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  1. jack25

    A training partner

    With the restriction of movement in place, I assumed that keeping fit wasn't going to be a problem. However, I haven't been consistent in the past few weeks. Now I understand why some people opt to have others who keep them in check. Do you usually train alone or with a group?
  2. jack25

    Weekend fixtures

    The international break is over, and fans will be turning their attention to the various European leagues. Which one is your favorite? I closely follow the EPL, and there are matches to look forward to this weekend. Everton versus Liverpool will be a spectacle to watch, just the same way...
  3. jack25

    Ever considered being a politician?

    When you think about being a politician, what often comes to mind? I don't think your profession matters much, even though I've heard that lawyers make better politicians. Would you consider wading through the 'murky waters?'.
  4. jack25

    Most complicated game

    Games used to be harder back in the day, or so I think. Modern games have considered toning down the difficulty with the result of giving a smooth experience to as many players as possible. Ninja Gaiden II was so complicated for me, even at 'normal' difficulty.
  5. jack25

    Safeway Open

    I am currently familiarizing myself with golf, and it looks like an interesting spot. I was watching the Safeway Open and saw Sam Burns take a two-shot lead into the weekend. For the golfers here, what do the terms birdie and double-bogey mean? Is anyone following the new PGA Tour season?
  6. jack25

    How far can RB Leipzig go?

    At this stage in the Champions League, this team easily earns the underdog tag. Compared to the rest of the still in the competition, Leipzig looks like a newcomer. After beating Atletico Madrid 2-1, this team meets PSG in the semis. Can we look forward to another upset?
  7. jack25

    What apps are you using?

    The COVID-19 disruption has slowed down many activities but also given us extra free time. I have gotten my fitness regime back on track, except that I am still looking for a user-friendly fitness tracker. Do you have any suggestions?
  8. jack25

    Learning a new skill

    Have you thought about upscaling your skills during this period? I have been keen to learn about coding, and have realized that countless sites offer these courses for free.
  9. jack25

    Historical fictional novels

    Have you ever read a book told through historically accurate events? One such book that took me down the history lane was The Book Thief, a story about a young girl - Liesel - who grows to love books. To find solace from the horrors around her, she steals books from the mayor's house to learn...
  10. jack25

    Google or DuckDuck Go?

    I logged into the most popular search engine (your guess is as good as mine), and typed, "Is Google the best search engine?" I didn't expect a less-than-perfect answer; that Google covers over 90% of the local market, and boasts outstanding features that make it stand out from the rest...
  11. jack25

    A Song of Ice and Fire books

    What would you do if, after watching, you discovered that there was a whole set of books about the Game of Thrones TV Show? I have come across two or three volumes, and now I am thinking of starting. There is a high likelihood that the books are more detailed.
  12. jack25

    Liverpool's unbeaten run

    No soccer fan would have predicted this result. The loss to Watford ended Liverpool's 44-game unbeaten run in the Premier League and denied the team a record 19th consecutive win. Either way, this is going to be a successful season for the Merseyside club.
  13. jack25

    Who stills celebrates birthdays?

    In our younger years, birthday parties were so popular. Do you still hold those parties (though not so wild now) that were popular at some point?
  14. jack25

    PS4 or Xbox One?

    You could call it a matter of preference, but then these two consoles are both worth buying, considering that they both contain great exclusives apart from the ability to game in VR. If you had to make a choice, which one would you opt for, irrespective of the difference in prices?
  15. jack25

    Who still makes resolutions?

    Did you know that less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after just a month? In my opinion, it is better to set goals rather than the former that tend to be broad and vague. On the other hand, goals are more actionable hence more effective most of the time.
  16. jack25

    A TV series or movie you could rewatch

    Bosch is a TV series I could watch countless times, even though I am yet to watch the fifth season. I found the plot to be unique and intriguing, unlike most investigative series nowadays. Zootopia too advanced a good lesson and had me laughing the whole time.
  17. jack25

    Is the race for the EPL title decided?

    Is Liverpool going to win the title this year? At around the same time last year, it was at the top of the table, except that Manchester City was 2nd, and not 3rd (The Foxes occupy) the second position. Is this the season in which the title returns to The Merseyside after a 29-year hiatus?
  18. jack25

    Jose returns to Old Trafford

    His last appearance was on 8 December 2018, during a 4-1 win over Fulham. Tonight, he returns with a reenergized Tottenham side, which has won all of its three recent fixtures. What are your predictions? I suspect that the visiting team will carry the day!
  19. jack25

    Justin Beiber got married

    When he burst to the scene, most people wondered whether he was too young for the big stage. Within no time, everyone knew about him and what a massive following he has managed to accumulate over time! Do you agree with people that say he is still too young for marriage?
  20. jack25

    Is Liverpool a better side this season?

    It may be too early to call, but Liverpool is showing early signs of winning the 2019/2020 premier league trophy. Manchester City's has been blowing hot and cold, and the form is nothing close to last year's. Who will carry the day?