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  1. Steely

    CM Punk to fight at UFC 203

    I'll be rooting for him but I'm not sure of his chances, is he getting a lot of money for this?
  2. Steely

    Best Batman

    For me it has to be Bale, he brought back a darker more realistic element to the franchise which had become a caricature of itself. For a superhero whose parents had been slain in front of him to end up a campy mess with nipples is not how it should be and the whole backstory of his struggle to...
  3. Steely

    Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

    Is it the same code as last season to join?
  4. Steely

    WWE SmackDown Live/2016 WWE Draft Discussion Thread - July 19, 2016 from Worcester, MA (#883)

    I don't think Balor will be drafted, maybe American alpha and bayley
  5. Steely

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread - July 18, 2016 from Providence, RI (#1208)

    So we have commissioners and general managers already? What a cluster f**k this brand split is gonna be. What is even the point of all that nonsense between Shane and Stephanie if they are just gonna appoint someone else to do their job anyway?, it makes no sense. I could be wrong and they...
  6. Steely

    Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury

    Although I don't really agree with fury and how he acts I would really love to see him put the final nails in the coffin of klitschko and his boxing career, it wouldn't be good for the heavyweight division to have wlad as champion again as he is boring, fights bums and his general smug manner...
  7. Steely

    Kahn vs Canelo (SPOILERS)

    I hope Khan gets absolutely leathered tonight, forever chasing mayweather and pacquiao when he doesn't deserve a fight of that calibre, forever dodging brook as I think brook could take him, saying all that he has improved massively in the last couple of fights so he'll make a fight of it...
  8. Steely

    King Barrett leaving WWE?

    the dude is rotten he won't be missed
  9. Steely

    Scottish Football 2015/16

    This game brings out the worst in the two sets of fans and it's been great that they haven't played each other regularly for the last few years it's just a shame that normal service shall be resumed with this match kicking off the return of this fixture, the football almost becomes secondary to...
  10. Steely

    Who should NXT sign next

    Big damo for me he is such a great big guy, Noam dar would be good but he's still really young and should maybe hang about the indies for a bit to learn more, Kay lee Ray is great too and I'm pretty sure she's already had a match in NXT against Nia Jax?
  11. Steely

    Dolph Ziggler

    Good in the ring but the dudes a terrible promo plus wtf is his tights and terrible waistcoat all about?, I have no interest in a dolph push any longer the guy just bores me
  12. Steely

    Bret Hart battles cancer

    Hope all goes well for him and he can get through this, c'mon hitman! You can do it!
  13. Steely

    WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Discussion Thread - January 24, 2016 from Orlando, FL (#29)

    I hope the winner of the rumble comes from one of the participants in the LMS match but in all reality it's probably gonna be reigns which is why I'm not so sure whether to go ahead and purchase this or just wait for the results to come in which is a shame as I always watch the rumble but I'm...
  14. Steely

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10- January 4th 2016 Tokyo Japan

    Anyone help with where I can watch this?
  15. Steely

    Die Hard

    Christmas movie for me, was it released round December?
  16. Steely

    Bye bye Pep

    He will be in the EPL next but I dunno where?, I think abrhamovic will throw silly money at him as will city so it's one of those two for me, utd would love him there but they won't sack LVG until the end of the season and that may be too far away by then to get him
  17. Steely

    WWE RAW Discussion Thread - November 16, 2015 from Greenville, SC (#1173)

    Cesaro match was great but what the hell was that ending with the divas all about? Poor beyond belief with two weak talkers
  18. Steely

    Seth Rollins Injured, Stripped of WWE Championship

    And have him match flair? Would they want to do that right now? Will he go on to get 17 or more?
  19. Steely

    Seth Rollins Injured, Stripped of WWE Championship

    Get Cody Rhodes in there! Sure he won't win but he's entertaining as hell, and I don't mean as stardust, get him back being a bastard villian. As sad as it is for Seth this is a great chance for the e to build up a couple of guys, #givethemidcardachance!