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  1. BamBamsGurlMoo

    [44] FWL Update: Week 1

    Hey Kam, have smackdown points been added yet???
  2. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Who is signing with new AEW?

    R Rumors are he is going to AEW. I really don’t know. Seems to be a lot of hype about AEW but will they last like the WWE has..
  3. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Favorite Actor/Actress

    My fav actors are Dwayne Johnson and will Ferrell. I also really like Kevin Hart and Jason Momoa. Fav actress I don’t really have one. I like Margot Robbie but wouldn’t say fav. Oooo wait I love Kristen bell and Rose McIver
  4. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Dean Ambrose leaving WWE?

    Wwe announced today that he wasn’t continuing with wwe. I personally believe that if he does leave he’ll be back
  5. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Draft brackets for season #44

    Already have my team YAY
  6. BamBamsGurlMoo

    More than just matches?

    I love watching the wwe network shows. Watched some of total divas. Really wanna watch Miz &Mrs but not available in Australia.
  7. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Fantasy league

    Hi just wondering if there has been any news on when the next season of the fantasy league is going to start?
  8. BamBamsGurlMoo

    WWE Network: What are you watching?

    The Edge & Christian show is awesome
  9. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Kevin Hart pulling out of the Oscars

    It’s such bull. It was said 10 years ago and he has been apologizing ever since. Move On
  10. BamBamsGurlMoo

    What'cha watching right now?

    Currently I’m watching Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Little Women Dallas, Super Girl, Riverdale, The Good Place, WWE Raw & Smackdown, Legacies, Rewatching Dexter and looking forward to a new Season of RuPauls Drag race.
  11. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Discontinued food items

    They were sticks that supposedly the astronauts use to eat. They were caramel in flavor.
  12. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Discontinued food items

    You can still get dunkaroos in Australia. As bad as they were I miss space food sticks
  13. BamBamsGurlMoo

    How to choose a movie to watch

    I usually look who is in it. If I like other movies they have done then I’ll watch it
  14. BamBamsGurlMoo


    My dad loves QI. Me not so much
  15. BamBamsGurlMoo

    New Wrestling Company?

    There are already other companies out there but they just don’t have the success that WWE has. Will be interesting to see how it goes, if it does go ahead
  16. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Favorite indoor sport or game

    I like card games like Uno and Phase 10
  17. BamBamsGurlMoo

    Tea or coffee with which milk?

    If I really need a pick me up I drink Pepsi or coke but otherwise just water or juice