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Lord Bison

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Wrestler's Name: Lord Bison

Alias(es): His Lordship, Bison, The Mask Of Infamy, Lethal Eloquence

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 300 lbs

Entrance Music: Brand X Music- Singularity [video=youtube;f1tVVhbfT7Q][/video]

Hometown: Unknown

Wrestling Style: Power

Brief Profile: Lord Bison, or simply Bison Is a man whom has a reputation of brutality and aggression through his life after choosing not to take over his family's estate but instead striking out on his own to create his own legacy and be his own man. His choice to compete In the world of wrestling led him to smaller kinds of success but being disillusioned by the corrupt actions of his peers, he donned a mask to hide the shame of quitting this path then he decided to use his attributes by hiring himself to people to hunt down others and administer the requested solution to his benefactors problem. After many successes and an impressive resume he chose to return to the world of wrestling and hired himself out to the same corrupt people he had once become so disillusioned with, his return apparently not fueled by the desire to win championships but to earn money and increase his reputation as the greatest 'bounty hunter' in the world, with aliases like The Mask Of Infamy and Lethal Eloquence It's clear that he has a penchant for pain.

Entrance(s):The Lights Darken giving the arena a grey sheen, the Speakers begin to play Singularity and at 24 seconds Lord Bisons Tron Shows him facing away and pulling on his mask and slowly turning into the camera showing his chest briefly as Lord Bison Enters through The Stage on cue with the tron vid, he then slowly makes his way down the aisle adjusting his finger less gloves never looking away from the ring, he walks the whole of the perimeter in the same manner before climbing the apron and scaling the ropes to enter the ring.

Signature Move(s) : The Scavengers Daughter (Mexican Stretch Buster), The Judas Chair (Aggressive Full Nelson into a Bubba Bomb), Heretic's Fork (Aggressive standing Guillotine throws opponent on release)

Finishing Move(s) : The Scold's Bridle(Go to Cheech), The Breaking Wheel (Brock Lock)

Alignment: Tweener