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  1. FlyyGurl

    Most/least popular sport in your area?

    American Football, basketball and soccer are all very popular in my community. I would say baseball not so much. It is interesting how the States are so behind when it comes to soccer. It is a sport that many children and teens play and love, but somehow they grow out of it?
  2. FlyyGurl

    Kicking bad habits

    I've tried it all; the gum, the patches, even audio recordings. So I would say the will is there, but you're right, @Zack T , it is an addiction. I realize that I'm in so deep that it is going to take some extra willpower to kick the addiction. @coleman I think it is a combination of will as...
  3. FlyyGurl

    Kicking bad habits

    I guess from my profile picture you can tell what my bad habit is. I've been trying to stop smoking for years now, unsuccessfully. The stupid thing is, I exercise frequently, I eat healthy, but this bad habit I can't seem to kick! Am I alone in this? Are there any bad habits you can't seem to kick?
  4. FlyyGurl

    Best Time to Exercise

    Ideally, working out in the morning before breakfast is best because you burn the most fat and revs up your metabolism. That being said, I know many people (myself included) aren't big fans of mornings, so if working out in the evening after work works best for you, do it, rather than dragging...
  5. FlyyGurl

    Best quote from your favorite actor

    I am somewhat of a sucker for Suits and Harvey Specter. I could name a ton of his quotes that get me so fired up. But one of my very favorites is “When you are backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.” It's so good!!
  6. FlyyGurl

    Student regrets (if any)

    I sometimes wish I would have picked another major or that I picked the right one right away. I definitely spent way too many years (and money) studying things I didn't end up finishing or enjoying.
  7. FlyyGurl

    Currently playing?

    I have been playing The Last Guardian. It is such an adorable game, but I keep getting stuck, and I find myself having to Google what to do next, it is very frustrating and takes away from the fun.
  8. FlyyGurl

    Unpopular movie opinions

    Any old Disney movie... I used to hate them as a little girl and I still fail to see the charm. I also don't like the new Disney movies, or even Pixar, but the old ones are so loved by anyone. Everyone seems to have a favorite Disney movie from when they were little and I just think they were...
  9. FlyyGurl

    Unpopular opinions on music(ians)

    I absolutely love music, and I am even down with a lot of mainstream music, but there are some artists that seem to be loved by everybody except for me. Like, who could ever hate Adele? Me... Who can't stand Beyonce? Me... Lana Del Rey? Lord, no! Are there any artists that seem to be so widely...
  10. FlyyGurl

    Parental Weirdness

    I think all parents do this (especially moms) but mine really like to tell the same stories over and over again. Not just to new people who have never heard the story, but even to me they will tell the same story that I've already heard many times. At this point I just listen and nod.
  11. FlyyGurl

    If you could travel anywhere?

    I would love to one day visit more countries with a rich history, like Italy or Greece, I think that would be really cool. I also believe Australia would be amazing. I have some friends who trekked around the country for a few months and they are planning another trip because they loved it so much.
  12. FlyyGurl

    Best documentary ever

    I am a sucker for prison and true crime documentaries. This is probably a documentary everybody has already seen but I love Making A Murderer, especially the first season. It is so good! I have been meaning to watch more documentaries about Alcatraz, it is sad how little I know about it.
  13. FlyyGurl

    Your Life Movie

    1. Which actor/actress would you want to play you? Your best friend? Your love interest? Your number one enemy? If I can dream, I'd have Blake Lively play me. Noah Centineo be my best friend turned love interest and I wouldn't have an enemy because I'm so likable. 2. What would be the theme...
  14. FlyyGurl

    How did you come up with your username?

    My username still stems from back in my old MSN days. I used to dance a lot and I wanted to be a Fly Girl, so that became my nickname and it stuck.
  15. FlyyGurl

    Language learning

    Hey, is anyone learning a foreign language? If so, how do you learn? I currently speak English and German, and I am learning Portuguese. My next language will be Spanish. I usually start off with apps like Duolingo, but soon move onto music and movies. I look at lyrics and subtitles to...
  16. FlyyGurl

    Foreign movies

    I love foreign movies, but I mostly enjoy the ones that aren't blockbusters. The ones that are made on a smaller budget. What are your favorite non-American movies?
  17. FlyyGurl

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of pet ownership

    Close your door! It breaks my heart to close the door on my cats at night, but I know that if I don't, I will regret it, because they will be scratching at my leg in the morning, or they'll run over me. The downside of having cats, to me, is the traveling. I love traveling, but I always need to...
  18. FlyyGurl

    Why do people ask for your advice, and then tell you it's wrong?

    I think what people do is look for confirmation that what they're thinking is right. This happens to me a lot also. They ask me what they should do (friends) and when I tell them what I think, they'll try to justify the other side by saying things like, "but what about it...". I just roll with...
  19. FlyyGurl

    Childhood Dreams

    I had this weird phase where I wanted to be a geologist. I think I was 10, and I would borrow books from my sister's boyfriend who studied Geology in university. I'd read all about erosion and the layers of the earth. I was a weird child. But then for a while I wanted to be a psychologist. But...
  20. FlyyGurl

    The New iPhone

    My boyfriend got the new Xs, but I just can't spend that much money on a phone. I do like iPhones, but I still have the 6s and I've had it for over 2 years and it still works perfectly fine. I've been looking at the Samsung S9+, because of the price and the screen (I love the saturation) but I...