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ECW Discussion Thread - December 1, 2009 from Hampton, VA (#182)


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Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA

(ECW & SmackDown were taped on Sunday, November 29 due to the annual Tribute To The Troops trip)

Confirmed Matches/Events

Christian & Shelton Benjamin Vs. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov

Build To WWE TLC
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The Wrestling Lounge

Airing This Thursday in The UK

Your commentators are Byron Saxton & Josh Matthews.

ECW opens with Abraham Washington asking Atlas how his thanksgiving was to which Atlas goes on a massive rant about what he did before Abe cut him off and told him to ask Abe how his Thanksgiving was. Abe said it was fine until he arrived here for ECW and starts running down the city.

After this, Abe brings out ECW’s "it couple" Rosa Mendes and Zac Ryder. Abe asks how they are going and Ryder asks to read out a poem which he does. Rosa then starts reading a poem which ends with Rosa speaking Spanish and Ryder jumping on the sofa like Tom Cruise did.

We are then shown a replay of last weeks break up of William Regal’s Roundtable before we jump to the back to see Zeke who is confronted by Regal. Regal says he was sorry as he saw the tapes and saw it wasn’t him before Zeke asks if Kozlov is going to say sorry. The screen pans to the right and we see Kozlov and he asks if Zeke is going to say sorry. The segment ends with Regal telling them that tonight they will all win their matches.

We are back from commercial as William Regal heads to the ring for his match against ECW’s Bizarre one Goldust.

William Regal vs. Goldust

They lock up and Dust takes control with a snap suplex before Regal rolls to the outside to get a breath but is met with a massive clothsline before Goldust sets Regal up for the Shatter Dreams but Kozlov pushes Regal’s feet off the rope and this allows Regal to get back into the match and take control. William Regal starts to work on the neck of Goldust who fights back with a few shots and a bulldog for a 2 count. Both Kozlov and Jackson go to trip Goldust which leads both man to get angry and stare down each other and district Regal. Goldust takes advantage of this rolling up Regal for the 3.

Winner: Goldust

Backstage. We see Tiffany taking to The Burchill’s and they are trying to get back on ECW before two guys walk in and claim they will make Tiffany look like a genius. Before they leave, they tell us they are called Trent Boretta and Caylan Croft

Trent Boretta and Caylan Croft vs. two jobbers

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea who is who so its very hard to recap this. The match ends with Trent Boretta and Caylan Croft hitting a atomic dropkick

Winner Trent Boretta and Caylan Croft

Christian & Shelton vs. Kozlov & Zeke is plugged before we head to break

In the back we see Vance Archer talking about why ECW should take notice of him before we head to the Smackdown Recap and the TLC card is ran down.

In the back we see Shelton Benjamin playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 before Christian walks in and tells Shelton that they will steal the show at the PPV. Shelton goes back to playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and is about to climb the ladder(in the game) before Christian turns of the Xbox 360 and says "Looks like we will have to wait to see who will win the match"

Christian & Shelton Benjamin vs. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

Christian and Zeke will start this out and lock out with Zeke pushing Christian to the ground before Christian attempts to use his speed to get the upper hand but gets caught with a power slam so he tags in Shelton. Shelton goes to the rope tope and Kozlov walks towards Shelton which allows Zeke to push Shelton to the outside as we head to a break.

Zeke has Shelton on a reverse bear hug on the matt as the crowd start cheering on Shelton who hit’s a cross body on Zeke and tags in Christian. Christian gets caught with a power slam before Zeke tags in Kozlov who starts to wear down Christian and tags Zeke back in. Zeke goes back to working on the arm of Christian and flattens the ECW champion with a shoulder block before Kozlov tags himself in. Kozlov places Christian on the top rope but Christian fights out and hit’s a tornado DDT, both men crawl to their corners where Shelton is tagged in but Zeke walks away from Kozlov which allows Shelton to hit Pay Dirt on Kozlov for the 3

Winner: Christian & Shelton Benjamin
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