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Chris Cornell dead after concert.

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by The Icon, May 18, 2017 at 11:41 AM.

  1. The Icon

    The Icon Well-Known Member

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    News sites are saying he finished a Detroit concert then died.

    No further information is available from what I can see.

    Well RIP another grunge rock creator. Probably the nicest of the big 4 or 5 who started the movement too.

    Edit. Some news reports are now indicating possible suicide. Not confirmed by any particular source yet.
    Last edited: May 18, 2017 at 4:06 PM
  2. Evil Gringo

    Evil Gringo Not really Evil, but I like Burritos

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    Reports are saying that he hung himself and when his wife couldn't reach him she contacted people there to kick in the hotel room door and that's when they found him.

    No news on if there was a note or what his motivation was and people interviewed have stated he was fine before the show.

    Either way it is a shock and tragic. I've grown up on Soundgarden and Audioslave and love them dearly to this day. This man's voice could do it all and he wrote one of the best Bond themes of all time as well. What a legend Chris Cornell was and will always be.

  3. Shaun2J

    Shaun2J Do what thou wilt Subscriber

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    I'm not sure if I can let this sink in. I'm devastated, heartbroken, frustrated, I just don't understand it. I've been really unwell since the news broke yesterday morning.

    Cornell, alongside Vedder and Patton was a hero for me, who I idolized throughout my difficult times to this day. Although I was never old enough to live through the Seattle era, I found comfort in Soundgarden's and Pearl Jam's music in particular some 15 years later. He's also one of the reasons I started playing music back in my late teenage years, I collected everything from Soundgarden to TOTD to Audioslave to his solo projects and whatever B-Sides and Rarities there were to grab. Every piece of music with his involvement, every album, is an immense ride for me.

    I saw him last year here in Hamburg, he looked well, was chatty, was fit, talked about jogging around the Alster here in Hamburg. No signs at all.

    He was one of the good ones, he beat it all, he had a lot of things planned. I least expected the circumstances surrounding his death from him. 52 years old is no age to die.


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