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ECW Discussion Thread - 11th March 2008


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The Allstate Arena - Chicago, Illinois

TV Schedule:
USA: Tuesday 11th March on Sci Fi at 10/9c - LIVE
UK: Friday 14th March on Sky Sports 3 at 12am

Gold Light Ahead
11th March 2008

WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz successfully defended their titles against Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney on the last ECW. Still, the duo of the ECW Original and the young Superstar proved to know the formula to defeating the WWE Tag Team Champions a week earlier. When they face the titleholders again this week, will they be able to come out on top? With the match being Extreme Rules, Dreamer & Delaney certainly have the advantage, thanks to Dreamer's experience in the Land of the Extreme.

ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero, retained the gold on the last ECW, but he is hardly safe. CM Punk vowed to keep coming back for more until the title is his. If Guerrero plans on being champion for the long run, he has his work cut out for him. What lies ahead for the "Mexican Warrior" and his championship reign?

ECW Original Stevie Richards was slowed down by the self-proclaimed "Gold Standard" of ECW, Shelton Benjamin. Will Richards get back on track and continue proving that he hasn't lost a step since leaving the ring for throat surgery? Following an altercation after ECW, Richards might be looking for vengeance the next time he steps into an arena to compete. It's hard to imagine payback isn't on Stevie’s mind after being attacked by an angry ECW Superstar.

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW at 12am (after Thursday Night's 3 hour encore of RAW)!


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The 24 man battle royal's an excellent booking idea because it opens up countless possibilities from a long term point of view.

It's kind of like having a royal rumble match and then the world title match following it straight away.

Here's hoping they switch someone with main event potential/appeal over to ECW and run with them as champion heading into WWE's new year because Chavo's been a poor champion thus far.


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Wrestling observer report:

WWE ECW TV report

by Ryan Capuano

AIM Screen Name: CapRFFC

Date: 3/11/08, live from my home away from home, Chicago (or Rosemont, if you want to get technical), IL

Pre-Show Thoughts:

Smackdown! wasn't really anything to write home about, but RAW was much, much better. But there is another pressing matter at hand.

Jeffy Hardy has a serious problem and needs to get help. I know it's true that a lot of recovering addicts will stay addicts the rest of their life, so it's going to take a hell of a lot of effort on his part to get his life back on track. I feel horrible for him and I hope he can recover (let's be honest, the suspension wasn't because of steroids). There are last chances and then there are real last chances. I have no doubt that Hardy will still be really over on his return, and he will also get another push, no matter how unreliable he's deemed. I just get the feeling. Hopefully this time around he gets the hint because next time he gets caught doing this, he's fired. I don't want to see him get fired and I sure as hell don't want to see him continue to do drugs. So here's wishing for a speedy recovery and keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't end up as another statistic for Nancy Grace to pretend she gives a **** about.

But let's get past that. It's a good day, I'm in a good mood, and we're in Chi-Town, the city I lived in for a year before I ran out of money (I was a student at Columbia College if you're keeping score). They always provide great crowds, so let's get on with it.

Show Review:

Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney vs. The Miz and John Morrison - Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

What better way to start off an extreme rules match than with chain wrestling from Dreamer and Morrison. Not too long after, the match breaks down and Delaney hits a flying cross body block on both Morrison and Miz. The two heels retreat to the outside, Dreamer hits a plancha, and then Delaney hits a nice rope flip to the outside. The heels take back over and double-team Delaney, but Delaney ducks a forearm shot from Miz and goes to town with the Singapore Cane. Dreamer follows up with some nasty trash can lid shots. Dreamer goes for a top-rope elbow, but Morrison moves and the heels use the two weapons to work over the faces. They hit the slingshot/forearm/elbow drop on Delaney, but when they try it with Dreamer, he breaks out of it and brings Morrison in hard-way landing on a trash can. Dreamer gives Delaney a Bears football helmet and they do a WASSUP! spot. Dreamer ties both heels into the tree of woe and hits his dropkick with a trash can in front of their faces. He and Delaney then hit a pair of DDT's on the champs for a pair of near falls. The heels take back over and there's a complete breakdown with spot after spot. The highlight of which was Morrison hitting a moonsault with a trash can to the outside on Delaney. Inside the ring, Dreamer is put through a table set up in the corner by Miz and Morrison. Miz makes the cover and the champs retain.
FINAL RATING: *** Really fun match with some good spots and good hardcore wrestling. The crowd heat was very good, as well.

