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  1. RegentLennox

    Premier League 2018-2019 Round 27

    Wolves 1-2 Leicester Bournemouth 1-2 West Ham Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace Manchester United 3-0 Brighton Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea Huddersfield Town 1-4 Manchester City Fulham 0-2 Tottenham CHAMPIONSHIP Aston Villa 1-0 Hull City Stoke City 2-1 Leeds United Swansea City 1-1 Sheffield United
  2. RegentLennox

    I'm Done With Who's Right Or Wrong

    It seems like we, humans, generally have a need for conflict. That is why people literally go out of their way to look for something to get angry about.
  3. RegentLennox

    Real Weed or Cocaine in Movies

    They probably use real alcohol at times since its not a legal issue. Other than that, @Zack T is right; it would be foolish for them to jeopardize their careers just to show some real drugs.
  4. RegentLennox

    Favorite Actor/Actress

    You're right, it showed a different side of him. Personally however, I have enjoyed his roles in other movies more. Also, I'm not the biggest Venom fan to be honest.
  5. RegentLennox

    Favorite Actor/Actress

    I really enjoyed Tom Hardy's performance when I first saw him in Warrior, where he was playing the role of an angry MMA fighter. He also has other great performances, such as in Peaky Blinders and The Dark Knight Rises. Although I think his role in Venom didn't suit him, he is still one of my...
  6. RegentLennox

    First Transgender in a Beauty Pageant

    I think this will encourage more transgender people, if it hasn't already, to compete not only in the fashion industry but in other fields too. Furthermore, it may give people from minority groups an increased sense of self-confidence.
  7. RegentLennox

    What Next in Heavyweight Boxing?

    I felt like Wilder was the one avoiding the fight with Joshua. Fortunately, they're both still young and will likely fight each other sooner or later.
  8. RegentLennox

    The CL last 16 draw

    True. Manchester United now look like they can match a top team like PSG. It should be a really interesting game though; both teams have tremendous pace on the attack.
  9. RegentLennox

    The history of Final Fight arcade documentary

    I can see why they would try to pass it off as Street Fighter; they're really similar. I was more of a Tekken fan though. I also played a bit of Mortal Kombat.
  10. RegentLennox

    Throw any two people. . .

    I would throw Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov in the octagon. If I could do the same with boxers, I would pit Mike Tyson against Muhammad Ali in their primes.
  11. RegentLennox

    Who enjoys climbing?

    It has been quite a number of years since I participated in mountain climbing or rock climbing. They were quite challenging, especially mountain climbing, but I felt really satisfied and proud at the end.
  12. RegentLennox

    Manchester United's New Manager

    Things seem to be going great so far. During his first game in charge, Manchester United scored five goals for the first time since Ferguson's retirement. This was followed by a great performance against Huddersfield. As a fan, I am very happy with how things are turning out.
  13. RegentLennox

    Ric Flair on John Cena overtaking him

    At 41, John Cena still has enough in him to pursue the world championship. He may win it one more time despite being diversified. Brock Lesnar and The Rock were able to win the world championship on busy schedules.
  14. RegentLennox

    Manchester United's New Manager

    As you probably know by now, Mourinho got axed as Man United's manager and was replaced, at least temporarily, by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Norwegian has previously managed Manchester United Reserves, Molde and Cardiff City, with no particularly outstanding results. Do you believe his...
  15. RegentLennox

    Will Mourinho be axed?

    If Man United does well in the champions league he may keep the job. Mourinho is a legendary manager and I don't think the club's board of directors would make the decision to axe him without good reason.
  16. RegentLennox

    Should the presidency be limited to just one-term?

    I would not advocate for limiting presidencies to single terms. Although it may increase the level of urgency of the office holder, a single term may be too short for a president's plans and policies to effectively be implemented. Also, the option of multiple terms gives the voting public...
  17. RegentLennox

    Do you follow these sports?

    I do watch boxing and MMA fights although I am not a die-hard fan. I don't follow the sports very closely and only watch some of the fights, particularly the big events.
  18. RegentLennox

    Best Time to Exercise

    There are benefits to working out at different times of the day; exercising in the morning starts your day on a positive note, and doing it in the evening can help you unwind after a stressful day. Work schedules are also an important factor in determining how people spend their time. I tend to...
  19. RegentLennox

    What Next in Heavyweight Boxing?

    Now that the Wilder v Fury fight ended in a draw, what do you reckon the next big heavyweight fight will be? I'm sure many people assumed the winner of the fight would face Anthony Joshua. However, due to the draw, either of the two could face Joshua - or each other in a rematch.
  20. RegentLennox

    Movies or Series?

    What do you spend more time on, movies or series? I tend to watch series more. I like the fact that I can watch one show over a long period of time; there is no need to keep having to watch trailers while determining what to watch.