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I've been really interested in Chromebooks. They seem fantastic, especially for the price. I've never actually known someone who has one though. Does anyone here own a Chromebook? Is it as good as they make it sound?

Zack T

Active Member
My opinion is that they're not worth getting. You get what you pay for basically. They use extremely weak processors in them, mostly the Intel Celeron brand and those have always been crap ever since they first came out in the late 90's/early 2000's, but they're cheap. That's arguably the most important component in a laptop since often times they don't come with a graphics card - That means everything is on the shoulders of your processor, and going in there with a wimpy CPU like that means you're not gonna get much life out of those laptops, I don't think.

Yea it'll work, and hopefully the people buying them would only use them for regular computing/office tasks, not for gaming. But even for that stuff, I'm not very hopeful about long-lasting performance. My opinion is that they'd last maybe a year before you start noticing performance issues and slowdowns, and you're gonna be starting off with lower performance anyway than if you just went and spent more like 400 to 500 on the laptop. It's more money up front, but that price range will get you a real good modern powerful laptop that'll last you several years.


I completely agree with what @Zack T says plus Chromebooks are also sold with limited storage. To me, it looks like this was an attempt by Google to get everyone to be comfortable with the idea of storing most, if not all files, in the cloud. Overall, with processing being done in the cloud, there's usually a heavy reliance on a strong internet connection.