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Liam Mackenzie / Yer Da - Multiple Account Detection


The below accounts have been flagged:

@[URL='']Liam Mackenzie[/URL] - Member since: 29. June 2016
@[URL='']Yer Da[/URL] - Member since: 30. June 2016

From our Policies:

User Accounts:
A maximum of ONE account is allowed per person. We have the ability to track and match IP addresses on accounts. If you are found to be using two or more accounts, one or more of them will be closed/deleted and you may be banned from TWO all together depending on the situation. The bottom line here is to register one account and stick with it. If you have account problems, contact an Admin (Kam) and state the problem you are having. Kam may recommend that you re-register if the problem cannot be solved but in most cases a problem with an account can be corrected.