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Experienced a natural disaster?

I've started paying more attention to the natural disasters that have previously battered the world or are currently still on their path of destruction. I often think about how I might handle the situation. I believe I would probably evacuate. I think experts and survivalists get upset that some people fail to leave the area, but I understand why it happens. Logical reasons to stick around include everything from having their jobs threatened (show up to work or you're fired), to needing daily oxygen and other medical care, to not wanting to leave their pets (shelters don't usually allow pets), to not having the funds to pay for gas and lodging. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? Did your survival plan work out as intended?
Thankfully, I haven't. I don't know whether I'd evacuate or not really. I imagine that living in a high-risk area, especially those prone to tornadoes, I'd have lived through many false alarms. After so many near miss experiences, I bet I'd tune out the warnings and fail to heed them. Earthquakes and tsunamis happen pretty suddenly, so having a survival kit/go-bag and stashing copies of important documents elsewhere are about all I could. I'm ashamed to admit that I've completely failed to prepare for a disaster. I don't even have a first aid kit. I better get on that.

Okay, I searched on Amazon and googled the kits and their reviews. Goodness me, there's an overwhelming amount of choices!

Zack T

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I lived in Florida in 2005 when we were hit with 4 hurricanes in 4 months. I lived in Orlando though, which is fairly middle of the state geographically, so it wasn't too bad. The first hurricane was the one that actually affected us significantly, but we didn't have to evacuate. We stayed home, I don't think we even moved the cars in the garage. Thankfully no damage to the house or cars, we did lose power midway through the evening (it hit us around 5 in the afternoon). By morning though, it was over (some hurricanes last much longer). It had knocked over 2 big trees in the neighborhood, blocking people in until some neighbors came out with chainsaws. Knocked out power all over to everyone, including big businesses. Basically everything was down for about a week.

Lucky for me and my family, my relatives from New York had scheduled their annual vacation down to see us at that time and they had booked us all a room at a nice resort in Orlando, so we just stayed there during that week and had a vacation :p