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AEW Discussions

Zack T

Active Member
I figured we could use a thread for general purpose AEW talk. How many of you are keeping up with AEW? Watched Double or Nothing? Planning to watch Fyter Fest? Fight For The Fallen? All Out? Their weekly TV Show debuting in September?

GOOD NEWS - If you're like me and you don't know who most of these people are, you can go to YouTube and find Cody's youtube channel. It's called Nightmare Family. There you'll find short mini web episodes to build up to each of these events. There's 3 "AEW - The Road To Fyter Fest" episodes so far, each one is about 10 minutes long, so they're fairly bite sized. They show off different people and have stuff to build the story for each match, so you don't go in completely blind. Or you could go in blind, that's fine too, I went in blind on Double Or Nothing and it was awesome.

Fyter Fest is this Saturday, June 29th. All Elite Wrestling is available to all fans located in United States via Bleacher Report Live. Visit But if you'd prefer to order through Sky or something, I think it's only going to be like 12 Euros (American keyboards don't have the symbol, I'm sorry). Us 'MERICANS get to watch it for free for sure, though. Suck it UK.

Big matches announced for this one include Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) vs Joey Janella, The Elite (Young Bucks + Kenny Omega) vs Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Ray Fenix Jr.) & Laredo Kid, Cody vs Darby Allin, "Hangman" Adam Page vs Jungle Boy vs MJF vs Jimmy Havoc, and Christopher Daniels vs CIMA.

Fight For The Fallen is Saturday, July 13th. FUN FACT - WWE has decided to air EVOLVE's next big event on the WWE Network, marking the first time they've used their network to promote another company. When are they airing that show? Oh...uh...Saturday, July 13th, at the exact same time as AEW's Fight For The Fallen. Huh. Really makes you think...

Big matches announced for this one include Young Bucks vs Cody & Dustin, and it appears to be teasing CIMA vs Kenny Omega, and Brandi (Cody's wife) vs another lady who's name I don't yet know.

All Out is Saturday, August 31st. There is also NXT TakeOver: Cardiff that night, though that was legit booked months and months in advance so I doubt that was intentional, but I also doubt WWE minds.

Big matches announced for this one include Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho vs "Hangman" Adam Page to crown the first ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

There will be a big tag team tournament once TV show starts up to crown the first AEW Tag Champs, and they've also announced there will be a Women's title so they'll get that taken care of soon too.

I'm super excited about it. I love learning about these new wrestlers, some of whom I've known about for awhile (Young Bucks, Kenny Omega) but never actually seen wrestle til AEW's Double Or Nothing. I'm SUPER excited for Moxley vs Omega, I love Jon Moxley to death and seeing him with fire in his eyes and the freedom to be who he envisions Jon Moxley to be is thrilling.
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Anyone watch Fyter Fest?

Have to admit, I didn't think it was as good as DON, some random comments:

- That was the first time I've seen or heard of Private Party, quite liked them, had some nice moves, good tag team and OK match

- Didn't think much of Allie/Bates

- The Nakazawa/Jebailey batch was TERRIBLE! Had no place being on the show.

- Cima/Daniels was alright, nothing special.

- The 3-way women's match was OK-ish, had some nice moments but a few botches also. Thought that flying knee from Rose looked awesome.

- Four-way: Not quite sure why, but I love the idea of Jungle Boy with Luchasaurus :) MJF really stood out again, think everyone knew Page was winning this one.

- Rhodes/Allin - Can't say I've ever heard of Darby Allin - I found it pretty slow to begin with but I did get more into it as it went on. The coffin drop move was insane! I hope he's not going to be doing stuff like that regularly, really don't want to see anyone hurting themselves seriously just for a quick pop. For anyone that missed it:

Throughout the show I was wondering how long it would be before a match reaches that 20 minute time limit - I didn't think it would be as soon as this show :) By the time the match finished, I wanted to see/hear more from Darby, so that was good however I feel like they could have left out the attack from Shawn Spears. I would have preferred it if they just let the match to settle in, rather than just go straight into Cody's next feud. As has already been reported online, that chairshot was brutal - as I said above, they don't need to be killing themselves for us. I'm not too sure about pushing Shawn so soon also, I think it would have been better to build him up on the roster first.

- The six-man match was OK - I thought the 3 team match from DON was better.

- Moxley/ Janela was brutal - I've never liked it when they use thumbtacks/barbed wire - hate seeing them going through the skin. Was a good brawl but it was obvious Moxley was winning.

Overall, it was OK but there could be a lot of improvement. It seems to be a contrast from DON where this event felt far more adult with some of the dialog/action. I know they might not want to be as PG friendly as WWE but I think they will need to definitely tone it down a little as I can't see them getting many sponsorships/advertisers with content like this. NXT has already proven that you can have a great show with exciting matches/feuds without ever needing to go too extreme. Speaking of which, I hope the talent try and tone it down with the risks also - no need to go crazy!

Zack T

Active Member
I watched FyterFest.

One thing to keep in mind is that FyterFest was sort of a "B Show" set up by Kenny Omega with CEO Gaming. Not that it doesn't count, as it did built for future events. But it's not a normal show.

Anyway, I thought commentary was overall better for Fyter Fest than Double Or Nothing. But I think Alex Marvez is kind of boring on commentary. Production snafu's were less than Double Or Nothing as well. I mean stuff like bad camera angles/missing moves and awkward waiting spots between matches. It still happened, but not nearly as much. Improvement. Also, the commentary handled these times way better than Double Or Nothing.

