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    Damn! Been three years since the last one.

    Good day all. Glad to see the place I called home for so many years is still kicking about. @Kam when did we get so old lol. So what's new around here these days?
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    WWE Champions

    Anyone play WWE Champions? If so, what’s you current roster talent, and what factions you with?
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    Hey there

    Just thought I'd log on and say hi. So hi.
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    Dream TWOstars Wrestlenova Card

    What matches would you book using everyone that has appeared on TWOstars, and in what type of match. You can have as many matches as you want.
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    The Gentleman’s agreement!!!

    I've just been reading about the gentleman’s agreement in place between the British international teams, and was wondering what you lot think about it. In the report, it spoke about how Scotland have abused it by stopping England getting Mikel Arteta, but using it to get Andrew Driver and...
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    Markos Andronikos

    Wrestler's Name: Markos Andronikos Alias(es): The Son of Ares The Greek God The Ultimate Titan Height: 6'7" Weight: 280 lbs Entrance Music: O'Fortuna (Techno Remix) Hometown: Rhodes, Greece. Wrestling Style: All Rounder / Unorthadox...
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    TWO Stars Championship History!

    What about tag titles? Also, under most titles is it just world titles?
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    XTV 1:19 Austin, TX Closing date 1st March

    JR: Welcome to Austin, Texas... Home for this weeks TWOstars XTV. I'm Good 'ld JR Jim Ross, along side me is Paul Heyman. PH: What a show we have instore tonight. Suddenly... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!. JR: Looks like this weeks show is going to begin...
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    Who do you think will be the first TWOstars World Champion?

    Everyone bar Omega can vote :P
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    When you look at holidays, do you think you can do anything you want within a week? Or is ten nights the best? Or must you go for two whole weeks?
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    Sony set to annoy it's customers.

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    He's gone again.

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    2012 Royal Rumble Match

    For the last few years, TWO has had a game for the main event where everyone posts to gave a number. This year we carry on, Kam will be giving the winner 30 days access to the arcades. 1 - Steely - The Miz 2 - J Rock 3 - Paul 4 - Wayne 5 - B-Man 6 - Jamster26 7 - Springsteen 8 - Hanahbananabob...
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    The greatest own goal ever?
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    Christmas Wishlist

    Christmas is coming, so what is on your list?
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    Floyd Mayweather: Did Mayweather take a cheap shot? Well within the rules, but bad sportmanship? I think he was well within his right.
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    Happy Broday

    Happy Birthday to Craig Van Dam
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    Goverment taking the piss.

    From Yahoo News. What a f*cking joke. You can't over feed a kid, but you can use them as a punch bag. (Baby Peter)
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    Create a TWOstars on WWE 12.

    Having a look at the call names, so far I have seen, I have counted the ones with just letters as I heard you can use just letters too. Angus McDonald. Chris Ryan Eagle s. Angel. The Great Ken. Dark Star. D C. C V D. Triple V. Jimmy Redman. Red Scorpion. Triple H...
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    It's that time of year again.

    Happy Birthday to A.C Oh and happy birthday to Phil for yesterday.