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Chaos Dragon

The Fury

The Last King of Scotland
Wrestler's Name: Chaos Dragon

Poser- Predator mask with guy in Jean shorts, t-shirt and Mick Foley style tartan/chequered vest jacket.

Ring attire-exact same as poser.

Alias(es): Captain Awesome, The Greatest Masked Man Since Time.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 lbs

Entrance Music: Smack my Bitch up by The Prodigy

Hometown: Claims to be "the land of loving long time" (in reality Greenville North Carolina but he withholds information)

Wrestling Style:
Comedy/High Flying

Brief Profile: Compared as younger version of the Japenese wrestler Kikutaro, Not much is known about chaos dragon. Sworn to secrecy of his identity like the masked wrestlers of Mexico, Dragon has travelled the world providing his unique style of high flying and comedic wrestling, especially to Osaka pro in Japan where he claims to be Japanese despite having a obvious American Accent. His eccentric, flamboyant and sometime controversial humour to every day topics from wrestling, to reality and to love/sex references has led him to be one of the more notable names up and coming in the wrestling world.

Entrance(s): His music starts as the crowd start to chant “Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!” Fog from the fog machine gradually builds up until is completely blocks the view of the entrance. He lets the music play for a bit before it really starts to get into the song after a minute before emerging from the stage, either with a sign saying anything from references such as “will work for boobies” or anything insulting his opponent. He tries to get crowd to cheers as loud as they can by getting them psyched up for his match. High fiving all the kids and other fans in the crowd before pointing at his opponent(s) and wagging his finger. He jumps in the ring goes to the top rope and raises his arms before going down and sitting next to the turn buckle waiting for the match to start.

Signature Move(s) : (max 3)
1-662 (area code for Bangkok) Tiger feint kick to the head of the opponent draped over the second rope followed by either a swanton or finisher.
2-Dragonsteiner- Frankensteiner followed by boot to the face
3-DDD (Dat Dude Dead) A kick to the groin or when the ref is not looking, to the testicles.

Finishing Move(s) : Taste of Chaos: Front Face lock into a stunner.
Reign of Fire: Corkscrew backflip from the top rope.

Alignment: Face