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  1. Magic

    Euro 2016 Thread

    They've also been pumped by Turkey today. The Dutch in mega trouble it seems.
  2. Magic

    The Cheltenham Festival 2015

    Less than a week to go then, who's on what?! Post your plays, lays and each way's in here! I've got all my lines on, I'm not depositing another penny! If I get a winner or two early, I might reinvest a little, but I've already spent my budget and I won't be going over it! I can't afford to...
  3. Magic

    WWE Network: Stone Cold interviews Vince McMahon

    I haven't seen this show and don't know anything that happened, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the interview Austin did with Vince. It's good stuff and Phil even gets an apology, although I suspect his ass will probably still be sore regardless.
  4. Magic

    Do you think Liverpool will finish in the top four?

    Given the recent form, all the Balotelli talk and now slight pressure on Rodgers, seems like a good time to ask this question. Liverpool for top four, yes or no?
  5. Magic

    Other Sports Random News and Comments 2014/15

    So er... Source: The Daily Mirror Jesus Christ.
  6. Magic

    NFL 2014/15

    It's that time of the year again! Where the hell did the summer go? Feels like no time since last season finished up. First round of fixtures (GMT): Sky are showing Green Bay/Seattle, Patriots/Miami and San Francisco/Dallas live. Who's your pick for this season? Lets go Ravens!
  7. Magic

    ICW At the Fringe 2014!

    Because f*ck Megathreads. First show of this was tonight, and it was really, really excellent. It was very "matchy" opposed to "angle-y" which anyone who knows me, knows I tend to prefer the latter, but this was still superb. A really great mix of styles. There was an intergender tag...
  8. Magic

    I give you....GRADOBERG!!
  9. Magic

    WWE at San Diego Comic Con

    Not 100% where this is from, just seen it on twitter, but a pretty talented fourball right there:
  10. Magic

    Chiosa vs. Fury Cancelled

    Derek Chisora is out of his fight with Tyson Fury after breaking a hand. Goddamit. I was looking forward to that. I'm so tired of fights getting pulled. It seems to be all the time these days.
  11. Magic

    Steven Gerrard Retires from International Duty

    Perhaps not unexpected, but it has been officially confirmed today: So. Good thing for England? Bad thing? And more importantly as he was captain, who replaces him as skipper? I think its the right time. At 34, time to move on towards the younger generation and I honestly believe keeping him...
  12. Magic

    Europa League 2014/15

    I've decided to give this its own thread. It may or may not justify itself, time will tell, but there is always a strong British representation in this competition so it might be worth it. Even already in the qualifying rounds we've got Aberdeen, St. Johnston and Motherwell all battling to...
  13. Magic

    The Championship 2014/15

    Following on from its successful debut season last year, TWO's English Championship thread makes a return, sadly (although not for him!) without BRM, who'll be off living the high life in the Premier League thread after his Burnely side did fantastically well to get promoted. Sadly for me my...
  14. Magic

    Scottish Football 2014/15

    A thread for all things football north of the wall. I don't think anyone expects anything other than another Celtic title in the Premiership, however, the Scottish Championship could be where it's at this season, with Rangers' promotion and Hibs and Hearts both being relegated. Rangers are...
  15. Magic

    The Open Championship 2014

    Meant to start this thread earlier before the tournament started but never had the time. Never mind! Golf's biggest tournament is now under way at Hoylake, the venue where Tiger Woods last one the championship in 2006. Pre-tournaments include Justin Rose who's bang in form coming off the back...
  16. Magic

    Brazil Vs. Germany - World Cup Semi -Final - Tonight - BBC One 9PM

    Thought the semi final's probably justified their own thread. Such a huge game tonight, with lots going on. The line-ups are in: So, no Neymar, no Thiago Silva, Bernard comes in, David Luiz as captain. Plenty of reason to think that Brazil could be in trouble, but they have the support...
  17. Magic

    England vs. Italy - 11pm tonight - BBC One

    So! England's first game of the 2014 World Cup is tonight, and it doesn't get an awful lot bigger than the 2006 World Champions. Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon is a major doubt with an ankle injury, but their spare keeper, Salvatore Sirigu, is no mug so I don't think it'll affect them too...
  18. Magic

    What's The Best Burger Bar Where You're From?

    Next time you're down, eat at Meat Liqour. You won't regret it.
  19. Magic

    What Sort of T.V. Shows Do You Watch?

  20. Magic

    Cricket 2014

    The summer is here, the county season is well under way and we've already got one heavily rain affected ODI under our belts! Cricket 2014 bitches. Coming up in a weeks time we have England vs Sri Lanka in a T20 international. Given that Sri Lanka are the reigning T20 Champions (I should know...