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  1. Matthew Penny

    Kevin Owens DVD

    If you've seen it, what do you think? I love the DVD's and network specials they do which go behind the scenes. Seeing him and Sami hug and cry after he won the Universal title gave me a large ball in my throat.
  2. Matthew Penny

    Mayweather vs McGregor

    With this bout looking more likely every passing day and with rumours of them signing their official contract earlier this week - who do you think will win? Side note - do you think this a good fight for the sport? good fight for MCG? good fight for Mayweather?
  3. Matthew Penny

    Brock Lesnar

    I didn't put this in Wrestling forum as it is more directed towards his MMA career. I always had huge respect for Brock, especially after his stint in UFC. So when he announced his comeback at UFC 200 and eventual victory over a top 10 heavyweight in Mark Hunt I just thought he could go on to be...
  4. Matthew Penny


    What is everybody listening to at the moment? My all time favourite will be The 1975. But I have a hugely eclectic mix of music so what are you guys listening to right now?
  5. Matthew Penny

    UFC 212

    UFC 212 is this Saturday night. Aldo vs Holloway for the unified UFC Featherweight title. Both been beaten by Conor McGregor leads to the bout being mocked. What do we think? If nothing else, it should be very entertaining. Holloway a lot taller than Aldo but has got a lot less reach (work that...
  6. Matthew Penny


    Hi all, I am Matthew Penny, 22 years old and currently residing in Bath, UK. I am here mainly for the Wrestling and MMA forums but will explore and find other stuff to comment on. WWE fan since I was a kid, stopped watching around 2009 but started again in 2012 ish. Now I am a WWE fan at heart...