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  1. Chuckyy

    Future Game Consoles - Smartphones

    I'm not sure about smartphones overtaking consoles, but they're probably going to become a more viable platform. Things like Google Cardboard use smartphones in creative ways to let people experience a certain level of VR. If you use a smartphone to have a VR experience, that negates the...
  2. Chuckyy

    Privacy over safety?

    The difference between posting a picture of yourself on social media and being subjected to your image being recorded is the level of consent. If I take a picture and post it for my friends to see, that was my decision. I have no say in publicly recorded images or control over where they may end up.
  3. Chuckyy

    What's the scariest movie of all time?

    Which movie just really gives you the heebie jeebies? I've seen Ringu/The Ring hundreds of times but it always stays with me for a couple of days after I watch it. I remember the first time I watched it when it was first released and got to the part where Samara crawls out of the TV. I'd never...
  4. Chuckyy

    McKamey Manor

    That place is crazy. What's really nuts is the guy who runs it only accepts dog food or donations to a dog sanctuary - so you can't say he's doing it to make money. That makes it even creepier because it means he genuinely loves torturing people.
  5. Chuckyy

    Financial freedom

    I have a lot of debt, my biggest payment being my car. I'm able to make the monthly payments on my debts, but just barely. I'm starting a new job soon, so hopefully I can start to bring down my debt. It's kinda depressing when I open my banking app and see my negative "net worth" listed at the...
  6. Chuckyy

    Watching reality shows

    Honestly, I loathe reality shows. I used to watch Survivor back in the day when the concept was new, but it's really been driven into the ground. I find them very boring. Members of my family would watch Big Brother and it was always the same thing - a group of boring people sitting around in a...
  7. Chuckyy

    Elizabeth Holmes Scandal

    I recently learned of a huge scandal involving a woman named Elizabeth Holmes who started the company Theranos. The company was supposedly developing a technology that could give a medical diagnosis and dispense a cure using only a drop of blood from a patient. Reading through the story is wild...
  8. Chuckyy

    Drinking Water After Waking Up

    I have a cup of hot bean water when I wake up, otherwise known as coffee. Drinking straight water unsettles my stomach when I drink it first thing in the morning. Seems weird, but it is what it is.
  9. Chuckyy

    Depression In The Entertainment Business

    Celebrities are just like the rest of us. We're all human. Aside from major depressive disorder, I think the circumstances of being a celebrity could absolutely drive someone to feeling down. It's a tough gig. Sure, they get a lot of money, but at what cost? I would never want to be famous.
  10. Chuckyy

    Aladdin Movie

    I actually enjoyed the trailer. I was expecting it to be crappy, but I think it looks well done. Will Smith seems like a decent genie to me from this clip. True, he's no Robin Williams, but Will Smith is a good comedic actor in his own right.
  11. Chuckyy

    Remembering lyrics

    I can understand lyrics, but it's not automatically imprinted in my brain or anything. I have to listen to a song a few times before the words stick. If it's a song I really like, I can usually memorize it pretty fast.
  12. Chuckyy

    Celebrities in Trouble Over College Scandal

    While it is indeed illegal (I believe they were charged with racketeering), I'm surprised they were actually held accountable for their actions! That was the biggest shock for me. It's well known that rich people can quite literally get away with murder by throwing money at all their problems...
  13. Chuckyy

    Rain and snow

    Snow...ugh. I'm beyond done with it. Winter 2019 has been a doozy in my neck of the woods. Endless snowstorms! We were promised an early spring after the groundhog couldn't find his shadow. Sure doesn't seem like it at this rate.
  14. Chuckyy

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Drama

    A performance is just that - not real. Something for show. It's part of being an actor. I think people are just bored and have nothing better to talk about.
  15. Chuckyy

    Console or PC

    Do you prefer to game on a console or your PC? I used to like playing on a console better, but I've since changed my mind to PC. Once you get used to using a mouse and keyboard, it's way easier than using a controller. I always had trouble getting the right aim with a controller, but it's a...
  16. Chuckyy

    Black Mirror

    Is anyone else frustrated with Black Mirror? The first two seasons were so good. I watched all of the episodes several times. White Bear is one of my favorite episodes of any TV show. Season three was pretty hyped due to being released on Netflix. I was slightly disappointed with those episodes...
  17. Chuckyy

    Hate-watching? Watching long after it jumped the shark?

    This is how I feel about Black Mirror. It used to be amazing. It lost its spark somewhere in the third season for me. The most recent season was total garbage, but I watched the episodes more than once! Go figure.
  18. Chuckyy

    Escape Room 2019 film (possible spoilers)

    This movie sounds pretty cool. I think I'm going to watch it. I really like the first Saw (and wish they wouldn't have made all those terrible sequels). I'm itching to watch a good horror movie.
  19. Chuckyy

    Toughest boss/enemy

    The toughest boss battle I remember is killing Ganon at the end of Zelda when I was a kid. That took me so long to finally beat! The boss at the end of Donkey Kong Country was also brutal.
  20. Chuckyy

    The highest grossing films

    Lots of people just download movies now and watch them at home. That option didn't exist in 1997 when Titanic came out. It was a pretty long process to obtain a bootleg copy of a movie. Also, the cost of going to a movie theater has risen astronomically and many people simply can't afford it.