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    Nigel McGuinness to TNA **Impact taping spoilers**

    Assuming McGuinness does join World Elite, he'd be only the, what, 86th member? Sons of bitches have more members than Facebook. That being said a British Invasion of Brutus, Williams and McGuinness working some Freebirds rules shit would be a highlight in a promotion without many. Get rid of...
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    Little spots you love

    Shitty thread title, I'm not sure if half of mine even qualify as 'spots' but, whatever, screw you, you wanna fight about it? Anyways, the little spots in da wrasslin' you love. Could be a little touch an individual wrestler busts out that separates him from the pack, could be just a general...
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    YOUR favourite performances in film?

    May not necessarily be the greatest performance of all time from a purely objective view, I'm looking for your own personal subjective favourite performance in a film from an actor/actress/animal or possibly inanimate object. Jeff Bridges as the Dude/His Dudeness/Duder/El Duderino if you're...
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    Paul Newman dead at 83. The Big C then. Fair old innings but still a shame. He's a certifiable legend in Hollywood where the phrase is thrown around too often at people undeserving of the status, is one of the greatest film stars in history and in my top 5 all...
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    Room Lovely

    We had this before much like Room 101 but 'twas ages and ages and ages ago. Anyway, to steal an idea from Stephen Fry when he was on 'Room 101' where he said they should do a Room Lovely and put things people like in because all that negativity isn't good for anyone, list 5 things from the...
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    Favourite film opening?

    Came to my in a dream this topic or more specifically came to me after watching quite possibly my favourite ever film, 'Once Upon a Time in the West'...again. Anyway, this is one of my all time favourite film openings. Film itself isn't an 'easy watch', popcorn flick kinda of an affair. It...
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    Room 101...again.

    This has been done before and I believe I put Guy Ritchie, Robbie Williams, Kerry Katona and two others in last time but being the ever changing world of entertainment and being that there are still a boatload more I could mention, this needs done again. Basically, put 5 things from the...
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    Define a 'worker'.

    The term 'worker' is a kind of generalised phrase thrown around often on forums and whatnot but does it have a specific definition? How does one determine who is a good or bad 'worker'? I've seen people like Steamboat, Windham, Flair et al be labelled as 'workers' because they could wrestle...
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    The Half Year Awards

    We're just over half the way through 2008 so I figure, hey, why not. Vote for the best so far this year in the following categories: Heel Babyface Overall Female Tag Team Match Promo PPV Newcomer Moment Heel Chris Jericho. I know it was strictly speaking a very recent heel turn...
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    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    Basically of the wrestlers around right now involved in the crazy concept known as the wrasslin', whose stock is rising for you and whose is falling? In the case of stock rising, it might be someone you've never ever liked before but who is getting better all the time and is rising to the...
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    Avram Grant sacked

    According to Sky Sports News. Yep.
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    WCW 1992, The Final - Big Van Vader vs. Ricky Steamboat

    I was thinking Rude/Vader should have been the final and could have been had I pulled a dictatorship swerve and rigged the votes because it would have been difficult for me to choose between the two and I do think they were both pretty much WCW's two top guys that year. As it is, it's high...
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    WCW 1992, Semi Final 2 - Big Van Vader vs. Sting

    A fitting tie I should think considering their work together from 92-94 where I seriously cannot recall one single bad match between the two amongst the 874 matches they had together. This was something that just clicked instantly, Sting was the charismatic, likeable top babyface with the gold...
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    WCW 1992, Semi Final 1 - Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat

    Difficult one for me, if I was looking at longevity and consistency over a long period of time, it'd be Steamboat. Rude had maybe five real good years, Steamboat had maybe fifteen. Steamboat was probably always better in ring but Rude was a better talker and way more charismatic. If I was voting...
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    WCW 1992, Quarters, Match 4 - Rick Rude vs. Jushin Liger

    I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have included Liger in this thingy ma jig because although he was certainly great, I think it'd be strange having him win outright for WCW 1992 despite his greatness because he wasn't there all year. If you catch my drift. Rude was there the full year and produced...
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    WCW 1992, Quarters, Match 3 - Steve Williams vs. Sting

    I think Williams did well to get this far and I loved him in MVC and like his work overall until the late 90s or so but Sting is Sting. This was easily his best period and I was a humongously huge fan of his back then. Sting it is.
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    WCW 1992, Quarters, Match 2 - Ricky Steamboat vs. Scott Steiner

    Tough call, both had good years, Steamboat probably the better year. If you put Steiner's better matches in front of me and then put Steamboat's better matches, I'd probably choose Steamboat overall. I liked him better around this time too. I'm going with Steamboat.
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    WCW 1992, Quarters, Match 1 - Big Van Vader vs. Jake Roberts

    Again, based on who I'd put on my list of favourites first, it'd definately be Vader because I love that big, bad, face punching, back breaking son of a bitch. Roberts was clearly the better talker and whatnot but Vader didn't even really need to do promos, he was more of a scary one line...
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    WCW 1992, Last 16, Match 8 - Dustin Rhodes vs. Jushin Liger

    Liger is one of the best of all time in ring and I don't think at any point has Dustin been as good as him in that regard (although I did always like Dustin in ring, save for some unmotivated lazy days as Goldust before 2002 and save for his present horrendous run in TNA where he is pretty much...
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    WCW 1992, Last 16, Match 7 - Rick Rude vs. Arn Anderson

    If I was going for who I'd put on my all time favourites list, it'd definately be Arn Anderson due to my appreciation of all things Horseman (well, bar Roma and, you know, Mongo and all that jazz) and he's one of the best talkers in history. Rude, though, was one of the top guys in all of...