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Getting started with Talk Whatever Online

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First of all, welcome to Talk Whatever Online!

Who are we?

We are a cult entertainment forum which originally began in 2000 as 'Talk Wrestling Online'. With increased discussion about other areas of cult entertainment it was decided to change the direction of the site from just wrestling to cult entertainment as a whole.

Based in the UK, the majority of members are from the United Kingdom but we do have members from around the world.

What are my permissions as a 'Registered' Member?

All registered members will have the ability to create and reply to discussion topics on the forums as well as creating and voting in polls. In addition, you will also be able to:
  • Upload a custom avatar = up to 51200 bytes maximum
  • Send members private messages (conversations) = 3 maximum conversation recipients at a time
  • Create a signature = 160 characters maximum / 5 lines / 3 links
  • Create and reply to profile posts
  • Tag members in posts = 5 maximum per message
  • Add media to your personal albums = up to 10mb, maximum file size = 2mb / up to 10 images at a time
If you become a Subscriber you will receive additional benefits as described HERE.

So, what's first?


The first thing you should do is update your profile:

- Add a 'Current Status' message

- Upload a new avatar (If you would like to use one of our previous wrestling ones, click here for info).


Set your Privacy settings, Alert Preferences and Preferences.

Quick summary of features


The Trophies system rewards members with virtual trophies and points for meeting certain criteria. It is also linked to the user title ladder, replacing the more traditional post count method.

The user title ladder is related to the number of trophy points accumulated; the more points you earn, the higher up the ladder you move, gaining the relevant user title as each threshold is passed.

If a custom user title is in effect (Subscribers) then it overrides the trophy user title ladder.


You'll notice an Alerts link near the top right, this will alert you each time any of your alert preferences are actioned.


All members have the ability to send an alert to a member by tagging them in discussions. If you want to alert them all you need to do is write @ followed by their username anywhere in the post, so @username will notify username of the post they were tagged in.


All members also have the ability to leave a like rating for a post, this can be anything from 'Like', 'Dislike' to 'ZZZ' or 'I'm about to cry!'.

The forum post likes will appear in the bottom right side of any posts when you hover over that area. You will not see them on any of your own posts.


Talk Whatever Online and Cult of Whatever are fully responsive. Click here to find out how to bookmark them on your mobile/tablet.


Talk Whatever Online: Facebook / Twitter
Cult of Whatever: Facebook / Twitter / Google+

Please like/follow our accounts :thumbup:

Forum Rules/Etiquette

Below are some useful links that will help you understand how things work at Talk Whatever Online:
  • Forum rules - read the rules of the forums plus find out what will happen if you break them.
  • Warnings Explained - Explains how our system works for misbehaving members.
Once your ready to begin, head over to the Introductions forum and make your first post! If you need help, click here for some tips on what to include.

Who are the Senior Moderators and Forum Leaders?

Senior Moderators:
dsrchris and John Hancock

Forum Leaders:

UK Scene Forum:

US Scene Forum:
bigmatt & dsrchris

Fight Forum:
Jack & John Hancock

Other Sports Forum:
BRM, King and Magic

Video Games Forum:

Entertainment Forum:
bigmatt & Maxximus

Still got questions? Feel free to post any questions/suggestions in the Feedback and Questions Forum.

Enjoy your stay!
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