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  1. Revenger

    The value of traditions

    Respect is a word that is hard to understand and follow. I also have the same problem when it comes to social traditions in the family. Why is it that the younger generations always have to respect the wishes of the older ones? I don't want to change their tradition, but I would like them to...
  2. Revenger

    Has AI changed video gaming for the better?

    Likewise with the patterns of each player, when you know their moves, then you can create a strategy on how to defeat them. In a real-life scenario, I think they apply the same strategy. We have the reconnaissance group or infiltrators to determine the patterns of an enemy, then create a...
  3. Revenger

    Best Time to Exercise

    It is probably a defense mechanism of mine in saying that because I only workout once a week, either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Honestly, this is my new year's resolution every year that is not being followed.
  4. Revenger

    Playing Augmented Reality Games

    Smartphones and gaming devices are becoming more and more technologically advanced. This advancement is paving the way for games to be more realistic or lifelike. Game makers even combine reality with fantasy through augmented reality. Besides Pokemon, what other augmented reality games would...
  5. Revenger

    Best Time to Exercise

    I would conclude that the "definition" of exercise is different for each of us, based on what I read so far. As for me, I exercise even though I don't schedule because I ride my bike to work and I walk the stairs instead of using the lift.
  6. Revenger

    Alternative for Game of Thrones

    Thanks for sharing that info. I'm not good at reading books as I'm only good at starting one but not finishing it. I will have to wait for the show and I hope the plot and the acting will be on par (or even surpass) GoT.
  7. Revenger

    I'm Done With Who's Right Or Wrong

    That is right. There are times when I wanted to go into the woods and live there all by myself. I respect everyone's opinion, but if the opinion of others is being shoved down my throat, then I cannot respect that any longer. I'm speaking about some of my friends and my relatives.
  8. Revenger

    I'm Done With Who's Right Or Wrong

    Our society is always fighting itself. We are segregated by race, age, financial status, educational degree, the color of the skin, height, political leaning, religion, and more. Our governments say that they are doing their best to help everyone, but in reality, we are not helping each other...
  9. Revenger

    Unpopular movie opinions

    I love the Godfather Trilogy even though some of the actings were too rough to watch. I generally don't like musical movies, but Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera are good ones for me. Although I like the Mission Impossible movie series, I think it is overrated.
  10. Revenger

    Good gaming soundtracks

    I like listening to Elder Scrolls V soundtracks. We never know that the soundtrack was from a game when we never played the game or when the music video doesn't have a title.
  11. Revenger

    Movies or Series?

    For me, it would depend on the story. Some movies, like Harry Potter, are like TV series done on a movie set. On the other hand, there are TV series, like Band of Brothers and The Pacific, that can be compared as mini-movies.
  12. Revenger

    First Transgender in a Beauty Pageant

    I agree with Zack on the rules of the pageant. Many of the contestants have done cosmetic surgery that choosing the winner is like selecting the contestant who has the best cosmetic surgery done on her.
  13. Revenger

    Alternative for Game of Thrones

    Funny that you mentioned those three TV shows because I've seen all of them. Black Sails was good, but The Musketeers was not up to my taste because they are French soldiers while speaking in English. I would rather read the subtitle to make the show more authentic.
  14. Revenger

    Alternative for Game of Thrones

    As the Game of Thrones is nearing its conclusion, I will be looking for another TV show that has a similar quality of storytelling on a fantasy-setting plot. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
  15. Revenger

    Battlefield V

    I agree with you ShowdowEdge although I also respect the complaints of other players. When a game has been running for so long that the only change is the setting and the skins, then it isn't a new game at all, but should be considered as a DLC.
  16. Revenger

    Shows to look forward to in 2019

    Game of Thrones here as well. It was a good ride for this show and none can really be compared to the quality of this TV show. I hope the producers will create a movie spin-off of this show, so long as they retain a few of the main actors from the TV show.
  17. Revenger

    Starting Level

    How do you set the difficulty level of the game when playing a video game that is not played online? I like to start at the average or middle level of games because starting it at an easy level takes out the fun of it. Putting it on the hardest level will just make me annoyed with the game.
  18. Revenger

    AI or Real Player in FPS Games

    Setting the difficulty level when battling AI fighters will also add fun (or frustration) to the game. I normally play the middle level of any game as I find it both enjoyable and challenging to play at that level.
  19. Revenger

    It Was Just A Dream

    Indeed. The hard part is waking up because I know it is just a dream, but I couldn't help myself from waking up. It is like similar to a dream where you felt like you are falling and there is no ground to fall on to.
  20. Revenger

    Christmas Video Games List

    I can't think of a specific game that is played during the holidays in our family. With everyone owning a smartphone or a tablet, I think each of us has a particular game that we would like to play.