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  1. lymmo

    Watching reality shows

    Are you a big fan of any reality shows? It has been a while since I watched The Bachelorette and I just checked and realized that it is in its 15th season. What are the shows that are very popular right now?
  2. lymmo

    Drinking Water After Waking Up

    Well, I occasionally drink water in the morning but most of the time, this is one or two hours after waking up. What are the common benefits associated with this habit? I try to drink as many as 8 glasses of water throughout the day because of the great benefits of being hydrated.
  3. lymmo

    Financial freedom

    I also have a student loan that I have been paying faithfully but I still feel that I am on my way to financial freedom. I have always avoided credit cards but I wouldn't fault anyone that had them and was able to manage their finances well.
  4. lymmo

    Who is the G.O.A.T?

    Cristiano Ronaldo helped his team in sailing through to the last 8 of the Champions League competition by scoring a hat-trick and overturning a 2-0 deficit from the first leg. His overall tally in the competition is 124 against Messi's 106. Who ranks higher than the other?
  5. lymmo

    Who stands a better chance?

    The EPL is proving to be very competitive especially now that 6 teams are competing for the 4 Champions League spots. With Arsenal and Chelsea still in the Europa League, the equation even becomes more complex should either of them win the competition. With Liverpool sometimes blowing hot and...
  6. lymmo

    Celebrities in Trouble Over College Scandal

    Well, being a celebrity comes with its own challenges but it would be very unfair for them to use unconventional means to achieve something. Shouldn't all of this be based on merit and affordability? A well-known person is always on everyone's radar and any wrong move makes news headlines.
  7. lymmo

    Remembering lyrics

    I have never been good at memorizing any lyrics to a song and yes, it is easier for some people to do so. While we were younger, there was a friend of mine who just needed one instance of listening to a song and all the lyrics would be stuck in his memory.
  8. lymmo

    Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer

    You don't find a lot of epic movies like GoT and we all hope that even in its last season, there will be memories to last for a long time. I am yet to watch the trailer but what's encouraging is that April is just a few weeks away. What are your predictions for season 8?
  9. lymmo

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Drama

    I am here thinking that if both performers intended to create the current buzz, then they really succeeded at it. They knew that the Oscars were being watched globally and a good (controversial) performance would be a major talking point in the weeks to follow. Didn't we fall for this bait?
  10. lymmo

    What do you use social media for?

    I am not very active on social media as well. Most times, I will just be watching the interesting videos and updates from friends. Most people were quiet active when it started out plus there were limited options then.
  11. lymmo

    Can Ronaldo Or Messi Still Win The Ballon d'Or?

    I wouldn't call either Messi or Ronaldo the greatest footballers of all time since they have both failed to inspire their respective national teams at the global stage. They are almost at the prime of their careers and I have a feeling that it is now time for younger stars like Kylian Mbappe to...
  12. lymmo

    Biggest winner at the Oscars

    At times, the biggest winner isn't the one that scoops the most awards but the one that stands to gain in the next few months. Disney won four awards whereas the soon-to-be-acquired Fox, won seven. Would we say that Disney stands to gain more through its $71.3 billion acquisition of Fox?
  13. lymmo

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Drama

    Everyone will always have something to say and yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. Their performance was great and Bradley must have had a discussion with the girlfriend concerning this, before and after the Oscars.
  14. lymmo

    Being Pushy

    I see a lot of such people nowadays and I guess we just have to get used to people wanting to impose their ideas on us. I would get never get swayed into doing that which I am not comfortable with.
  15. lymmo

    Controversy Surrounding Jussie Smollett's Attack

    This is one of those issues that will generate a lot of heated debate. The police will only be able to rightfully charge Smollett if they can bring more evidence, aside from witness statements.
  16. lymmo

    Being Pushy

    Anyone should be able to make their own choice without someone else's influence. On the other hand, no one should ever impose an idea on anyone else. I eat a lot of healthy foods but it is upon anybody to make that decision, on their own.
  17. lymmo

    Most/least popular sport in your area?

    Soccer, basketball, rugby and hockey are very popular around the place we live in. The English Premier League, La Liga and Serie A are also followed closely.
  18. lymmo

    Best documentary ever

    Interestingly, I haven't watched the documentary that you just mentioned even though I love true crime and conspiracy theory documentaries. Lately, I have started loving the NatGeo documentaries that mainly focus on the beauty of nature and the greater animal kingdom.
  19. lymmo

    Hideo Itami leaves WWE

    This is true especially when we begin to look at it as more of an issue of the timing rather than WWE not being the right place for him. I will attribute all this to that injury that never quite went away.
  20. lymmo

    Favorite Actor/Actress

    A lot of them come to mind but Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, Taye Diggs, Idris Elba and Titus Welliver (who's probably little known) simply stand out for me. If there is one series that I could watch over and over again, it would have to be Luther.