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  1. Zack T

    Parental Weirdness

    We're all very worried, and I agree it's a white savior complex. I think he's wanting to do something he can feel proud of and help people, and that's all well and good. But he's doing it in a very reckless manner :\ other people are going to talk to him, I can't get through to him because I'm...
  2. Zack T

    Who Will The Avengers Fight Next?

  3. Zack T


    I only played Hearthstone enough to unlock the winged horse mount for my WoW account. It's not a bad game but I just am not all that interested in card games anymore.
  4. Zack T

    The history of New Year Resolutions

    Normally I don't because I think it's a stupid tradition. But I need to work on letting people love me more, actually show their affection for me in gifts or actions and words. Normally I shut that stuff down real quick. But that can make them feel powerless to make me really feel loved, and...
  5. Zack T

    WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Discussion

    I expect DBRy will retain, as will Buddy Murphy and Ronda Rousey. Shane and Miz may retain this one, but they'll likely lose the titles before Mania. If not here, then at Fastlane. Supposedly the plan is Miz vs Shane at Mania, so they need to set that in motion soon. No idea about IC title...
  6. Zack T

    Who is signing with new AEW?

    Double Or Nothing sold out in just 4 minutes during general public sales today. AEW has a hell of a lot of momentum coming out of the gate. I'd expect sometime between now and May, they'll pick and announce a TV deal. Idealistically, Double Or Nothing would be their debut show and then they...
  7. Zack T

    Unpopular opinions on music(ians)

    I really don't care for this "hipster alternative" bullshit that seemingly everyone in my age group in the USA is into. As I'm on Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, whatever dating sites, literally every profile people list their favorite music as stuff like Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Franz...
  8. Zack T

    Kicking bad habits

    Smoking is more than just a habit, it's an addiction. Managing to just quit takes massive force of will. I've read that quitting cigarettes is just as hard as folks trying to quit Meth or Heroin...nicotine is very addictive. You may want to look into gum, patches, or other aids to help in the...
  9. Zack T

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    Yea I just wanted to trade out Seth for Ronda for the time being since he's not gonna be competing for a few weeks. I dunno if Finn's gonna win at EC, but I expect DBry, Sasha/Bayley to win though.
  10. Zack T

    Who is signing with new AEW?

    I would hope AEW doesn't look to Brock Lesnar. While that is big name value, it's also BIG MONEY and not much return on investment, I'd imagine. I'm sure Brock would sell tickets and views, but you'd only be able to afford using him to make 1 or 2 appearances and a match. That money probably...
  11. Zack T

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    Haha I still missed it cause I plain forgot to check back til now. Ah well.
  12. Zack T

    Fantasy Wrestling League (Season 44): Win up to £250!

    Aye yes indeed, your post here does say up until Raw or so for us to enter. Presumably to change picks as well. I know I'd like to change one headed into this :P But if not, oh well.
  13. Zack T

    Hideo Itami leaves WWE

    Poor Hideo came in at the right time when NXT was super-heating up in 2015, but then an untimely injury kept him out so long and then if I remember right, he got injured again shortly after coming back and lost even more time. After that, he just didn't get much attention. Maybe they felt he was...
  14. Zack T

    Parental Weirdness

    My dad is diving down into a near fanatic pit of Christianity and believes it's God's will for him to single handedly open an orphanage in Kenya. Right now he's trying to raise 10,000 dollars so he can get on a plane and go over there to marry some women and build this place. So that's odd. My...
  15. Zack T

    Season 44 open now

    Well they have time to change now Which is good to tell them even if you don't remove him this season...cause they ain't getting points for him now :o
  16. Zack T

    Student regrets (if any)

    I kind've wish I could do it differently. My problem was sheer laziness, I wouldn't do homework at home. I was fast, I'd do it in class, sometimes at lunch if necessary. If I couldn't get it done in those places, I often wouldn't do it. High school, that was mostly fine. I got through with good...
  17. Zack T

    Season 44 open now

    Might as well remove Hideo Itami from the list, he is now released.
  18. Zack T

    Who is signing with new AEW?

    Randy Orton is apparently interested and talking to AEW Usos and AJ Styles both have contracts expiring in April that haven't been signed to a new deal.
  19. Zack T

    Bad Expectation Turned Into Good Results

    Fast & The Furious was this way for me. My ex wife had been a big fan of the series and when Fast 5 came out, she convinced me to catch up on the series. I had just assumed it'd be a brainless car/action movie, but I actually like it a lot. I think the story was pretty good. And the action is...
  20. Zack T

    KWF Wrestling - Coming Soon!

    Yes hello I would like to be your CEO