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  1. headrush

    The Favourite

    If you saw this, how did you read the final moments? I thought, "That was it?!?" but now appreciate that Yorgos Lanthimos left the last couple of scenes open yet cut off at the same time. The cast is great.
  2. headrush

    Online reviews

    I've gotten jaded from the fake (or at least fake-sounding) reviews out there. Some staff at my former job posted glowing five-star reports about the company to offset its one- and two-star reviews, some of which could also be fake. That ramped up my distrust of star-rating sites even more.
  3. headrush

    When songs become classics or oldies

    Yeah, I would also say about 20 years or about one generation. If the song becomes background music for a kids' movie or show, that might also indicate that it's old enough. I've heard The Ramones on children's programming — Ramones songs with "cleaner" lyrics.
  4. headrush

    When songs become classics or oldies

    What is the cut-off year for a song to go from modern to old? I don't think there's any hard or fast rule. However, I'm thinking that if a song becomes supermarket music, that's a sign that it has landed in the classic pop zone.
  5. headrush

    Financial freedom

    Not sure when or if I'll be financially free. I have some debt that is gradually shrinking, which I'm relieved about. But I'm also helping family now and I don't think that will ever stop.
  6. headrush

    Green Book

    If you saw this recent Oscar winner, what did you think? The cast was good, and I liked the jazz trio's music (more than the rest of the soundtrack). However, even though it was based on real people, the onscreen story was predictable to me.
  7. headrush

    What's more important - lyrics or melody?

    I focus on melody way more than lyrics. Like others said, over half the time I can't figure out what the singer is saying. I also like hearing the band members' different parts and instruments.
  8. headrush

    Traffic pet peeves!

    It's annoying when there's an exit lane queue, and someone drives right up to the front and tries to signal their way in. I know that sometimes the driver forgets until the last moment, but it comes off as rude.
  9. headrush

    Cowboy Bebop

    This anime holds up nicely. It has one of the best opening songs ("Tank!") ever, ultra jazzy with funky energy. That energy carries over into the characters and story lines. The episode "Pierrot Le Fou" is my personal favorite and haunts me to this day.
  10. headrush

    Favourite pizza toppings?

    I like pineapple with ham! As for veg, the pizza place near me has Caesar salad as a topping. I've never seen anyone buy it.
  11. headrush

    Favourite pizza toppings?

    I'm rather boring as well. My favorite is the classic Margherita, followed by mushrooms with crumbled sausage. In any case, i strongly prefer thin crust.
  12. headrush

    Out of this world bucket list item?

    One of my bucket list items is a variation of yours. I would love to take a couple of years off to travel at a laid-back pace, even if that means leaving many countries unseen.
  13. headrush

    Luke Perry has Died

    Really sad. Beverly Hills, 90210 was such a staple 90s show. Perry played interesting characters throughout his career, pre- and post-Dylan McKay and 90210. RIP.
  14. headrush

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Drama

    I think they were just being performers. The chemistry is there, though! It just would be too ridiculous if they were not-so-secretly together, flaunting that in front of Cooper's girlfriend and mother of his kid.
  15. headrush

    Black Mirror

    Yeah, that season was a mixed bag. I agree that the one where the woman kills everyone seemed pointless. I would also add the last episode, "Black Museum." It wasn't memorable, either. However, "USS Callister" was cool — one of the best from all seasons.
  16. headrush

    Unfinished books

    A friend loaned me his copy of The Walking Dead: Compendium 2. This was five years ago and even though it's decent, I'm barely halfway through. I'm returning it unfinished.
  17. headrush

    Snoring Problem

    Sometimes I snore when I'm sleeping on my back. I don't think it's happened in other sleeping positions. Also, I think I snored less when I weighed less. Health can play a role (allergies, having a cold, alcohol habits, etc.)
  18. headrush


    What's your favorite? I prefer classics like a gin and tonic or a rum and Coke. In my area, Bellinis are popular at brunch places.
  19. headrush

    Unsatisfying Film and Programme Endings

    I wasn't a fan of the multiple endings on The Return of the King. Just pick one! It felt like a drag to witness the possibilities, but I guess I appreciate that viewers got choices.
  20. headrush

    Food shows

    Kitchen Nightmares has some great episodes. I miss Bourdain. Nowadays I check out food-based travel blogs on YouTube. Not a huge fan of any of them right now, but I did see uploads of Ramsay in Vietnam that were cool.