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Has Neville quit WWE?


From the Wrestling-Online Newsletter:


- There are big rumors floating around that former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville has quit WWE after walking out before Raw this past Monday night. Neville was supposed to take on Amore in the main event of Raw in a non-title match according to Dave Meltzer of the Observer but those plans changed after Neville packed his bags and left, opening the spot for Kalisto to main event Raw with Amore. Neville did not appear on 205 Live yesterday either and his status with the company remains up in the air, although WWE has denied that he quit. According to some sources, Neville asked for his release on Monday and then left, presumably after his request was denied.
He was the best thing to happen to 205 Live in ages, shame if it's true. I think they could have really built some momentum if Aries had stayed and with Enzo there now too. If it's true, it will be a big loss for the cruiserweight division.


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WWE would be foolish to let Neville go. While we don't yet know why exactly Neville requested his release, I find it a bit surprising that he wants his release given the career renaissance he's had in the last year. Perhaps he didn't like the direction WWE were taking his character or, maybe, he has the same issue that Austin Aries had and he feels like he should be on the regular RAW roster, not stuck in the Cruiserweight Division.

No matter the reason, WWE should make every attempt to keep Neville in the company. I realize that, even if they do convince Neville to stick around, WWE isn't going to push Neville any differently (if anything, they will punish him). If Neville is unhappy with his position in WWE, then I think WWE should move him to SmackDown LIVE and give him a decent push. I could see Neville being a U.S. Title contender or even put him in a tag team (after all, SmackDown LIVE could always use more tag teams). I personally believe that Neville could be a main eventer if WWE were serious about pushing him but I don't think WWE sees him in that light. If WWE lets Neville go, then that's a huge win for the independent scene as Neville can easily tear it up no matter where he goes. I could even see Neville making a jump to Impact Wrestling. He would be a great get for the X-Division.