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  1. coleman

    When TV shows get banned

    I hadn't thought of the money factor @headrush and it makes complete sense for a show to be cancelled if a break-even point isn't reached. I tend to think that movie production is a big gamble at times, considering the colossal amounts that are paid to some actors. Do you think that some shows...
  2. coleman

    Kevin Hart pulling out of the Oscars

    The celebrated comedian has had to pull out of the gig because of tweets he made 10 years ago, and this goes on to show that the internet never forgets. Did he make the right choice?
  3. coleman

    Have you ever played Pong?

    Ooh yes, Pong was initially released in 1972 and I used to play it because of my love for table tennis. I am not sure what the current generation would regard this game as because a lot has changed in the video gaming scene.
  4. coleman

    Reading Tips

    Well, I have always believed that the best way to make a judge a book is by reading it to the very end. It just akin to watch a movie that is initially boring. You will never know at what point the plot is going to change. I have never been the person that doesn't read a particular book to the end.
  5. coleman

    When TV shows get banned

    The Traveler is an example of a hit TV show that was cancelled after running for about two months. There are instances where a fully produced TV series never sees the light of day. Have you ever had your favorite show suffer this fate? What would we attribute such cancellations to?
  6. coleman

    It ended in a stalemate

    All the major leagues in the world have had an unpredictable run, which is good in as far as competition is concerned. Manchester City may be leading but I think the other teams will want to spoil the party, especially in the second half of the season. Yesterday's game had every possibility of...
  7. coleman

    Reading Tips

    Wow, that is quite some sound advice though I have always believed that the best way to judge a book is by reading it to the end. I have favorite authors but I am also the type that can grab any book and read it to the end. It makes sense to have a distinction.
  8. coleman

    Reading Tips

    I have come to accept the fact that we are all different. A certain friend of mine reads two or three books at a go and at times, she will be done within a week. Not only am I slow; I lose interest in a book within a really short time. Try to set timelines without necessarily altering your speed...
  9. coleman

    Any New Year resolutions?

    I haven't had the best time management skills, exercising has been a big struggle and keeping up with the latest news hasn't been easy. I don't want a repeat of this in the coming year and yes, I am not going to wait for the New Year to start changing things. Are you going to stick by the...
  10. coleman

    The Tag Team Championships - Smackdown

    Sheamus and Cesaro make a good combination and I anticipate a real fight here. The title holders know what this match means whereas the other two teams understand the thrill of being crowned champions!
  11. coleman

    Which is the riskiest sport

    True, MMA isn't for the faint-hearted but interestingly, it is the kind of sport that gets adrenaline rushing through my body. Have you ever seen someone at the end of bull's horn being tossed around? That scares me a lot!
  12. coleman

    Gutted that this will be Game of Throne's final season

    You will love this series. In fact, I am thinking of starting all over again. There has been a lot of talk about how it could end and I have always looked forward to Tyron and Sansa ending up together. Too bad we'll have nothing to look forward to anymore.
  13. coleman

    Which is the riskiest sport

    Nothing can ever make me try base jumping despite its popularity. The idea of jumping off an airplane 15,000 feet high, scares me to the core. Fatal injuries have also been witnessed during horse riding events. Then again, what do people fancy in being chased by those running bulls?
  14. coleman

    How long before he loses a fight?

    He has a good record of 20 fights that have all ended in KOs. He once said that the thought of losing always makes him nervous. He is a great athlete both inside and outside the ring and this personality probably endears him to a lot of people.
  15. coleman

    Worst Date Ever

    I have gone for a few dates that weren't fancy but I must admit that yours turned out to be a real nightmare. I am almost certain that these memories have never escaped your mind. The girl seems not to have moved on from the events of that day.
  16. coleman

    The UEFA Nations League

    I have tried to understand the concept behind this competition in vain. Initially, coaches, pundits and players alike regarded the methodology as being too complex. Switzerland, England, Portugal and Netherlands are all in the final. Who are you tipping to be the eventual winners? In my view...
  17. coleman

    Will Daniel Cormier change his mind?

    I would also fancy Cormier fighting Jones, as opposed to Lesnar. The latter seems to stand a little chance of passing the drug test; Cormier has even offered to pay for an independent test, on top of the USADA test, just to ascertain whether or not Lesnar will be clean. It would be too...
  18. coleman

    Has AI changed video gaming for the better?

    AI has grown in leaps and bounds to an extent where it is possible to mimic humans. In real war fare, an enemy can attack you without having a clear visual and we are beginning to see such possibilities in the gaming scene. Do you reckon that the gaming experience will get better, going forward?
  19. coleman

    Stan Lee

    His contribution to the industry will never be forgotten. Out of the many characters he created, Spider-Man and The Hulk stood out the most for me. I will miss a lot the great quotes of a true legend; a man that followed his passion for over four decades of his life.
  20. coleman

    How long before he loses a fight?

    I watched AJ and Klitschko take turns to throw powerful punches and at some point, it looked like the former was going to lose this fight. Anthony Joshua is a great fighter that will be remembered for many years to come, because he is such a great person outside of the ring.