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The Fury

The Last King of Scotland

Wrestler's Name: Dammage

Alias(es): Bryan Dammage, The Unstoppable One,

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 228 lbs

Entrance Music: Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie

Hometown: Memphis, Tennesee

Wrestling Style: Brawler/Some Technical

Brief Profile:
Dammage is a TWOStars original, well original in TWO Entertainment terms. One of the original stars of the company under Darkstar's rule, Dammage was one of the first stars to fight against Holt and Trash. The Self Proclaimed Unstoppable One was constantly put in matches with the odds stacked against him, but win, lose or draw, he fought with everything he had and soon showed why he gave himself his nickname.

Sadly Dammage's career and almost life was put on hold for several years following an attack by Draven Cage just a few months into Dammage's TWOStars run. Dammage return to TWOStars in 2009, aligning himself with long-time friend Famous, helping him retain the Triple Crown Championship on more than one occassion. When Famous left TWOStars that summer, Dammage returned in September, proclaiming Famous was gone for good. When the A-Lister returned he and Dammage fought, with their careers on the line. Dammage lost and ultimately left.

3 years since, Dammage is back for one last run, to finally capture what has alluded him thus far, the World Heavyweight Championship


The opening guitar riff or Seein' Red plays gently as halfway through the opening verse of lyrics, Dammage walks out onto the stage slowly, he stands sideways looking down at the ring.

As the chorus kicks in, he throws his right hand up into the air, as pyrotechnics go off around him and he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of fans around him. He walks around the ring, getting the crowd involved as the verse plays. When the chorus kicks back in, he slides in the ring and quickly scales the turnbuckle before throwing his cowboy hat off into the crowd.

Signature Move(s) :
Stop This (Diving Clothesline from the top rope)
Old Jack (Superkick)
Spinning Memphis (Tornado DDT, either standing or from seated on turnbuckle)

Finishing Move(s) :
Can't Stop: (Rock Bottom style slam)
Seein' Red (LeBell Lock)

Alignment: Face