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  1. coleman

    How To Stop Playing?

    At some point it wasn't easy for me to just stop playing but nowadays I just can't stay awake for long. As much as I would want to continue playing, my body literally switches off, forcing me to look for my bed :p
  2. coleman

    Books or Movies?

    Movies are merely a summary of what would be contained in a book and so there will probably be a few scenes left out. I tend to prefer to read the book first but I always find myself just watching the movie.
  3. coleman

    A Kitten Or A Puppy

    Starting with one pet at a time is a good way for him to learn and I have a feeling that he will settle for the puppy eventually. We talked about the pet of choice and forgot to wish him a fun-filled 7th birthday. Are you planning to have some of his peers at the party? I am sure he would love this.
  4. coleman

    Most popular video games in 2019

    I only played this game and if I can recall, it involved fighting to locate weapons and supplies in an island. I would therefore understand why it has now become so popular. Does anyone of you enjoy playing games on the phone? It always seems very clumsy and complicated.
  5. coleman

    Career In Music, Is It Still Profitable?

    That's right @Zack T because more and more people are opting for the less-traditional options. Nowadays, musicians are churning out more and more singles as opposed to releasing a full album. There is more to just releasing a song.
  6. coleman

    Drinking Water After Waking Up

    Ooh yes @Revenger, I often use the urine color to determine whether or not I am hydrated. Are flavored waters healthy? I have previously heard that most options actually do have zero calories.
  7. coleman

    Another superstar could be leaving

    With his contract expiring in July this year, Rhyno could join the growing list of superstars leaving the WWE. He is remembered as a former Smackdown Live Tag Team champion but despite many attempts, he never quite got his hands on the championship. With no new deal in place, he could be...
  8. coleman

    Drinking Water After Waking Up

    I wish I had stumbled upon this piece of research early enough because I just checked online and came across numerous benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach. Though advisable, it isn’t easy to gulp down at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.
  9. coleman

    Five Feet Apart

    The movie is actually based on best-selling book with the same title and if I had a choice, I’d read the novel first. Teens can actually watch and get life lessons from the movie plus the content is fairly tame.
  10. coleman

    The youngest "self-made" billionaire

    It is no mean fete to be a billionaire at a mere age of 21 but the claim by Forbes that Kylie Jenner was self-made drew a lot of mixed reactions. Either way, it seems that the celebrity, valued at US$ 1 billion, is not about to slow down.
  11. coleman

    The use of VAR in major leagues

    In my opinion, the use of VAR is long overdue. You watch football matches and get appalled at the decisions taken by some referees. This technology will ensure fair play and I don't think the slight disruption will affect the game in any way.
  12. coleman

    Will John Cena compete at Wrestlemania 35?

    There have been many rumors flying around and yes, he may be making an appearance, after all. At Wrestlmania 34, Elias interrupted Cena's segment. Is there a possibility that we will see another interruption this time round?
  13. coleman

    Legal Drama unfolding at my work

    Hey @Zack T, that’s quite a turn of events at your workplace and I think this could form a good introduction for a TV series. Are there any some legal drama shows that you can recommend?
  14. coleman

    Deal or No Deal at Brexit?

    I recently tried to follow the debate in the House of Commons but couldn’t understand a thing. Is the UK heading for a second referendum and if not, what is the (best) way forward at this point?
  15. coleman

    International Football Friendlies

    I feel that international friendlies aren’t a bad idea, only that at times, the organizers don’t get the timing right. You often see big names retiring from international football, so as to concentrate and devote more time to their respective clubs.
  16. coleman

    Overcoming your fears

    Well, it now makes sense to say that you can only overcome your fears only when they are tackled head on. Back in the day, I also struggled with public speaking but over time, I learned to overcome this. You have to cultivate that sense of self-belief and courage.
  17. coleman

    What do you spend most of your time doing?

    I am always logging into Twitter to check the latest trending topics and it helps to keep me updated. I am trying to read more books this year, but it hasn't been easy, considering that I’ve had to travel a lot for work. My ultimate aim is to be an avid reader, able to complete at least two...
  18. coleman

    Depression In The Entertainment Business

    Celebrities are normal human beings that have emotions and the fact that they are mostly in the limelight requires them to behave in a certain way so as to conform to the standards set by the entertainment industry. Even without some personality traits being innate, most celebrities learn how to...
  19. coleman

    Overcoming your fears

    Just like you @Gareth The Great, I don't really get scared of climbing a place as compared to say, climbing a high tower so as to get a good view of a scenery. At the end of it all, what matters is whether or not these fears get in the way of our normal day-to-day activities.
  20. coleman

    Celebrities in Trouble Over College Scandal

    Well, if indeed they were charged for their actions, then times could be changing. There is really no point in being dishonest with such admissions because eventually, everything tends to come out.