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    WWE Universal Title. Really? Really???

    Why are they so obsessed with making worthless stand ins when they have legitimate (well as legitmate as you can get in Pro Wrestling) titles, sitting on the shelf deactivated? Bringing back the WWE Women's Championship? Ah screw using one of the oldest professional wrestling titles in the...
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    Chris Masters now a part time superhero.

    Source: TMZ Holy hell. He ripped a tree out of the ground?
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    I have started a website for my photography, writings and blog. I'm doing this to try and get a start as a photographer and writer. Please check itout.
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    WWE Main Event - 3rd October 2012 Good Grief.
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    Be honest, have you seen it? (NSFW?)

    Backdoor into Chyna I mean. Or do you plan on watching her Avengers spoof? I can understand seeing One Night in Chyna for the lulz, but what of her other endeavors :lol
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    How Big Are They?

    Random question, but watching the Phantom of The Opera at the Royal Albert Hall last night Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford came out to ridiculously loud applause. Obviously the context of the fact it was Phantom of The Opera plays into it, but me being all unculutured...
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    Asking a girl out.

    Okay so I got this huge debate that's divided my friends, coworkers and managers. Basically if I were to ask out a girl, would it be a good idea to buy her flowers and do so. I've seen three answers; It would be really sweet, it would be really dumb, and finally ask her out and if she says yes...
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    Evan Bourne Suspended.....again

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    Christmas Eve or Christmas?

    Basically, what day do you think is more important for spending with family or for you misanthropes, what day is more important in the sentimental aspects, Christmas Eve or Christmas? EDIT: because I'm a world class intellect, I forgot to make this a poll. Could a mod help?
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    Dante Needs Help/

    So I'm applying to grad school tomorrow and they want a few short stories that I've written. One I'm fine with but the second one I need some beta reading. Could anyone help, it's only 5 pages single spaced. Things to look for; Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, logic flaws, wordiness, general...
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    Comical Genocide

    That got me thinking, could genocide ever be comical?
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    Does Anyone Actually like John Laurenitis?

    While this guy is more or less a heat sink, and pretty much sounds like he's about to die half the time, does anyone actually like him? I kinda do, though I have no idea why.
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    Muppets to Guest Star on RAW (No, really)
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    Muppets to Guest Star on RAW (No, really)
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    Help me solve this math problem.

    Okay heard this one at work, it's been bothering me ever since. Three people share a hotel room for the night, and the room is 30 dollars. The bill is split 10 dollars a piece. However there was an error, the room is actually 25 dollars for the night. The manager gives the bellhop the 5...
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    The Best in the World?

    Watching CM Punk's promo it got me wondering, just who is the best wrestler in the world right now? There doesn't really seem to be anyone who can hold that moniker at the moment.
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    WWE Future Endavours...

    ...Michael Tarver and Jacob Novak. I know, I"m as shocked as you. Credit
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    Fashion Advice

    So I need some advice. Basically I need some nicer clothing but being a poor student I can't afford a suit and have some serious reservations about going down to the local Value Village and grabbing someone old suit off the rack. That and I am losing weight at a decent rate so I don't want to be...
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    Valentine's Day

    If you honestly need the calendar to instruct you to show affection to your partner then what kind of loveless nightmare are you trapped in? Happy Valentines Day all.
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    Further/Higher Education: What Are You Learning Now?

    I'm writing an essay arguing that two different fairy tales use a theme of discipline and punishment show a change from a society based around faith in God to a more subversive society based around obeying social conventions. this is by far the weirdest thing I've ever written