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Faction Profile Thread: The Future

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Name: Darkstar
Height: 6'5
Weight: 265 lbs
Age: Mid 30's.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Unknown
Entrance Music: 'Break Stuff' by Limp Bizkit
EntranceA jet of flame shoots down the center of the walkway towards the ring. As it dies down a figure dressed in a black trenchcoat appears at the entrance to the walkway.The fans start to boo as the owner of TWOStars stalks down to the ring, his face almost dead.
Basic Description: Darkstar is a shadowy figure about whom little is known. He has been reported at wrestling shows throughout the world where he turns up, demolishes his foe and leaves without saying a word. Now however he has turned up with the rights to TWO SuperStars and declared it back in buisness under his watchful eye.
Darkstar is always dressed the same, in black trousers and vest. When outside the ring he also sports a black leather trenchcoat. Darkstars blond hair is the only spash of colour on this enigma.

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: DarkDrop (stunner) and a Darkzone ( from Dragon sleeper flip into a cutter)
Trademark Moves: Triple Powerbomb, Full Nelson Suplex, Bridged German Suplex.
Standard Moves: Clothesline, dropkick, Drop toe Hold, STF.

Additional Information: Darkstar is the owner of TWO SuperStars. How he obtained the rights is unknown at this time.
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Name: Chris "The Incredible" Holt
Height: 6 foot 10
Weight: 297 lbs
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Hometown: London, England
Entrance Music: Mark B and Blade - You don't see the signs (soccer am)
Basic Description: A true monster, but with an Amateur background you get more than you would expect in this near 7ft mountain of mass. Agility and strength help The Incredible showcase some truly amazing offence. His high flying associate - Tom "The Disciple" Trash is the mouthpiece for The Incredible and between them they make a formidible team when they aren't in singles action. The Incredible came out of nowhere and his ongoing rise is testament to his previous career as a Rugby Union forward.
The Incredible wears Black pants and a green Vest, he sports a green painted mask as part of his character.

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: Incrediplex - Forward Suplex lift into an F5. Spinebuster - Arn Anderson style
Trademark Moves: Davey Boy Smith running power slam, Diving headbutt, Standing powerslam, Jackhammer
Standard Moves: Clothesline, Standing Suplex, Second Rope elbow drop, Cloverleaf leg lock, Running knee, Powerbomb.

Aditional Information:
The Incredible is well thought of by Internet Fans, his rise in popularity has seen himself and Trash get larger Face like pops then many would expect. Yet to prove himself at Main event level it will be interesting to see if the Incredible remains as a Heel or whether a push to the main event will see a turn for himself and his associate.
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Name: Tom "The Disciple" Trash
Height: 5ft, 8 1/2 inches
Weight: 187 pounds
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hometown: Manchester, England
Entrance Music: Same as the Holt's, Mark B and Blade - You don't see the signs
Basic Description: Cruiserweight, Slim - Muscled build, Cocky/arrogant, plays the cowardly heel but can back it up when he has to. The Disciple of the Indredible Holt, the mouth piece of the Incredible Hulk, Attire - black tights, with green text down the side reading TRASH. On the other leg there is the green Hulk eye. Black tape round wrists and nothing on the upper body but a half decent physique. Black boots and long black hair with green highlights to complete the look. The hair will look awful, yes.
Enters the ring complete with a trash can, with the lastest victim's names sprayed on the side.

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: The Trashattack. Running leg scissors so Trash mounts the opponent's shoulders on his knees, then he drops down behind them and catches them in a reverse DDT.
Trademark Moves: Trashmouth (trash can to the face)
Standard Moves: Superkick, Backdrop into sit-out Face Buster, Springboard heel kick, Dragon Whip (Shelton's spinning heel kick), Asai Moonsault, Diving Hurricanrana,

Aditional Information: 2nd Generation superstar.
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Evil Gringo

Not really Evil, but I like Burritos
Name: The Evil Gringo
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200lbs
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hometown: Rochdale, England
Entrance Music: For Whom The Bell Tolls (S&M Version)
Basic Description: A psychotic loner with disturbing anti-social tendencies The Gringo grew up without parents nor love in the desolate 1980's northern England a twisted soul. After watching wrestling something stirred inside him and he knew that he wanted to use this medium to inflict all the pain, suffering and hurt he was feeling on others....
He comes to TWO SuperStars with one aim in mind... pain and death to all...

Alignment: Heel
Finishing Moves: Shock Therapy (Electric Chair/Cross Armed Sit Out Driver), Death Star Press (SSP turning in mid-air into a cross body block on a standing victim)
Trademark Moves:Skull Burner (Double Underhook Canadian Backbreaker flipped into Double Arm sitout driver), Shooting Star Press, Gringoifier (Somersault Legdrop), Double Arm DDT, Swandive Headbut or Flying Wolverine, Exploder Suplex, Axe Kick, Kick Flurry, D.O.A (Double Underhook Tornado DDT), Gringo (Super) Kick
Standard Moves: Snap Suplex, Middle Kick, High Kick, Back Suplex, Snap Side Belly to Belly Suplex, Dropkick, Knee Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Throat Chops, Flying Shouderblock, Running Knee and running knee in corner

Aditional Information: Gringo is an agile cruiser weight with martial arts training in Kickboxing and Judo. He is strong for a cruiser and his rage, a permenant fixture allows him great strength so lifting heavy's in the 250-350lb range is usually no problem.... He is sometimes to intent on punishment rather then winning also...
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