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ECW Discussion Thread - 4th March 2008


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The Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland, Ohio

TV Schedule:
USA: Tuesday 4th March on Sci Fi at 10/9c - LIVE
UK: Thursday 6th March on Sky Sports 3 at 11.30pm

A Championship Evening
4th March 2008

This week's ECW will be a golden night, as the Land of the Extreme will host two title matches. After winning a Triple Threat Match last week, CM Punk has earned a chance at Chavo Guerrero's ECW Championship. Will the Straightedge Superstar finally reclaim ECW gold, or will the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" retain the title?

Colin Delaney has found a strong ally in Tommy Dreamer, as the duo was victorious over The Miz & John Morrison on ECW. Delaney and Dreamer will face the devious WWE Tag Team Champions again this week, this time for the gold. Have the youngster and the Original finally hit their stride in the ring enough to win a WWE Tag Team Championship, or will the reigning tag champs remain on top?

Also on ECW, Stevie Richards won his third straight match since returning to the Land of the Extreme. Richards beat Mike Knox, proving he's back in the game. With buzz of gold circulating in ECW, what's in store for the ECW Original?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW this Thursday Night at 11.30pm on Sky Sports 3!


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Next week is a rematch under Extreme Rules, Hardcore Dreamer and Colin will be the Champs, they know the stuff when it comes to extreme