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Do you believe in UFOs?


Active Member
There's been lots of chatter in the news about UFOs and we've had some recent television shows and movies that have been centered around aliens. So what do you think? Do you believe there are other forms of life out there somewhere? If so, what do you suspect it's like?

I can't make up my mind about this one.


I believe there are UFO's and the government is not telling us the whole truth about them. For all we know, the technologies that we have right now are from the knowledge they get from aliens.

Zack T

Active Member
For the base question of "Are there intelligent alien life forms elsewhere in the universe", the answer is overwhelmingly yes. We are aware of the existence of millions of galaxies, each one having millions of stars, and it's extremely common for the stars to have planets surrounding them. Obviously not all of them are planets capable of sustaining life, but we've already found several thousand that appear to be within the right temperature/composition/size/orbits to allow life similar to ours, and that's just what we can see right now with our limited capabilities.

As far as whether or not aliens have come to visit us, I'd like to think so. I think there's too many interesting and unexplainable weird things from history as well as modern times to completely discount the possibility.

Whether or not there's a mass government conspiracy to hide the existence of aliens, I dunno. I mean, that'd certainly be amazing and incredible, BUT the realistic logistics of keeping all that under wraps becomes more and more unlikely the more people get involved with it. You start involving tons of soldiers, like say at Area 51, and you get more potential for leaks because you have all the regular soldiers, you have the commanders, you have high military officials who need to know about it for funding purposes, then politicians - Then what if other countries also are involved in the conspiracy? Multiply this leak potential for every country involved, AND THEN if relations get strained in any way, there's even more risk that someone will decide to spill the details to spite the others.

So, I dunno if that part is really what's going on. If anything, I'd say the aliens would be responsible for keeping themselves hidden. Which probably is easy for them, if they have the technology to make it here, keeping themselves disguised or completely hidden probably is no problem.