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FWL Update 26.7

Discussion in 'WWE Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) Forum' started by Kam, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Kam

    Kam Administrator Administrator

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    £ 1,304

    Hi all.

    Only a few more weeks to go of the current season...

    Here is the latest update...

    I encourage you all to check the points in the FWL User Control Panel - just to ensure I have not made any mistakes.


    > > > Raw:

    - Nothing of note.

    > > > Superstars:

    - Nothing of note.

    > > > Smackdown:

    - Chris Jericho defeated Sheamus by count-out.


    > Leaderboard

    > Usergroups (click the name of any usergroup to see their respective leaderboards)

    > FWL User Control Panel (If it said "Access Denied Entry Deadline Past", ignore it, if you registered in time, you will still be able to login. Don't forget, you have to be logged into the forums before you can login to the FWL section)

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