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Christopher Ryan Eagles

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Wrestler's Name: Christopher Ryan Eagles

Alias(es): The Cancer of TWOstars; The Former MDM; The Longest Serving Star in TWOstars; The Self-Claimed Mr TWOstars.

Height: 6'
Weight: 235 lbs

Entrance Music: "Ugly" by The Exies


Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Wrestling Style: Some Technical / All Rounder

Brief Profile: To come

Entrance(s): To come

Signature Move(s) :

The Eagle's Descent - A Lung Blower to the chest. (But can be done to face also)

The CRE Breaker - Inverted Headlock Backbreaker (eg Randy Orton)

Cancerous Kiss - DDT with through the top and middle rope (EG Randy Orton) (Thanks Sparrow)

Finishing Move(s) :

Eagle Wings - a double underhook facebuster (EG HHH Pedigree)

The End Is Near - Punt to the head/The FINAL SOLUTION - Punt to the Head with Steel Chair around the neck (Used very rarely)

Alignment: Heel