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  1. Eversleigh

    What do you spend most of your time doing?

    I spend most of my time working, but that's by my own design rather than having a bully boss. I read a lot in my spare time, thanks to e-books.
  2. Eversleigh

    Petty things

    It was petty back in the day when WCW used to spoil WWE's match results. Sometimes it backfired on them which was humorous. But it's a really cool belt.
  3. Eversleigh

    What's the scariest movie of all time?

    The old monsters are still the scariest, probably because I saw them as a young lad. Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers are the stuff of nightmares.
  4. Eversleigh

    Which game first fed your addiction?

    Did you all like Super Mario Bros. 2? I was one disappointed lad when it came out and I finally got it home to play it.
  5. Eversleigh

    Online reviews

    Do you review the products you buy, the places you visit, and the services you use, etc.? I leave reviews for sellers when I remember to do so, but that's about it. I recently read an article about the continued rise of fake reviews, so good on you if you're taking the time to leave an...
  6. Eversleigh

    Longest You Have Gone Without Sleep

    I struggle with insomnia and will go four or five days with no sleep. The first three days are no big deal, but after that I start getting jumpy. I usually just take some over-the-counter sleeping pills to get back on track. I can't imagine roughing it for 11 days like that.
  7. Eversleigh

    WWE SmackDown LIVE 2019 Discussion

    What do you think is going on with Ronda Rousey and her whole stance on, "Wrestling is fake. I'm the only real fighter." She's selling shirts that have Break Kayfabe written on them. Part of the act you think?
  8. Eversleigh

    Elizabeth Holmes Scandal

    I don't think the HBO documentary has been released in the UK yet and I'm dying to see it. I find the story fascinating. One of the lead scientists, Ian Gibbons, wound up committing suicide and his family wasn't given an ounce of sympathy from others in the company. I'm not sure which is...
  9. Eversleigh


    It's a love for me as well. The good news is that it's a completed series so you can binge it in a weekend or two and won't be frustrated by cliffhangers. Of course, the bad news is that it's easy to be bombarded with spoilers.
  10. Eversleigh

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread 2019

    I wasn't expecting Baron Corbin to be the pick. I guess they're going for the feud over the RAW General Manager position again. I've never been a fan of that angle and I hope something big is brewing behind-the-scenes. I need to find something to like about Baron Corbin because it's clear...
  11. Eversleigh

    Most unforgettable sporting event you saw in person?

    The Wales national rugby union team won a Grand Slam during the recent Six Nations Championship! It was also the 14th win for them in a row, which is a record. It's not easy to land tickets to such a big event and I'm thankful I got to see Wales wallop Ireland in such a massive way. I'm dead...
  12. Eversleigh

    Out of this world bucket list item?

    I want to live out my childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler in the WWF (now WWE). Back then I wanted to be booked on a card against Taker or Mankind. Jim Ross will announce me as Lucian Lion Roarer (I had shaggy blonde hair as a lad and lions are king of the jungle. I could do...
  13. Eversleigh

    Fastest Footballers

    I think Leory Sane can outdo their speeds. It would be fantastic to see a sanctioned race between the fast lads since there is loads of debate about it. Adama Traore seems wicked fast to me, as does Terens Puhiri, but they don't have the fastest stats to rank them at the top. I don't think...
  14. Eversleigh

    Traffic pet peeves!

    @FlyyGurl Same here! I become infuriated when another driver creeps along and slows me down. Why don't they just stick to the slow lane so the rest of us can get on with it?!
  15. Eversleigh

    Disappointed in The Walking Dead?

    I'm not much for subtitles mate or I'd give it a go. Have you tried watching Z Nation? Just wandering what viewers here think of it.
  16. Eversleigh

    The daftest thing you've done?

    I keep asking Alexa to play the music I want to hear. The only thing is that I'm at my mums and she doesn't have an Alexa compatible device. That means I have to get up and walk all the way to the stereo to put in another CD. Took a good few minutes to work the blasted thing. Smart...
  17. Eversleigh

    Jon Jones PEDs?

    I'm not 100% certain about this, but I think the tests were looking for two different things. One of the tests was for active steroids which Jones supposedly tested negative for. I don't really get how any medicine can stay in the body for as long as were seeing claimed now. You would think...
  18. Eversleigh

    Which game first fed your addiction?

    Which game did you pick up as a kid or teen that first drew you into gaming? For me it was was probably Super Mario Land on the old school Gameboy (remember that thing?) and I used to play it until my hands cramped. I had played other games before, but that was the one that I was most serious...
  19. Eversleigh

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Drama

    I didn't watch the Oscars, but I've seen the replay of their performance and they certainly looked cozy. My girl Mel B. slammed their "flirty performance" as being rude since Cooper's girlfriend was in the audience. Apparently the girlfriend was subjected to Cooper and Gaga making, well, I...
  20. Eversleigh

    Hate-watching? Watching long after it jumped the shark?

    I'm hanging in there with The Walking Dead and Star Trek Discovery when I probably should have cut my losses long ago. It's hard to do though because I want to see a real ending. I need closure mate.