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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

Wrestler's Name: Famous

Alias(es): Mr. Hollywood, The A-Lister, The A-List Superstar, The Star, Mr. Entertainment, Future Walk-of-Famer, The Master of Opportunity

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 245 lbs

Entrance Music: Smoke and Mirrors by Matt McClosekey and James Johnston (Youtube Link to be added)

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Wrestling Style:
Brawling / Technical

Brief Profile:
Famous is a man who once ruled the roost in Hollywood during his teenage years into his early twenties. Starring in teen dramas and big name movies, Famous was later ostracized from the town he had made his name in and had called his home.

Cue the man TWOStars came to know as The Definition of Entertainment itself, Famous. Bursting onto the scene he made a name for himself by capturing the TWOStars United States Championship and aligning with the group he would come to name as Image Inc. Months later he would not only win the Money In the Bank briefcase at WrestleNova in a triple threat match, but cashed it in and won the TWOStars Triple Crown Championship the very same night. A 4 month reign ensued before losing the championship to Angus McDonald.

Less than a year later, Famous returned to the scene of his greatest achievements, WrestleNova and with the team of Matt Denton and Joseph Helms to defeat the team of Boyo and Twiggie. Famous then claimed to have defeated and retired Boyo once and for all before Famous quickly disappeared.

Now Famous is back, with eyes on once again being the top man in the entire promotion and world of professional wrestling. By any means necessary, Famous is back to show why he's known not just as the Master of Opportunity... but he is... ENTERTAINMENT

Smoke and Mirrors hits the PA System as Mr Hollywood walks out cockily onto the stage. Shades adorn his face as his full length fur coat sways as he moves towards the entrance ramp.

He surveys the crowd before running both hands through his hair and throwing his hands out into the air, gesturing to the audience.

He stops halfway down the ramp and throws his arms up, in remembrance to his former entrances of old before walking around the camera side of the ring. He hops up onto the ring apron as he smirks and gets into the ring through the ropes.

Famous then scales the nearest turnbuckle and again throws his arms out to gesture before he hops down and throws his shades to the ring announcer and takes off his heavy fur coat and passes it to the timekeeper on the outside.

He will then warm up if he awaits his opponent(s).

Signature Move(s) :
Lights Out: Rock Bottom
3 Seconds of Fame: Stalling Vertical Suplex into DDT
This is Entertainment: Zig Zag

Finishing Move(s) :
The Walk of Fame: Running Spear (Setup from the corner usually)
The Ox-Bow Incident: Modified Texas Cloverleaf, with Famous' knee driven into the opponents spine.

Alignment: Heel