog has control of the match. Mad Dog would gain further control of the match by using legal but still slightly cowardly tactics (choking Dutt as he was in the ropes until the ref counted to 4). Still Mad Dog couldn’t put Dutt away, even after hitting a turnbuckle neck breaker and dropkick on Dutt whilst he was in the tree of woe. Dutt fought back and with an elevated face buster gained a close near fall, Dutt continued the offence with a jumping slice bread #2 for another two count. As the fans were clapping for Dutt he motioned for the super kick,. Maxx managed to catch Dutt’s boot and spun him around into a pulling piledriver for the 1, 2 and 3 count. Good match, Dutt looked competitive in losing as it was a back and forth contest for majority of the match. Maxx put forth a good performance also and really in terms of fan endearment both men were winners.

Match Time: 17 minutes
Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

Main Event
LWL Heavyweight Championship
‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. Mat Mensa ©

Motor Mouth Mike does his best Bruce Buffer impression “Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble” Devine enters to boos from the crowd, Mike let’s the fans know that Devine wants the ‘ladies to open their legs and the men to take notes‘! Devine continues spraying fans with deodorant as he walks, Mensa comes down to the ring to loud cheers. Mensa poses with LWL Heavyweight Belt on the turnbuckle allowing Devine to attack from behind, sending Mensa sprawling to the outside. Devine picks up a chair and swings at Mensa’s head and ringpost, luckily for Mensa, Devine hits just the ring post. Mensa and Devine brawl around ringside with Mensa getting the better of the exchange causing one fan to shout out “You can do it! Rip his F’N head off”. Mensa awkwardly flunk his arm at Devine but then cleverly changed into a sleeper hold, before following up with a suplex for a two count. Devine counters a second suplex and hit’s the Rude awakening (complete with hip gyration) for a two count of his own. Devine shouts “Metro” fans reply with chants of “Homo and Mincer” this seemed to distract Devine as he missed a splash in the corner (crotching himself on the middle turnbuckle), Mensa quickly follows up with a stalling suplex but can only manage another 2 count.

Fans clap for Mensa as both men struggle back to their feet, trading punches, Devine gets the better of this exchange and quickly locks in the camel clutch “I’m going to break his neck just for you” he shouts pointing at a fan. Crowd chants for Mensa once more “Let’s go Mensa, let’s go”, Mensa powers out! A drop toe hold stops Mensa in his tracks and dumps him to outside of the ring, Devine quickly follows up with a running clothesline of the apron. “Homosexual” is shouted by a female fan in the crowd, Devine replies “Metro-Sexual baby!” He then drinks a fans energy drink, this allows Mensa back in the match and he gorilla press slams Devine on the table in front of me. The fans chant “This is awesome”. Mensa throws Devine back in the ring, Devine fights back and sets up the Devine-Time but Mensa reverses with a slingshot and follows up with a huge T-Bone suplex sending Devine out of the ring (on the opposite side). Devine regains his composure and picks up the LWL belt, running at Mensa for a lethal shot (it misses) and Mensa locks in the Perfectplex for the 1, 2 and 3. Another good match on a good card of wrestling action, Devine and Mensa produced a back and forth match that could have gone either way. In a match where it looked like only an error would end it, Devine’s attempt at cheating backfired on him and Mensa retained the LWL title. Great way to end a good show from LWL!

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner and STILL LWL Heavyweight Champion: Mat Mensa

Overall Thoughts:
First off congratulations to LWL on increasing their attendance even after the ring broke last time! The fans that turned up were introduced to a good wrestling show from top to bottom, first time seeing Sykes and boy did that guy impress a truly sensational performance by him. Navarro looked very good also and if a rematch is booked between the two, it will be worth the £5 entrance fee alone. Ryder and Costello brought the comedy to the show, Maxx v Dutt, and Devine v Mensa brought two competitive and good matches in their own right to a very good card produced by LWL. This card like many of the other British Wrestling cards I have been too deserved to be seen by more than 52 people!

Match of the Night:
Sykes vs. Kris Navarro

Next Show:

LWL Halloween Horror
Date: Tuesday 30th October 2007
Time: 7:30pm
Price: Adults £5, £4 with LWL Flyer (Downloadable from Kids £3 (£1 off if fancy dress is worn)
Location: Legends Members Club, Oxley Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

For more information on LWL check out our website: or

If you would like to contact me:

Oliver Newman
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