Armando Estrada is in the ring. He announces a twenty-four man battle royal at Wrestlemania. The winner of the match will immediately face Chavo Guerrero for the ECW championship. Well, at least there's a title match. He introduces one of those contenders: Mr. Catch-as-Catch Can, The Great Khali.

The Great Khali vs. Stevie Richards

Tree slam, three count. It's over in fifteen seconds. Joey Styles wonders if he is the next ECW Champion. God, I hope not.
FINAL RATING: DUD So much for Stevie's push.

Post-match, Mike Knox comes out and beats Stevie a little more for good measure.

There is a Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight between hometown hero CM Punk and Mabel.

Kofi Kingston vs. Deuce w/ Domino and Cherry

A Kofi chant is heard, which is odd because half the city doesn't even get the Sci-Fi channel, so I wouldn't think he'd be as over here. Another one of your typical Kofi matches, just with a little more offense from the heel. Kofi finishes him off with the Jamaican Buzzsaw.
FINAL RATING: * Very OVW, but not bad.

Big Daddy V and Matt Striker are backstage, undoubtedly talking strategy.

A side note, that damn AT&T commercial where the mother is angry at her daughter and the grandmother for texting and talking in l337 really pisses me off.

The RAW Rebound focuses on ESPN's number nine play of the week, the weigh-in between I Should Have Been Booked as a Heel to Begin With and I Can Bump and Work the Mic and That Is What Differentiates Me From Other Big Men.

Lena Yada is backstage with CM Punk for an interview. Punk says he's going to win tonight and he's going to win at Mania. In his favor tonight are the fact that they're in Chicago and that he is CM Punk. Works for me.

A video package showcasing Maria's autograph session at the Virgin Megastore in New York is shown. But it's irrelevant, because it's time for...


Festus w/ Jesse vs. Elijah Burke

At the bell, Burke uses some nasty strikes to keep the big Pavlov's dog at bay. Burke works over the arm with an armbar drop and kicks and punches, eventually into an armbar. Jesse gets the crowd behind his partner, but Burke keeps the arm under control. Burke nails a dropkick for two and then goes back to the armbar. Festus is able to power out of it and hits his big power spots, including a nasty bicycle kick. He hits a knee drop from the top and finishes Burke off with a flapjack from his shoulder and that's that.
FINAL RATING: **1/4 Short match, but entertaining.

Shelton Benjamin is down for commentary during the main event.

Big Daddy V vs. CM Punk - Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Punk gets an absolutely monster pop on the way down to the ring. Basic fat monster vs. guy who can actually wrestle match. V works him over with a bunch of power moves for a while with Punk using his speed to hit some quick strikes. At the end, Punk trips V to the outside and V is apparently too winded to get back in, so he gets counted out. Punk is in the MITB match!
FINAL RATING: DUD When V is in control, it's never a good thing.

Final Thoughts:

Not that these shows are bad, but the fact that the champion wasn't on AGAIN was a little alarming. At least they're building towards something at Mania, however lazily put together and Khali-involved it is.

That'll do it this week. As we get closer to Mania, I propose a question: who are the other two guys that'll be in the MITB match? Vote and I'll post the results next week. Could be anyone on the roster. I'm going to try to start a weekly poll thing, so we'll see how this goes. See you next week.


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I don't understand the logic of telling Steven Richards' inspiring comeback story from a near-career ending injury with a winning streak only for him to lose in humiliating fashion to Khali (bad enough jobbing him to Shelton).

A great shame that one of wrestling's most underrated workers in and out of the ring is constantly presented as a jobber/joke.

Mind you he's not alone in that category as Val Venis would attest.

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
will someone please start pushing kingston and burke properly!!


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Elijah Burke's a very talented speaker and his in-ring skills are acceptable but he's stuck on a roster that's overrun by heels.

I'd add him to the Smackdown brand and throw him straight into a feud with Rey Mysterio and CM Punk,having these three battling over the United States title would be a sure fire ratings winner.

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How and when was it that ECW stopped being the worst show of the 3 and became the most entertaining? Seriously ECW was great this week

Dreamer & Delaney vs Miz & Morrison was a great opening match and it didn't really drop from there until the main event which was a bit of a damp squid