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Do you like pub quizzes?

I quite enjoy pub quizzes. I never seem to be on the winning team, but I like the fact that the pubs generally put on free food as well, so it tends to be a cheap night out. At our local they do free chips and sandwiches - tasty and filling.

It's sometimes a bit tortuous though, checking that people are not cheating by looking everything up on their phones. There is one team that plays at our local, and they do seem to win rather a lot.

Do you think the arrival of smartphones has spelled the end of pub quizzes? If you go to a pub quiz, what does the pub do to ensure no cheating? At ours they just tell us to put our phones away, and you are disqualified if you are found to be looking anything up.
If you're ever in Essex both Star Bishop's Stortford and The Woolpack are lovely for quiz night. Star Bishop's Stortford serves fantastic ale. I guess some people might cheat, but I've honestly never seen it and no one in my circle would dare do it. It's only a pub game with a low payout and getting caught would surely embarrass the person. Quiz night is all in good fun. We're told to put our phones away and there's a bit of watching to make sure it happens.