You may not have watched the Road To Fyter Fest episodes Kam, but Private Party talked about being trained by The Amazing Red and they made it seem like Private Party is still pretty new. Obviously they're not brand spanking new given how well they did, but I'm thinking they've only been wrestling a few years at the most. I LOVED that one of them (Name I forgot) kept his sunglasses on for a long time, that was fantastic. Really good solid threeway tag match, and I expected Private Party to pick up an upset win, but Best Friends is good too. I am liking them.

Allie and Liva Bates was fine. Not great, not terrible. Maybe slightly longer than I would've liked, but not by much.

The mockumentary stuff of Omega and the Young Bucks was quite good. I liked that a lot. Felt fresh and funny without being forced.

I disagree with you Kam, I rather enjoyed Nakazawa and Alex Jebailey. You had to know going into that match that it wasn't going to be a 5 star classic, nor was it going to be brutal hardcore like Moxley/Janella was later. It was hardcore to allow them more freedom to hide Alex's lack of ability in the ring, and I felt they did a good job. It was mostly a comedy match and I felt that it served the purpose. That match was also more for the live crowd than the rest of us at home. But I thought it had some great spots, like the thong, the game controller choke, the arcade controller shot, the kiddie pool. Hahehehe.

Daniels and CIMA didn't do much for me, to be honest. It wasn't bad at all, it was a decent wrestling match. But I guess I just wasn't as captivated by it as others may have been. Still, they both performed well and I want to see more of them.

Women's triple threat with Yuka Sakazuki, Riho, and Nyla Rose was surprisingly good. I didn't have high expectations for this, but I think they told a very good story and there was some excellent spots, as well as facial expressions.

I suppose I should've seen Hangman Adam Page winning the 4-way but I honestly didn't expect him to. I expected MJF to win it, pinning Jungle Boy or Jimmy Havoc. I do understand Adam Page winning, he should look like he's on a hot streak as he goes up against Jericho at All Out. Enjoyable match for sure, and MJF IS PURE GOLD on the mic. I'm also ALL IN on Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus connection. That's fantastic.

Darby Allin had a good little promo on the Road To Fyter Fest episodes on youtube, and I had a good feeling about this match headed into it. I actually thought Darby would get the win, but again looking back, it makes total sense why they drew instead. For one, it sets the precedent that these time limits actually do matter and we will see draws from time to time. But also, it's smart booking to let Cody not lose, but not beat Darby in his debut either. Darby shows off his toughness, and man there was some great stuff in this. I feel like it progressively got more intense at a very smart pace and yea that coffin drop trust fall thing was sick, but so was that whip into the turnbuckle where Darby went all sideways and fell outside. I liked Darby's smart offense and that dude is QUICK and nimble as hell. As for the Shawn Spears bit, that chair was reportedly altered so that the seat portion would be softer and not dangerous. The problem was that the backrest portion wasn't altered, and it somehow wrapped around Cody's head to rip up a piece of skin and that's why he bled. OUCH. That attack is also due to the Fyter Fest Road episodes from YouTube, specifically because of Cody calling Shawn "A good hand".

So what I'm saying here is, watch those "Road to ..." things on YouTube, they help paint a full picture for you ;)

I absolutely LOVED the street fighter stuff with Young Bucks and Omega, that was flippin fantastic and unexpected. ROUND 1, FIGHT! I loved the Hadouken spot as well. Some people didn't, but the live crowd certainly did and I popped for it too because again, I didn't see that coming and it was just so appropriate given where the event was. Fantastic match anyway, just pure craziness and Kenny getting the win made sense.

Moxley and Janella was brutal. Not quite as bloody as I expected, thank god. But still very brutal. Not the type of thing we're gonna see too often, especially on their regular weekly TV show I'm sure. But I think it has a place every once in awhile. I think my main complaint with this was that I felt Joey ended up being outclassed too badly by the end of it. He had some good spots, and yea we all expected Moxley to win, but I thought it'd be a situation where Joey still looks like a million bucks. And maybe I'm judging it too harshly, but I felt that while Joey certainly looks like a crazy tough dude, Moxley really dominated him toward the end so much that I didn't think he was even in Moxley's league. Regardless though, real good hardcore match. Also I really appreciated Kenny coming out and beating Moxley down afterward. Made perfect sense and made Kenny look like a badass. Honestly not a fan of Moxley (or any wrestler) doing that whole "hahah I love the pain" smile after a beatdown, at least not so quickly cause he should be unconscious after what Kenny did to him, but that's my main issue with it. Otherwise I loved it.

So overall, not as good as Double Or Nothing, but you really shouldn't have been expecting it to be, given the nature of the show. If I were to rate them, I'd say Double Or Nothing was about 8.5/10 type of show, while FyterFest is more of a 6.5/10. Overall, it's a good show. Like Double Or Nothing, the best parts of it come in the final 3 or 4 matches. But FyterFest's lower card was a little bit weaker than Double Or Nothing. Still worth watching, in my opinion.

2 weeks til Fight For The Fallen, and that should be pretty good. I think it'll be as good or a little better than Fyter Fest, as it's a charity show.

Stay tuned for All Out though, that's gonna be bonkers, I think.