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How to Undo Unwanted Changes to your Wiki

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Ok, this thread (which I am hoping gets pinned so people can see it whenever a profile gets hit?) is simply a step by step instruction for those of you who don't know how to fix your wiki when it gets hit. I didnt know how untill 2 minutes ago, but it's really simple really.

Step One
While viewing your edited profile, scroll up to the top of the screen and click on the History option, which has a graphic of three sheets of paper.

Step Two
Once the new page has opened up, look at the list of times/dates, these show the times and dates of the last changes made to your Wiki. If your page has recently been hit, then the time/date at the top will be the one you want to look at. Look at the top date/time, and then look at the end of the sentence, where you should see (undo) as a hyperlink. Clicky clicky itty itty.

Step Three
Now it's just a simple matter of saving the changes made and typing in a security check thing and ta da, your page is saved.

Mods pin this for future use?
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