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Dan Fox

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Wrestler's Name: Dan Fox

Poser- Davey Richards

Alias(es): The Innovator of Suffering, The Technical Mauler.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235 lbs

Entrance Music: Pride Fc Theme

Hometown: Edinburgh Scotland.

Wrestling Style:
Martial Arts/Heavily Technical

Brief Profile:

An amateur wrestling background, Fox got into the wrestling business since high school, becoming the top of the class and eventually gaining local and regional division championships. Notoriously knowed for his brutal and willing to cause as much pain to his opponents, yet show respect to them before and after the fight, his innovative manoeuvres would give him the name “The Innovator of Suffering”. His training would later see him take national and British titles and even being considered for Beijing 2008 before injury during the trials prevented that opportunity. His overall amateur wrestling record would be 68-7. He would become later trained in the Unity MMA gym and boxing academy to improve his skills and embark on a mixed martial arts career in Japan before the Japanese mixed martial arts industry started to crumble with K-1 and Dream collapsing. Fox decided if he wanted to keep training full time in MMA and amateur wrestling, he would need to be involved where he can get his image and reputation along with a profit in his account even higher-which would take him to professional wrestling.

Entrance(s): The lights go out as Fox's theme music, lively sparks from both sides of the stag engulf the entry from the back. As soon as the first proper verse kicks in the the sparks from pyrotechnics immediately stop, revealing amongst the smoke Fox wearing his ring gear and a hooded jacket with the hood covering his face from the crowd. He warms up and rolls his shoulders before walking down the stages. Fox does a couple of punches in the air followed by kicks to get further warmed up, not even acknowledging the crowd and remaining completely focused in the ring. He shouts to hype himself up at the stages shouting “Come on!” before walking up on the steps and walking into the ring. He stays in his corner pacing back and forth, doing stretches further more to warm himself up. He moves his hood off his head before murmuring to his opponent(s) “just another victim” before removing his jacket and waiting for the referee to start.

Normal Moves

German/Belly to Belly/Dragon/Tiger/Fisherman suplex
S.O.S Shin lock
European Uppercut
Curb Stomp
Varied drops-elbow drop, samoan drop, top rope elbow drop, Neckbreaker, Powerbomb
MMA kicks and punches
Elbow strikes/ rolling elbow
Crossed armed backbreaker
Varied forms of takedowns

Signature Move(s) : (max 3)

1-Rabid: (Burning Hammer DDT)
2-Rabbit in the Lights: (Crossbody into the corner followed by double foot stomp from top rope onto opponents head)
3-Rising Sun Suplex : (Kentaplex followed by a arm-bar submission.)

Finishing Move(s) :

Foxtrot (Double Underhook Piledriver)
By the Fangs (A wicked gogoplata)

Alignment: Tweener